Broadgate Foot Residential Park, Lancashire

Residential Park (find out more here)

The following rules and conditions must be complied with by all persons using the park. They are necessary in order to maintain high standards and to assist in the proper management.
Entry by you on the park shall be treated as your acceptance of these conditions.
In the event of you having entered into an agreement by virtue of the mobile homes act 1983 with the park owner and a clause in the agreement conflicting with any of the following conditions, then in that event the mobile homes agreement shall prevail.

1. Annual pitch fees are payable monthly in advance. The fee is payable for the right to place a mobile home on a pitch and the payment does not constitute a letting of any kind. Rates must be promptly paid to local authority. In the event of the rates including water rates payable in respect of a pitch being at any time levied upon the owner, the occupier shall pay the amount of such rates to the owner on demand.

2. Pitches are not transferable and in the event of a sale or change of ownership of a mobile home the pitch licence is automatically terminated.

3. An occupier may not let his/her mobile home nor allow it to be occupied by persons other than his/her family. The term family will be taken to mean only the occupier and their partner.

4. A minor is not permitted to purchase a mobile home.

5. No commercial enterprise or business may be conducted by an occupier or visitor in any mobile home.

6. Only tradesmen authorised by the park owner may trade, sell or but on the park.

7. An occupier may sell or gift a mobile home without prior consent from the owner. In the event of a sale completing the buyer will pay the seller 90% of the sale price. The buyer will then pay the remaining 10% as commission to the park owner, within 7 days of the completion of the sale.

8. All sales must conform to the mobile homes act May 2013, it is the seller's responsibility to complete all the appropriate forms and pass all relevant documentation to the purchaser.

9. All purchasers must be 45 years old or over to live on the park.

10. Only mobile home manufactured to BS3632 as defined by the mobile homes act 1960 are permitted on the park.

11. A mobile home may not have its colour changed without prior consent of the park owner.

12. Wheels and towing equipment must not be removed.

13. All mobile homes must be placed in the position indicated by the park owner and may not be moved to another pitch, without the consent of the park owner.

14. No external structural alteration or addition to be made without the consent of the park owner.

15. No mobile homes may have any advertising other than the manufacturers name, no notices may be fixed on the park.

16. Any TV aerials or satellite dish must be fixed securely to the structure of the mobile home. Any aerial must not exceed 15 feet from the ground.

17. Each occupier is responsible for the cleanliness of the pitch, and drains to their mobile home, the area underneath the home must be kept clean, no petrol oil or other flammables may be stored in or under the mobile home.

18. A garden if permitted must be kept neat and tidy at all times. No trees or shrubs may be cut down removed or damaged

19. No fences, driveways or landscaping to be constructed on the park without the owners consent, the owner reserves the right to withdraw such consent and to remove the same at anytime without liability for loss or damage

20. A mobile home must not be left on a pitch after expiry of a permit. The park owner reserves the right to remove a mobile home left in contravention of any rules or condition herin contained or subsequently introduced and to charge the current fee for the period the mobile home remains on the pitch and for storage and any expenses reasonably incurred. If the mobile home remains on the park for any reason for a period of 28 days after the expiration or termination of the permit, the park owner reserves the right to sell the mobile home and to reimburse himself out of the proceeds.

21. Only private motor vehicles may be brought on to or parked on the park, No commercial vehicles, vans, touring caravans, boats ect may be brought on to the park. No more than one car is permitted to each home. Visitors cars must be parked so not to cause obstruction to other driveways, or road way.

22. A fire extinguisher must be installed in every mobile home and renewed each year. A dry powder extinguisher of at least 2lbs capacity may be suitable. It is forbidden for anyone to interfere with fire points or appliances for use in emergency. Gas cylinders must not be placed inside a mobile home. Only smokeless fuel may be used, and any chimneys must be swept regularly. Portable oil heaters cause excessive condensation and may be a fire risk, there use is not advisable.

23. No fires shall be made on the pitch or any were on the park, no fireworks, firearms or explosives may be carried on or used on the park.

24. Electricity mains switches, cut-outs and wiring must not be tampered with or altered in any way. The permitted load of 45 amps must not be exceeded. Electricity must be switched off when the mobile home is not occupied.

25. Storage sheds, bunkers or any other outside structures are only permitted with the prior consent of the park owner.

26. The park owner his employees and agents shall not be liable for any loss, theft or damage to any mobile home or vehicle while on the park. Further the occupier shall indemnify the park owner and keep him indemnified from all actions proceedings and claims by a third party in respect of all loss damage or liability caused by or arising out of any negligent or default or wilful act of the occupier or guest.

27. The occupier agrees to insure and keep insured the mobile home and its contents against loss damage by theft, fire, storm and tempest and liability to any third party. The park owner may request at any time proof of the insurance and that all premiums have been paid.

28. Dogs or other pets are only allowed in the mobile home by prior consent of the park owner, any consent may be withdrawn at the park owner's discretion.

29. The occupier is responsible for all rubbish disposal and that rubbish bins are not over filled.

30. No children may live on the park.

The park owner reserves the right to amend or substitute these rules and the users of the