Cedar Court Park, Berkshire

Residential Park (find out more here)


Cedar Court Park is a residential park in Newbury.


Cedar Court Park
RG19 8XF

In these rules:

• "Occupier" means anyone who occupies a park home, whether under an agreement to which the Mobile Homes Act 1983 applies or under a tenancy or any other agreement.

• "you" and "your" refers to the homeowner or the other occupier of the park home.

• "we" and "our" refers to the park owner.

These rules are in place to ensure acceptable standards are maintained on the park, which will be of general benefit to occupiers, and to promote and maintain community cohesion. They form part of the agreement by which homeowners occupy the pitch in accordance with the Mobile Homes Act 1983, as amended.

With one exception the rules also apply to any occupiers of the park homes who rent their home.

The only rule which does not apply to occupiers who rent is rule 8 (No persons under the age of 55 years may reside in a park home) where they are subject to clauses 8(i) The park owner and his property 8(ii) the park owners family, 8(iii)

An employee of the park owner None of these rules is to have a retrospective effect. Accordingly:

• They are to apply only from the date on which they take effect, which is the 24th day after you are notified of their filing with the Local Authority.

• No occupier who is in occupation on that date will be treated as being in breach due to circumstances which were in existence on that date and which would not have been a breach of the rules in existence before that date.

These rules also apply (for so long as they live on the park) to the park owner, his family and any employees, with the exception of the following rules: Rule 2 (Business use), Rule 3 (Pets), Rule 8 (Occupancy).

Condition Of Pitch 

Any structure erected in the separation space between park homes must be of noncombustible construction.


All occupiers are responsible for the disposal of all household, recyclable and garden waste in approved containers through the local authority service. Containers must not be over-filled and must be placed in the approved position for the local authority’s regular collections.

Business Activities 

You must not use the park home, pitch or the park (or any part of the park) for any business purpose and you must not use the park home or the pitch for the storage of stock, plant, machinery, equipment or commercial vehicle used or last used for any business purpose. You are, however, at liberty to work individually from home by carrying out any office work of a type which does not create a nuisance to other occupiers and does not involve other staff, other workers, customers or members of the public calling at the park home or the park.


Only the following pets are permitted:– Fish 4a - Nothing in the above rule in relation to pets prevents you from keeping an assistance dog if this is required to support your disability and Assistance Dogs UK or any successor the body has issued you with an Identification Book or other appropriate evidence.

Vehicles & Driving

As required by law (Road Traffic Acts and any replacement legislation):

a. all vehicles used on roads on the park must be taxed and insured and be in roadworthy condition;

b. all drivers on the park must hold a current driving licence for the category of vehicle and valid insurance for any vehicle they drive on the park.

Only 1 vehicle (non-commercial in nature) may be parked on the pitch itself. with no vehicles parked outside of the designated car parking areas - except when parked on roads for the purpose of immediate loading and unloading.

Disused/un-roadworthy vehicles must be removed from the park and the park owner reserves the right to remove any vehicle, which is apparently abandoned or un-roadworthy.


No persons under the age of 55 years may reside in a park home, with the exception of the (i) park owner and his property, (ii) the park owners family, (iii) an employee of the park owner.

External Decoration

Homeowners must maintain the outside of their park home in a clean and tidy condition. Where the exterior is repainted or recovered homeowners must use reasonable endeavours not to depart from the original exterior colour-scheme.