Bryn Mechell, Anglesey

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What Features Does Bryn Mechell Have?

Pet friendly
Fully furbished lodges
For retired/semi retired
Five minute walk from bus stop
On-site WiFi
Great local attractions


Bryn Mechell is a fantastic development which aims to bring retirees closer to Anglesey.  Close to a variety of popular locations and attractions in the North of Wales, the park promises to offer a desirable foothold in a region of the UK which continues to grow in popularity.  North Wales and its coastline offer wonderful walks and views of the sea beyond, and Bryn Mechell is popular with many people for such proximity.

The park itself is within the village of Llanfechell, close to Anglesey’s coastline.  It is very closely linked to public transport, making it ideal for anyone who would like to explore wider Wales in the years heading into retirement.  The park itself is very close-knit, however, homeowners will likely enjoy heading into Llanfechell for further access to local pubs, restaurants and culture.  History and heritage across North Wales is unique, meaning the site will likely appeal to many people looking to move and learn at the same time.

This development also puts new homeowners at the heart of the coastline.  There are plenty of adventures to be had across the shores, meaning that even if owners haven’t yet sampled the Welsh waters, they will now have plenty of time to do so at their leisure.

This is one of many wonderful park communities which we are proud to list for when properties become available.  It is always a good idea to book early viewings for properties here, should spots arise, particularly as the community continues to grow. 

About Bryn Mechell

Anglesey is a very popular holiday destination for local people and those heading in from the Welsh and English mainland.  The quintessential Welsh seaside experience is, however, growing more popular with retirees.  That is why popular parks continue to undergo keen development.  Park communities such as this one offer safe, secure and tranquil living, with stunning views of sea, shoreline and more besides.

Bryn Mechell has many on-site modern amenities, as well as lodges and pitches offering everyday luxury.  It is very close to a variety of road links and local attractions; however, it is never too close for noise to ever be a problem.  Park staff make sure to develop a location which is always easy on the eye.  In addition to this, maintenance and security personnel are always on hand to help make things cosier and more enjoyable.  As a private park, there is no risk of public disturbance.  Homeowners have direct access to the park as well as their own personal security.

The park was set up to offer retirees and semi-retirees fantastic footholds in North Wales.  It is a pet friendly resort, which means that anyone staying here can bring their dogs to enjoy the famous walks and trails surrounding the park and along the coast.  The plots and properties themselves are built to last, meaning that anyone staying at the park can retain a sense of independence and freedom from season to season.

Each plot will benefit from free Wi-Fi, meaning anyone staying here will always stay connected to the wider world.  However, many people will likely want to spend more time exploring the local area, as well as taking in the commanding views across Anglesey. 

The staff are knowledgeable and very friendly.  New homeowners will benefit from a warm welcome and careful management.  The park’s grounds are meticulously kept across the year, meaning that new owners on-site will only ever have to worry about looking after their own properties.  With several lodges set up on-site, it is likely that Bryn Mechell will have room to grow for years to come. 

The Location

Bryn Mechell’s appeal will largely lie in its fantastic location.  The Anglesey coast appeals to retirees and holidaymakers alike.  What’s more, the park is also extremely close to some of the best-loved areas of natural beauty in the region.  Visitors to North Wales will likely already know that there is nowhere quite like the region elsewhere in the UK.  Therefore,this development positions itself to bring people closer to everything on offer.

Bryn Mechell is close to the popular village of Llanfechell.  Accessible through local roads, visitors and homeowners will likely appreciate the relatively secluded location, while still being able to get to and from the community with relative ease.  It is only a five minute walk from the nearest bus stop, meaning that anyone heading to and from the park can do so without having to spend too much time out of their day.

The local community of Llanfechell is idyllic in and of itself.  A wonderful, quaint Welsh community, the area offers up traditional pubs and spectacular pastoral views, all while being extremely close to the beautiful coast.  The village boasts many local shops and amenities, meaning that anyone heading to and from the park will find everything they need.  From farm shops and restaurants to local butchers and fishmongers, there is little need to travel elsewhere.

Further villages such as Amlwch offer more amenities and attractions, including weekly markets.  It is here where people buy in produce from local shops and stalls.  There are also plenty of heritage attractions nearby, making it an ideal journey out for anyone keen to sample the local North Welsh scene for themselves.

It is safe to say that there is more to North Wales than just coastlines and traditional food and drink.  The region is well-known for its unique walks and its brimming culture. 

The Local Area

It is, naturally, also prudent to consider some of the local attractions close by.  Perhaps of most interest to visitors will be Snowdonia National Park.  This spectacular natural array is one of the most popular attractions in Wales as a whole, promising stunning, unique walks and nature trails for miles around.  Homeowners will be on the doorstep of mountain walks and rambles, as well as plenty of chances to take on new hobbies.

Snowdonia allows for horse riding, mountain climbing and even golf.  Therefore, retirees and semi-retirees of varying activity levels and interests can be sure to sample a mix bag of activities.  There is also an extensive copper mine at Parys Mountain, which visitors can explore safely with a guide or under their own steam.  It’s safe to say that Snowdonia makes for a spectacular walking location for dog lovers, too.  Homeowners will only need to drive or ride public transit for up to an hour to reach the resort.

Other locations of interest include the wider Anglesey coastline, as well as Greenwood Forest Park, which promises to offer spectacular verdant trails across acres of land.  Many of the most famous locations and attractions across North Wales are available to enjoy with access via the A55 and A487, the main roads linking Anglesey to the Welsh mainland.

Travelling even further down, the park is an hour or so away from the Brecon Beacons, another National Park just outside of Merthyr Tydfil.  Adjacent to here are the Shropshire Hills, boasting an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

All things considered, Bryn Mechell positions well when it comes to natural beauty and areas of interest in the North Welsh and West English areas.  Whether or not new homeowners have explored the areas before, Bryn Mechell will provide plenty of easy access to some of the most intriguing sights for miles around. 

Why Choose Bryn Mechell?

This is a park community ideal for retirees and semi-retirees alike.  Its quiet, unique location offers plenty of independence and access to some of North Wales’ most popular haunts and attractions.  What’s more, it supports commanding views of sea, shoreline and countryside alike.  Many people choose to holiday or move to Anglesey for the sheer amount of variety on offer.

This is a superb park community in the sense that it provides a genuine escape for people aiming to break away from city and town living elsewhere.  While the resort has clear links to some of the most popular metropolitan areas in the country, people can head to Bryn Mechell and expect genuine comfort as well as peace and quiet.  For these reasons alone, the community is likely to grow in popularity as the years go by.

Bryn Mechell properties offer contemporary luxury in a region that is continuing to grow popular with many people.  Therefore, should properties become available, viewings are a must.  Park owners understand that people staying here will be looking for a breakaway opportunity that’s straightforward, comfortable, and complete with all the modern standards they may have come to appreciate elsewhere.

North Wales is a beautiful part of the country, and it therefore stands to reason many people will be looking to invest in property here.  Bryn Mechell is perfect for retirees as well as those approaching the idea.


Bryn Mechell
Nr Cemaes Bay
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