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80 Acres of Woodland
Picnic Areas
Eco-Friendly Site
Woodland Trail
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Brokerswood Holiday Park in Wiltshire, Wiltshire's historic plains and country walks make for the perfect holiday for people of all ages.  For anyone looking to make the most of green and verdant England, it makes perfect sense to head out towards Westbury.  Here, you'll find Brokerswood, a stunning holiday park available all year round for people who want to get closer to the county.

And why wouldn't you?  Stonehenge country makes for some of the most stunning panoramic views from season to season.  Therefore, whether you choose to take up a home here in the autumn, the winter or during the warmer months, you'll always have access to some truly unspoilt countryside.  For many people, it is a true slice of paradise.

We're pleased to be hosting listings for Brokerswood.  It is based near a number of popular Wiltshire towns and, as such, it is growing in popularity all the time.  For that reason, it makes sense to book a viewing at the park as soon as you can.  As always, we are here and are happy to help!

About Brokerswood

Brokerswood is a holiday park which has won multiple awards across the holiday and leisure industries.  When you first arrive, you'll understand that this is for a very good reason indeed!  Luxury properties here are opening up for holidaymakers from all walks of life.  Nestled deep in the heart of up to 80 acres of local woodland and nature trails, it's a spectacular retreat for anyone keen to get closer to nature, or to leave the hustle and bustle of the town and city behind.

Brokerswood is noted for being a very eco-friendly park, meaning that purchasing a holiday property here is both a responsible choice as well as one which will benefit your trips for years to come.  Sit back and relax in your own luxury domicile, and take a look out at your own private lake.  At five acres wide, this private body of water is available for you to enjoy when the weather smiles down on you.  Many people choose to take advantage of Brokerswood Lake for canoeing, for example.  There is certainly plenty of water to cover, so why not, indeed!

Brokerswood's extensive park community incorporates an adventure play area for the little ones and lovely picnic areas for the whole family to enjoy.  Each property is plotted into the community to offer private, peaceful holidaying.  However, you will always feel as though you are part of a friendly community no matter where you may be based in the neighbourhood.

If you prefer to take a look at some coarse fishing or to wander down a nature trail or two to spy on the local wildlife, Brokerswood has plenty in store for you.  In fact, you may only start to take a closer look at wider Wiltshire once you are a few days into your holiday!  It really is a spectacular community, which is all the more reason why you should book your viewing now to avoid disappointment.


Brokerswood Country Park is based in a prime location for anyone looking to explore rural Wiltshire, or for those holidaymakers who prefer to take in the regional heritage.  Certainly, Wiltshire is a unique county in that there is a fantastic balance between the two.  Brokerswood is technically based in the small community of Westbury, though you will need to travel a few minutes down the road to explore the area in full.  You are also not too far from the A36, which should connect you to many villages and towns in the wider region.

Thanks to Brokerswood's proximity to the A36, you'll be able to drive in, park up and head back out as you wish.  It is a holiday resort which is built for active travellers as well as those who want to take things a little slower.  The ease of access here is fantastic.  Regardless of how far you travel, you will always have somewhere safe and warm to come back to at the end of the day.  You will have access to your own private lodgings at Brokerswood for as long as you like.  It's a huge benefit to buying a holiday property outright.  Why spend time and money looking for a different property each time you travel?

As mentioned, Brokerswood is famous for being blanketed in extensive woodland.  Its very name should suggest that it is based deep within some of Wiltshire's most wonderful woods!  All of the local trails are very easy to traverse, meaning that even beginner walkers will have a great time exploring the local wilderness.  It is never difficult to find your way back, either.  On-site staff at Brokerswood will always be happy to tell you more about the trails and to give you some travel tips and ideas for making the most of the area.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the location!  Take a look at the expansive lake on-site, and introduce the kids to the fantastic playpark facilities.  Brokerswood Country Park is positioned not too far from the action, but just deep enough into rural Wiltshire for it to feel like a real countryside hideaway.

The Local Area

It is always worth exploring the local area when you buy your own holiday property.  Brokerswood is based close to many historically important towns, such as Salisbury, and is only a few miles from ancient Stonehenge.  This site, believed to have been a druid worship circle from centuries past, is one of the UK's most iconic landmarks.  It is breath-taking to see up close, and with your own property in Wiltshire, it will be right on your doorstep.

You might also want to take a trip out to the hugely popular Longleat Safari Park.  This wonderful home for wild critters is run by a friendly team of conservationists who are always ready to welcome new visitors into their attraction. 

The Mendip Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is only a few minutes down the road from Brokerswood.  If you'd prefer to feast your eyes on some of the stunning, unspoilt surroundings Wiltshire is famous for, you will always be able to head out from your holiday home to take a closer look.  Cranborne Chase, too, is another Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which is only a stone's throw from the park.  If you prefer to take your holidays slowly, and want to experience England at its most visually astounding, you really will be moving to the right place.

Do also make a point of taking in the local heritage.  As well as Westbury, where you'll find access to all your everyday amenities, make sure to take a look at nearby Warminster, Frome, Midsomer Norton and Codford.  These small yet welcoming Wiltshire towns will really take you deep into the heart of the local heritage.  If you have never been to Wiltshire before, or if you are keen to take in a few new sights, Brokerswood really is positioned in a central location.

It is one of the main reasons why so many people purchase holiday homes in the area.  Brokerswood is a holiday park central to the county, allowing all explorers to set down a home base to come back to time and time again.

Why Buy a Property at Brokerswood?

Brokerswood Country Park is a long-standing holiday park and is already home to many families who come back year after year.  After considerable expansion over the years, the park's team is always ready and willing to welcome more people into their community.

Sometimes, it makes sense that you'd want to take a break from it all.  While many families choose to head abroad for their holidays, others are taking full advantage of some of the wonders which are laying hidden on their very own island.  Wiltshire is a county which is proud of its heritage, but at the same time, it is moving with the modern age.

The county has adapted itself to offer many different attractions and days out for younger people and for young families.  At the same time, it remains a popular holiday destination for British retirees.  There is nothing quite like the Wiltshire countryside, nor is there anything which matches the heritage and hospitality of the nearby towns and villages.  It is a real treat for all the senses.

Brokerswood Country Park is designed to be the perfect Wiltshire getaway.  Never too far from the action, but built with peace and tranquillity in mind, this holiday community is growing ever-more popular as Wiltshire continues to welcome families from far and wide.

It is well worth taking a look at a property at Brokerswood if you are keen to explore the wider area.  Find yourself a luxury home base which you can come back to year after year.  Why not take a look at some of the properties for sale, and consider taking in a viewing?  Photos really don't do the park any justice - come along and experience it for yourself.


Brokerswood Holiday Park
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