Burgh Castle Marina & Holiday Park , Norfolk

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Burgh Castle Marina and Holiday Park offers you a comprehensive range of luxury river view holiday homes and lodges to suit every taste and budget. At the heart of beautiful Burgh, in a spectacular riverside setting, lies Burgh Castle Marina and Holiday Park. A peaceful country hideaway inside the Broads National Park - it is a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and unwind whilst enjoying the spectacular Broadland views. The holiday park is laid out on a gentle slope offering a wonderful setting for you to base your comfortable and stylish holiday home, perfect for a weekend escape, short break or longer retreat all year round. We are becoming a luxury lodge style holiday park focused on giving our customers a quality holiday experience in a beautiful natural environment. All of our holiday homes and lodges are designed and built to the highest specification by the UK's leading manufacturers and are available to you in a selection of styles, sizes and layouts. We offer you the opportunity to choose the right make and model of holiday home to meet your exact specifications and will work with you to find the right location on our park for your new holiday home.


Burgh Castle Marina & Holiday Park
Burgh Castle
NR31 9PZ


1. Burgh Castle Marina (BCM) will:-

a) Provide water, metered or bottled gas and metered electricity during the ‘season' (1st March - 31st January).
b) Permit ‘Maintenance Only' visits during off season.
c) Cut the grass regularly, where it is accessible to the tractor mower.
d) Hand holiday home keys during Reception hours (normally 9-5) to owners or to persons bearing written authority from the holiday home owner.

Carry out any of items 2c, d, e, and f, below if requested (or neglected) by the pitch holder and charge to the pitch holder.

2. Holiday home pitch holders will:

a) Park Cars and Cycles where indicated by BCM.
b) Leave a key in reception when the holiday home is unoccupied.
c) Weed any existing flower beds around their holiday home before 1st June and thereafter as needed.
d) Keep their holiday home in good order with a DRY POWDER EXTINGUISHER within 6' of the door and insure their holiday home for comprehensive third party liability risks at all times.
e) Wash down the exterior every year before 15th April and re-paint or re-varnish the exterior if needed to preserve a good appearance in a pastel or natural wood shade from BCM's approved colours range.
f) Exhibit the allocated pitch number on the end of the holiday home facing the nearest road.
g) Suppress noise from cars, radios etc., especially between 10.30pm and 8am.
h) Observe any regulation imposed by Gt. Yarmouth D.C. or any other Public Authority.
i) Be responsible for drawing these rules to the attention of all users, especially when sub-letting.
j) Use the roads and paths provided for moving around the park and only use the grass between pitches for direct access to occupied holiday homes or to roads and paths, whilst taking care to avoid stepping onto empty holiday home base pads, vegetation or other immovable obstacles or hazards.

3. Holiday home pitch holders will not:

a) Excavate any new flower beds, erect patios, steps, verandas or any other structures anywhere or fix any attachments to
their holiday home, or place blocks or jacks under the wheels or erect T.V. aerials except as fixtures to the holiday home, not
projecting beyond the side or more than 4' above the roof.
b) Leave gear under or outside holiday homes unless written permission has been given.
c) Hang out washing except on approved ‘hook on' window racks or on the rotary driers outside the laundrette.
d) Plant, prune or remove trees or shrubs.
e) Sub-let for a period exceeding 14 days in one let, or for more than a total of six weeks in one year.
f) Display notices or conduct business from their holiday home.
g) Use water hoses, flush sanitary towels or disposable nappies down any w.c., or draw more than 16 amps power
off take from the mains.
h) Occupy holiday homes out of ‘season'.
i) Tamper with or in any modify any gas, water or electric meter connected by BCM to the holiday home nor replace an electricity meter fuse with one that is rated higher than 16 amps.
j) Allow animal pets (without the prior written approval from the Park Owner), shotguns or weapons on the holiday park.
k) Behave or allow other users of their holiday home or any animal pet (for which they have consent to be on the park) to behave in a manner likely to offend or unduly disturb the peace and enjoyment of other holiday park users.
l) Allow children to play ball or other games outdoors other than in designated play and open space areas.

4. Changes of ownership.

THE BENEFIT OF SITING may NOT be transferred to any other person except during the currency of a written pitch agreement with BCM. In such a case, the holiday home owner has the right to sell the holiday home and assign the contract for occupation of the pitch to a purchaser approved by BCM, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, subject to the following provisions:-
i. The terms of the agreement between the holiday home owner and BCM have been complied with and all sums due to BCM have been paid.
ii. The holiday home owner has first offered, in writing, to sell the holiday home to BCM, at a fair market price subject to a 15% discount and such offer has not been accepted within twenty eight days.
iii. Not withstanding that such offer has not been accepted by BCM the holiday home owner shall not sell the holiday home at a price which is lower than that offered to BCM without re-offering in writing, to sell the holiday home, at that lower price to BCM who may accept the revised offer within seven days.
iv. Should BCM not accept the offer there will in any case be a transfer fee of 15% of the sale price payable to BCM.