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Briar Bank Park

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Residential Park (find out more here)

What Features Does Briar Bank Park Have?

Residential Park (50+)
Cats considered
Onsite staff
Quiet and Peaceful
Woodland setting
Fully licensed clubhouse


Briar Bank Parks is a residential community, designed for retirees and those approaching retirement, aims to offer a quiet and close-knit neighbourhood.  This exclusive park is close to various local villages and scenes, which may appeal to those people hoping to downsize somewhere simple and unassuming towards the end of their working life.

Briar Bank Park is a modern community designed with mod cons and amenities in mind.  It is closely managed and operated, and benefits from close links to public transport and access roads.  The park’s management strives to keep a quiet community, which means residents may not need to worry about travelling noise from elsewhere in the local vicinity.  New residents at the park may wish to look closely at the park if they are looking for a quiet, simple foothold without being completely secluded.

Why Choose Briar Bank Park?

Briar Bank Park is a modern retirement community which aims to offer peaceful living standards for all movers.  The park offers a close community and strong sense of neighbourhood spirit, thanks to its on-site club house.  This licensed meeting space allows residents at the park to socialise and to get to know each other better.  There is also a sewing club on-site.

The park is well-maintained and offers a clean look, with views across wider Bedfordshire and the countryside beyond.  Residents will be able to head out on local walking and cycling trails as they wish.  The park’s owners will also consider residents bringing cats on-site to move with them.  However, it is also recommendable to check such terms with the owners of the park before doing so.

The park’s close links to some of Bedfordshire’s best-loved attractions and green walks may also appeal to those new residents looking to take advantage of the county.  Bus connections close by will allow movers to get out and about with ease.

About Briar Bank Park’s Location

The location of the park may appeal to those looking for country and green walks in the county area.  Briar Bank Park is easy to find via the A6, splitting off local roads heading up towards Bedford from Luton.  Luton and Bedford are the two closest communities likely to offer residents shopping centres and modern facilities, however, the towns and villages scattered in between will also likely offer pubs, restaurants and local fare.

The park is a few miles North of the Chiltern Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty adjacent to Luton.  The Cotswolds are further West, beyond the modern city of Milton Keynes.  Residents will find local public transport links nearby to help them explore the smaller villages and bigger city scenes alike.

Wilstead is likely to be most residents’ first port of call for daily groceries and amenities.  It is only a short walk out of the park itself, with medical facilities, pubs and a post office.  Popular attractions for animal lovers in the nearby area include Whipsnade Zoo and the Woburn Safari Park.


Briar Bank Park
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