Bush Pastures Park, Cambridgeshire

Residential Park (find out more here)

What Features Does Bush Pastures Park Have?

Electric security gates
Retired/semi-retired residents
Exclusively for Over-50s
Rural location
Community atmosphere
Close to Newmarket


Bush Pastures Park is located at Fordham in East Cambridgeshire, this is a cosy little village in the heart of rural England. Bush Pastures Residential Park encapsulates the feel of this part of the country, all while keeping you comfortable and relaxed.

The history of Fordham is rich with different settlements, cultures and people. The parish of Fordham has existed for several thousand years - archaeologists have found flint and metal tools and weapons from the early Bronze Age and the Iron Age. There have also been pottery and burials found from around the same time too. There have also been wall plaster and tiles found from the Roman era, which experts believe indicates a presence of villas from the 2nd to 4th centuries.

In the middle ages, Fordham village was home to the Fordham Priory, a Gilbertine priory and cell to Sempringham priory that people believe founded during the reign of Henry III. Founded by Robert de Fordham - for whom the village takes its name. This abbey is now a Grade II listed Georgian manor house and owned by Dojima Sake - a Japanese Brewing company famous for its traditional sake recipe. It is well worth taking a tour and having a guided tasting session as it's the only brewery of its kind in the country.

Just a short stroll away from Bush Pastures Residential Park you'll find the racing town of Newmarket. Here you'll find the beautiful racecourse - often referred to as the headquarters of British horseracing and holding a maximum of 45,000 people. The racetrack isn't just all Newmarket has to offer - you'll also find several local shops and amenities, as well as a few different quirky pubs and restaurants. Visit Newmarket to find your new favourite eatery and perhaps make some new friends in the local pub!

If you're not opposed to having a short drive, then Cambridge town should be on your list of places to visit. It is only a twenty-minute drive away, and there are an infinite number of things that you can do and experience here. Punting season runs from March through to October so why not take a trip down the River Cam - a perfect day out for anyone.

Bush Pastures Residential Park is also only 8 miles from the historic town of Ely, and 8 miles from the RAF Milden Hall. A deliberate design when choosing the location of the park, as the developers want to make sure that all of their residents have the option to live productively and fulfilling lives with plenty of things to see and do. The residential park also has easy access to Stanstead and Norwich airport - meaning your holidays abroad needn't be a chore just getting to the airport.

Bush Pasture Park offers impressive access to the A14, A11, A10 and M11. This means any trips to most places in the country are so comfortable that you won't even think twice about making these trips. The fact that Bush Pastures Residential Park has such excellent access to places may make some people feel that it is the middle of a motorway, but those people couldn't be more wrong. The residential park is set in the middle of nowhere, with countryside all around. You won't realise just how close you are to the rest of the world until you see it for yourself.

The park itself is also very exclusive, with just 18 residential homes on site. Designed specifically for those over 50 who are retired or semi-retired, this means all of your neighbours will be likeminded and looking to enjoy their golden years in much the same way as you are. The park is a little cul-de-sac which makes it feel homely and welcoming. Many people say that they forget they live in a residential park at all. Many people worry about the fact that some residential parks can feel a little like holiday parks, but this couldn't be further from the truth with Bush Pastures Residential Park.

For most of us, regardless of age, safety at home is a number one priority. This becomes truer the older we get, as we tend to feel more vulnerable. Not only that, but once you're retired, you want to live a more relaxed and quiet life, and not have to worry about home security. At Bush Pastures Residential Park, you can feel comfortable and at ease as the park secured with electric gates so no unwanted visitors can get in or out. M that the only people on the residential park are supposed to be there. The park is also tucked away down a private lane, so you won't even have to worry about cars coming down the road at all hours of the day and night.

With Bush Pastures Residential Park you'll be getting the best of both worlds - a quiet and relaxing way of life, with no worries about security or dodgy neighbours. But also easy access to many local historical towns and cities, with plenty of things to see, do and experience. The friendly people who currently live at the residential park are more than welcoming and will have you feeling at home in no time at all.


Bush Pastures Park
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