Bulmer Farm Lodges, North Yorkshire

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Bulmer Farm is a beautiful country home surrounded by open fields hidden away in the Vale of York. Set at the end of a farm track is the peace and tranquillity of Bulmer Farm Park Homes. Relaxing country walks, fishing, golf and much more are all within reach of this idyllic lodge park in North Yorkshire. The lodge park home development has been designed sympathetically creating a beautiful and exclusive holiday development rich in wildlife. On a recent visit to Bulmer Farm Lodges, Professor David Bellamy gave the lodge park development a big vote of confidence.


Bulmer Farm Lodges
North Yorkshire
YO17 6SA

The following Park Rules are laid out for the benefit of maintaining the quality of life for all the Leisure Lodge Holiday Home Owners at Bulmer Farm Lodges and shall be adhered to in parallel with the Licence Agreement.

All Leisure Lodge Holiday Home Owners at the Park must comply with the conditions to the Licence Agreement which permits you to use the Leisure Lodge Holiday Home only for holiday and recreational purposes (and not as your only or main permanent residence). You must produce to us in response to a written request satisfactory proof that your main residence is at the address registered with us, such as a council tax bill, utility bill or driving licence in your name. You must inform us in writing of any change in your permanent address.

You must comply with all the Terms & Conditions of the Licence Agreement.

If alarms are fitted they must be of the silent, monitored type. Audible alarms are not permitted.

We have a responsibility to ensure the civil rights of the majority are not compromised by the minority. All guests to the Park must be invited by a Leisure Lodge Holiday Home Owner, or the Park, and responsibility for their behaviour lies with the owner who invited them onto the Park. The Park is private property and we reserve the right to refuse entry to any visitors who have, or are acting as if to, cause any problems for any other people on the Park.
We do not permit traders or salesmen access to the Park except with our prior consent to avoid security issues. Please let us know if you are expecting a visit.

Bulmer Farm Lodges Park Rules 2014 (Page 2 of 6)
It is your responsibility to ensure that your family members and visitors adhere to the Park Rules.

We are entitled to eject anyone from the Park who persistently acts in a manner likely to upset or annoy other people or our staff. Anyone who is guilty of a criminal offence will not be allowed on site. This is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of other people on the Park.

To keep up the standards of the Park, each Leisure Lodge Holiday Home is to be kept in a good and habitable state of repair, and in a condition that meets our expectations for the Park. You should also comply with all servicing and usage recommendations of the manufacturer of all fixtures and fittings incorporated in/on the Leisure Lodge Holiday Home.

The Leisure Lodge Holiday Home must be maintained in a state capable of being moved in a maximum of two pieces (excluding steps, skirting, & decking), but may not be moved off the Pitch without our prior consent in writing. Consent will not be unreasonably refused.

The colour of the exterior of the Leisure Lodge Holiday Home may not be changed without our prior consent in writing. Nothing may be displayed in the windows or on the exterior of the Leisure Lodge Holiday Home except its number or a nameplate of reasonable size. The Leisure Lodge Holiday Home owner is responsible for keeping the area under and around the Leisure Lodge Holiday Home clean, tidy and free from debris. This includes maintaining your own parking area (drive).
You must not install slabs or paving , without first obtaining written permission from us.
If external contractors are to be employed to carry out work to the lodge, you must give us written notice, at least 7 days before the contractors start work (or in case of emergency as much notice as possible) and insure all contractors employed by you provide us with the relevant documentation so that we can check their insurance and competency in order to maintain a safe environment on the park.

We are permitted to remove the Leisure Lodge Holiday Home from its designated Pitch in accordance with the rights we have under the Licence Agreement.

To maintain the appearance of the Park we do not permit external structures to be added to the Leisure Lodge Holiday Home such as sheds, storm porches, walkways, and car-ports or any extensions to the decking without our prior written consent. Consent will not be unreasonably refused, and if given we may attach reasonable conditions such as requiring the structure to be of a standard size and style. Any approved structure will be expected to meet our expectations for the Park. We want Bulmer Farm Lodges to remain a rural Holiday Park.

Ornamental features or items may only be placed on the Leisure Lodge Holiday Home with our prior written consent.

It is the Leisure Lodge Holiday Homes owner's responsibility to drain down and prepare the Leisure Lodge Holiday Homes for any extended periods of inoccupation. We can arrange this for you, for a charge.

It is your responsibility to have the electricity and gas systems that are installed to the Leisure Lodge Holiday Home checked and serviced annually by qualified engineers.
All gas, electricity and water connections must be isolated when the Leisure Lodge Holiday Home is not occupied. Gas in particular needs checking frequently to ensure there is no danger to occupiers.

Bulmer Farm Lodges Park Rules 2014 (Page 3 of 6)

If you experience any problem with the electrical or gas system please contact us and do not attempt to work on the Park's electrical, gas, or water systems yourself. This could be very dangerous to yourself and other people.

The use of hose pipes is restricted and is only permitted with our prior written consent.

You must not introduce any foreign items into the drainage system including cleaning cloths, babies nappies, sanitary towels, condoms, cooking fat, engine oil, grease or paint.

You must not cut any trees or hedges at the park. If you find any trees or hedges a nuisance or unsatisfactory, please take the matter up with us. You must not, without our written consent plant any trees or shrubs.

You must not dig any holes in the ground on the Park without prior written consent.

Washing lines may be used if they are the rotary type, but must be removed and stored inconspicuously when not being used. No washing to be displayed at windows or around the outside of your lodge on Sundays.

Pets are permitted at our discretion but before bringing them to the Park our prior written consent should be sought. Pets must not cause a nuisance to other people on the Park. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. You must clean up after your pets for hygiene reasons. If these rules are not adhered to we will ask you to remove your pets.

The Park lies in open countryside and as such we all have a responsibility to recycle where possible. We ask all occupants to dispose of their own waste in a responsible manner, and recycle where possible. Waste of any description must not be stored around the Leisure Lodge Holiday Home.

No Leisure Lodge Holiday Home shall be used for sleeping a number of persons greater than the number for which it was designed.

Children are the responsibility of their parents or guardians and should be supervised at all times so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others. Remember there is water near by, and a number of farms buildings, and therefore children must be controlled for their own safety. Water and farming equipment is very dangerous to unsupervised children. It is also illegal to trespass on the neighbour's land and for the sake of good neighbour relations we would ask you to respect good countryside practice.

You are responsible for the safety and behaviour of all family members and visitors to your Leisure Lodge Holiday Home.

The Park address must not be used for postal deliveries unless prior written consent is given by us.

Vehicles are dangerous if not controlled in a manner suitable for the conditions. Speed should be kept to an absolute minimum (10 mph maximum) and pedestrians and cyclists must be given priority. You must adhere strictly to all speed limits within the Park.

No motor vehicle except a private car is permitted onto the Park, and motor homes, lorries, vans or commercial vehicle of any sort are permitted only by our prior written consent.
Bulmer Farm Lodges Park Rules 2014 (Page 4 of 6)

Quad bikes, trail bikes and scooters are not permitted on the Park under any circumstances.

Driving is restricted to the Park roads, and parking on the grass or roadsides is not permitted. If you do not have the space for vehicles in the designated area on your Pitch then extra vehicles should be placed in the car park area.

Motor vehicle repairs must not be carried out at the Park, but a recognised breakdown service may attend in the event of breakdown.

Only vehicles with a valid MOT, road fund licence, and insurance for use on a public road may be kept at the Park.
We will remove any disused or broken down vehicles and charge you for the costs.

You are not permitted to give anyone else driving lessons at the Park and we do not permit learner drivers to drive around the site.

Mobility trolleys for the disabled must not be used in the grass without prior written consent. If you find that you need to use mobility trolleys then we can quote you for making alterations to the pathways and decking areas.

All accessories and items towed by a vehicle (such as boats and jet skis) must be insured for use on the public highway. If you need to store such items then you should get prior written consent from us.

It is not permitted to wash your vehicle on the Park as this can potentially deposit dirt on the hard-standing areas, block drains, flood the grass verges, and exceed the water useage covered in the Pitch Fees.

The following standards of behaviour are to be adhered to under the License Agreement:

• Occupiers must NOT commit any act of criminal offence, vandalism, carrying of firearms or use unlawful drugs. Persons registered under the Sex Offenders Act 1997 will be not permitted on site, as children will be present on the Park.

• No occupier will carry on any trade or business at the Park.

• Please respect the privacy of other lodge holiday home owners and keep noise to a minimum at all times with absolute quiet between 11pm and 8am.

• Fire hoses may not be used for any improper purpose.

Any breach of Behaviour Rules will result in immediate eviction form the Park.

No ball games may be played on the park.
Kites must not be flown on the park.
No skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, or micro scooters may be used on the park.

Leisure Lodge Holiday Homes must be fully insured to full re-instatement value and against third party liability to a minimum amount agreed within the Licence Agreement. Insurance can be arranged through us if required.

Verbal agreements must be confirmed in writing (to avoid any misunderstandings).

Bulmer Farm Lodges Park Rules 2014 (Page 5 of 6)

The Leisure Lodge Holiday Home must be equipped with adequate fire fighting equipment. As a minimum this should be an operational smoke detector, 1kg dry powder type fire extinguisher, and a fire blanket. All equipment must be maintained in good condition and in full working order.

You must adhere to the conditions of the Licence Agreement if you intend to sell the Leisure Lodge Holiday Home. We have the right to approve prospective buyers and consent will only be withheld to purchasers on reasonable grounds.

We must be given first refusal on the sale of the Leisure Lodge Holiday Home.

We will provide the services to the Leisure Lodge Holiday Home except where these have been interrupted for the purposes of repair or for other reasons beyond our control such as interruptions in the supply or services to us.

We will insure the Park against the usual third party risks.

We will sell you electricity at a rate of charge prescribed by the office of the electricity regulator and will sell LPG gas at a price recommended as the retail price by the gas supplier.

We will maintain the Park and landscape as well as all common parts such as any communal lighting. We will give you the opportunity to consult on major changes to maintenance/repair issues in order that you may comment on issues that may affect you. We will take your views into account when considering future actions.