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Two Bed Omar Oulton Excel (40x20) 1999

12 Lagonda Drive, Carr Bridge Residential Park

Two Bed Omar Oulton Excel (40x20) 1999




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What Features Does Carr Bridge Residential Park Have?

Close by motorway links
Close to Bus Stops
12 months residential licence

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Carr Bridge Park is designed to offer luxury living to all residents, with a bespoke neighbourhood set up for a peaceful living and wide access to some of the finer local haunts.  It is an exclusive community open to residents aged 55 and over. Therefore, it has a close-knit, laid-back atmosphere, which is what many people will be looking for from a retirement community in their local area. Carr Bridge park is close to Blackpool and other famous Lancashire spots.

Carr Bridge Residential Park is located in Lancashire, a unique part of the world. It's a unique corner of England, with a superb blend of countryside and coastal resorts waiting to be explored.  It is a popular holiday county. Carr Bridge Park is a popular residential park on the outskirts of Blackpool, one of the most popular resorts and communities in the region.

About Carr Bridge Residential Park

Carr Bridge Park is a unique park home location that provides residents with ease of access to cities such as Blackpool, Lytham St Annes and Poulton-le-Fylde.  It is a safe and secure neighbourhood, with management and maintenance on hand to ensure that all residents' concerns and queries are handled carefully and efficiently.  Pitches here vary in size, as do the properties, which means it is always worth taking a closer look at what may be available at any given time.

The park's properties are plotted carefully to allow for private living, while residents will still be within walking distance of one another.  It, therefore, gives people an excellent opportunity to make new friends, as well as to retire to their own private park homes whenever they wish.  Privacy and discretion are key points here, as the park understands all residents are going to want their own space.

The park boasts well-maintained grounds and gardens.  This means residents will never have to worry about tending to their plots, or about making sure the local area looks pleasant to behold.  The Carr Bridge Park team works extremely hard to uphold a fantastic community that is always pleasant to return to.  It is not only aesthetically pleasing but is fitted with all the modern amenities and standards residents will come to expect.

The park is ideal for anyone approaching retirement age who wants to break from the chaos of everyday life. It is also well-linked, which means it is never impossible to find new adventures just outside the gates. 

Carr Bridge Park Location

Carr Bridge Park's location is partly what makes it so popular with new residents.  While holiday parks and resorts are common in the wider area, it is rare to find a residential community so close to all of Lancashire's finest attractions.  Certainly, the park is likely to be one of the first communities of its kind people will come across near Blackpool itself.

However, the park is never too far from local action, nor is it too close.  Residents here benefit from a slower pace of living than most.  Based just off the main roads, yet nestled away from annoying noise and light pollution, residents can always get a good night's sleep.  There are few parks which offer such a fantastic balance. 

Residents also benefit from a balance of coast and countryside.  To the West, homeowners are free to explore Blackpool and its sandy shores.  To the East, residents can venture through the verdant country of North Lancashire. 

Carr Bridge Park is based just off the M55 on the way to Blackpool.  It is therefore straightforward to spot and to plan routes to and from.  Once again, the links to the motorway won't mean that noise travels far.  The community's design and position make for a fabulous sound barrier, one which many residents will be keen to take advantage of.

Anyone travelling from Preston can also find the park with ease, as it is just to the West of the city.  It is a short journey down from the city of Lancaster, too.

Those who wish to travel to and from the park via public transport can do so easily, thanks to the presence of a bus stop just outside the main gates.  This will link residents to nearby villages and towns, such as Kirkham and Weeton.  Residents can also take public transit routes out towards locations and resorts such as Blackpool with ease.

From up on high and all around, residents can sample spectacular sights all across the Lancashire countryside.  Carr Bridge Park proudly sits in a semi-rural location, giving residents the option to wander through the greenery or to check out local towns and cities.  This popular park continues to grow as well as to welcome new residents year after year.

The Local Area

Blackpool, of course, is likely to be a big draw for anyone who would like to move out into Western Lancashire.  It is a popular seaside resort that famously welcomes families of tourists all year round.  Many people refer to it as the 'Las Vegas of the North'.  However, residents who want to take a look at less high-octane pursuits can sample the quaint villages of Lytham St Annes and Great and Little Plumpton, both close to the park.  It is also possible to venture further North to sample some Areas of Natural Beauty and incredible, unspoilt countryside – if a break from the hustle and bustle of the coast beckons.

Carr Bridge Park staff also recommend visiting the Clifton Retail Park out in Blackpool itself.  This retail location is just over a mile away and offers a variety of big-name high street brands and stores.  However, many people will prefer to look at the local scene in more detail.  There are local cafes and traditional shops and stores just a short walk away, meaning that most residents' daily groceries are taken care of.  Otherwise, they can feel free to use the nearby bus stop to take a look at what else the area has to offer.

Market towns in the local area, such as Kirkham, will appeal to residents who are keen to explore the local heritage and to learn more about the local Lancashire way of life.  There are many modern facilities which are scattered across the region, too. However, visitors will feel the rich and varied history alive and in the air as they walk around!

Countryside walking trails, coastal villages and spa resorts are all easy to spot with just a quick survey of the surrounding area.  With roads close to the park, residents will always be able to park up and drive out to look into Lancashire on their terms. 

Many residents choose to head into the local villages for pubs and restaurants, as well as to sample local wares and handicrafts.  Lancashire is a county that has a unique take on the world, from its popular seaside trails to its heritage in its many villages and towns.

Why Choose Carr Bridge Park?

Carr Bridge Park will appeal to anyone who wants to live in a residential park home and move closer to the coast and the country. What's more, its exclusive appeal lies in the fact that it is only open to over-55s, meaning that prospective homeowners will be moving into a like-minded neighbourhood.

The community also provides stunning views of the surrounding natural area, as well as access to modern facilities and close transport links.  Carr Bridge Park is in a fantastic position to offer peace and tranquillity, while never being far from the cities and townspeople love to explore in their own time.

Residents choose Carr Bridge Park for its long-standing reputation, as well as its spectacular properties and pitches.  It is a residential park designed to offer a unique neighbourhood experience, inspired by modern suburbia but with exclusivity and security, which will be difficult to find elsewhere.


Carr Bridge Residential Park