Burnside Park, Cumbria

Holiday Park (find out more here)

1. Not to use the Lodge nor permit the same to be used for any purpose whatsoever other than as holiday accommodation in the occupation of one family and its guests.
2. Not to occupy the Lodge other than strict compliance with any conditions attaching planning permissions and licences of any local planning or other authority from time to time affecting the park so far as the same relate to the premises and there shall be no permanent residential occupation of the premises.
3. No television or radio set record cassette player or other device for the reproduction of recorded sound or musical instrument of any kind shall be played or used not shall any singing be practiced in the premises so as to cause annoyance to the lessee or occupier of any other lodge on the Park or so as to be audible outside the Lodge between the hours of 11pm and 8am.
4. No name writing drawing sign - board plate or placard of any kind shall be put on or in any window of the Lodge or so to be visible from outside the lodge.
5. No clothes or other articles shall be hung outside the lodge.
6. Nothing shall be done on the premises which is calculated to or might cause damage or injury or prevent access to any wires cables pipes drains or other service conduits serving the Park and the Lodges.
7. No pets shall be allowed to foul any part of the Park and if such fouling shall nevertheless take place then the lessee shall forthwith remove the foul material and clean away all trace of it.
8. The Lessee will observe and comply with any reasonable regulations which may be made by the lessor to govern the use of the Park.