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Preown Country Homes 36x2 Cat & Fiddle Park


Preown Country Homes 36x2 Cat & Fiddle Park




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What Features Does Cat & Fiddle Park Have?

Gated community
Picturesque setting
Close to local amenities
Mobile library visits
Pets allowed
Part-Exchange available


Cat & Fiddle Park is a fantastic, exclusive retirement community based in the vicinity of the quaint yet popular Clyst St Mary.  This neighbourhood of park homes offers wonderful properties and grounds for residents aged 50 and over.  It is always recommended that you book a viewing for any slots available as soon as you can.

The park benefits from a unique location which is close to coast, countryside and city convenience.  It is just outside the popular city of Exeter, and is only a few minutes away from the sea.  Cat & Fiddle Park was set up to bring retirees closer to the tranquil coastline of southern England.  However, it also provides lots of ease of access to countryside walks and modern amenities. 

Cat & Fiddle Park is regarded as one of the most convenient parks of its kind in the region.  This is not just because of its location and its luxury homes, but also for its additional services and amenities on-site. 

About Cat & Fiddle Park

Cat & Fiddle Park, exclusively open to people over 50 years of age, is a wonderful, close-knit neighbourhood.  Park management here goes to great lengths in making sure residents are safe, secure, and well-catered to.  The fantastically landscaped grounds and beautiful surroundings will appeal to anyone looking for a countryside home for their retirement years.

The park has plenty of modern facilities and amenities.  It is unique from many parks in the region in that it support mains gas supply at each property.  This may be more convenient for residents who are used to gas bottle services at standing caravans.  However, the neighbourhood here is altogether more convenient.

As well as being blanketed by wonderful, peaceful Devonshire countryside, residents have clear access to main roads and local villages.  On-site, community members benefit from visiting services for incredible convenience.  Residents have news and milk delivered to their doorsteps on a daily basis.  What's more, there are visiting service and tradespeople who offer care and support to residents.  For example, there is a regular mobile library service, as well as barber, hairdresser and chiropodist services which attend regularly.  More information is available from the park operators.

Cat & Fiddle Park also welcomes pets, as the name might suggest.  Each case will be considered, however, residents may be able to bring one cat and one dog to their property.  As considerations will be assessed, it is recommended that potential residents consult the park operators to avoid disappointment.

The properties here offer a modern, luxury standard, with various value-added facilities arriving with many lodges.  The park operators will also cover many running fees in the costs residents pay.  This can help to make things easy to understand and process.  Residents can also consult the park team for details on heating, glazing and other enhancements.

Cat & Fiddle Park benefits from a friendly atmosphere of like-minded people.  Park management is very approachable and very flexible with a variety of needs and demands.  Residents can also ask for more information on the local area.  Residents can also drive easily to and from the park, while also depending on public transport nearby if necessary. 

The Location

Cat & Fiddle Park is just as popular for its stunning location as it is for its fantastic facilities.  The park is just a few miles from Exeter centre.  However, it is free from travelling noise and light pollution.  Residents will benefit from a park that feels as though it is out in the rural countryside, but which is actually only a few miles down the road from major towns and villages.  Exeter, of course, is a big city with lots to offer.  Therefore, the closeness is hugely convenient for everyone staying here.

Travel is very easy to manage around the park.  You can reach Cat & Fiddle Park just off the M5 running around Exeter and heading towards Exminster.  It is only a few minutes from Clyst St Mary, a small village which has plenty of local charm, character and amenities.  Residents will have clear access to main motorways as well as connects via the railway, the nearby airport and more besides.  Residents can also catch buses from outside the park into Exeter once every half an hour during daily running.  You can also take the same transport links out towards Sidmouth, which is also easily accessed from the park.

Park residents benefit from the 'best of both worlds' with a location that offers country, coast and city amenities.  The breath-taking views of the Devonshire countryside will appeal to anyone keen to get closer to England's famous rolling green pastures.  Beyond this, you can see the coast and sea beyond from up on high, with that wonderful salty air always present.

Cat & Fiddle Park is not far from the base of the River Exe, boasting waterside walks for any residents who prefer to take a wander through the local greenery than to visit nearby cities.  The location is a big draw for many people who choose to move here, and it is another reason why it is so popular with locals, and those who have moved from further afield. 

The Local Area

With Exeter just a few miles to the East, Cat & Fiddle residents always have easy access to city amenities, events and attractions.  Exeter is a fantastic, historic town with lots of heritage and sites of interest for all to explore.

Devon itself is a county which is hugely popular with holidaymakers.  Moving out into rural Exeter may feel like an extended holiday to many people!  However, having so many countryside and coastal walks on the doorstep will always be a boon to Cat & Fiddle homeowners. 

There are Areas of Outstanding Natural beauty over to the East of the park, as well as many quaint, yet popular seaside experiences to be had down towards the South.  The famous resort of Torquay is just a few minutes to the South of the park, making it a must-see location for any residents who are keen to take on the classic English seaside charm.

Cat & Fiddle Park is also in a fantastic location for access to two of the South's best-loved national parks.  Dartmoor National park can be found towards the South-West of Exeter, with Exmoor only a few minutes to the North.  It is rare that you will find so many Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in such close proximity, which really does make Cat & Fiddle Park a prime contender for one of the most sought-after residential spots in the region.

Residents with dogs will enjoy taking their furry friends out on extensive walks around the countryside trails and parks.  However, the local coastlines, too, will be of great interest to all.  Cat & Fiddle Park is based in between the extensive shorelines and the national parkland, giving it a brilliant balance. 

The park is also close to many more sites of coastal and countryside interest.  It is central for access to popular resorts such as Weymouth, Bournemouth, Lyme Regis, Poole and Minehead.  Travel a little further to find historic towns of Bath and Basingstoke, as well as the important portside cities of Portsmouth, Plymouth and Southampton.  People choose to move to Cat & Fiddle Park often for the sheer amount of choice in local excursions.  It could make for an eventful retirement for many people.

This part of the country is full of unique surprises and experiences.  Therefore, it is little wonder why parks such as the Cat & Fiddle community stay so popular across the years. 

Why Choose Cat & Fiddle Park?

Cat & Fiddle Park is a safe, secure, gated community which is exclusively available to retirees and those who are approaching retirement.  It is carefully maintained and is run by friendly staff.  The park welcomes travelling amenities and services, and is based in a fantastic position central to some of Devon's most interesting and exciting attractions.

Residents can also take the time to visit major towns and cities nearby, with scores of modern facilities and services available just a few minutes' drive away.  There are also plenty of village amenities and services within walking distance of the park, making it popular with many active people.

Cat & Fiddle Park is a residential community which has grown in size and demand over the years.  It offers new visitors to Devon the chance to take in the county in wider detail.  For those residents who have enjoyed the county for some time, it places them in the heart of the region.  Cat & Fiddle Park is a residential zone with much to offer people who are looking for a quiet retirement.


Cat & Fiddle Park