Claywood Retreat, Suffolk

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set amidst 120 acres of tranquil woodland and delightful Suffolk countryside, our luxury holiday lodges boast an excellent location close to the renowned coastal hotspots of Southwold, Aldeburgh and RSPB Minsmere. Price from £129,999

Clay Wood offers a scenic and peaceful retreat whilst remaining within easy access of the clubhouse and other facilities at High Lodge. Each lodge has a private balcony offering views over the golf course.

The clubhouse offers facilities for you to enjoy and if you want to use the restaurant or bar they open for breakfast, lunches, snacks and refreshments 7 days a week.

If you are feeling energetic the 9 hole golf course will give you a challenge for both the experienced or novice golfer or why not try your hand at Clay Shooting? The professional instructors will make sure you enjoy your experience. Fishing is also available from the lakes within easy walking distance.


Claywood Retreat
Haw Wood, Hinton
Nr Darsham
IP17 3QT

Lodge Occupation

 Your lodge/caravan holiday home may not be used as yourmain residence and on reasonable notice from us, wemay ask you to provide your main residential addressand evidence of your residence there.
 The park cannot be used as a base from which to travelto and from work on a regular basis.
 The park is open 10.5 months per year in accordance with planning permission.

Permitted number of occupiers

 Your lodge/caravan holiday home may not be used for sleepinga number of persons greater than the ‘maximumsleeping capacity' stipulated in your Licence Agreement;if no number is stipulated then it may not be used forsleeping a number of persons greater than the numberfor which it was designed.

Visitors to the lodge/caravan holiday home

 All your visitors must obtain our permission beforeentering the park. The park is private property andonly people lawfully staying with your permission havepermission to enter the park.
 Visitors must leave the park by 11.00pm.
 We do not permit traders or salesmen access to thepark except with our prior consent.
 It is your responsibility to ensure that your visitorsand occupiers of your lodge/caravan holiday home adhere tothe park rules.

Ejection on grounds of behaviour

 We are entitled to eject anyone from the park whopersistently acts in a manner likely to upset or annoyother users of the park or our staff or who is guiltyof a criminal offence.

Condition of the lodge/caravan holiday home

 The colour of the exterior of the lodge/caravan holidayhome must not be changed without our prior consentin writing.
 The lodge/caravan holiday home must be maintained in astate capable of movement but may not be moved offthe pitch without our prior consent in writing.
 Nothing may be displayed in the windows or on theexterior of the lodge/caravan holiday home except its numberor a nameplate of a reasonable size.

Building and ground works

 Only one storage shed is permitted on each pitch. Thedesign, size and standard of the shed must be approvedby the park owner, in writing, and so positioned as tocomply with the park's Site Licence conditions.
 We do not permit external structures to be added tolodge/caravan holiday homes such as porches, walkways andcarports.
 You must not install slabs or paving without firstobtaining written permission from us.
 You are responsible for the cleanliness of the lodge/caravanholiday home pitch.
 You are responsible for keeping the area around thelodge/caravan holiday home clean and tidy.
 TV aerials or satellite dishes are only permitted withour express written consent.
 If external contractors are to be employed to carry outwork to the lodge/caravan, you must give us written notice atleast seven days before the contractors start work (orin the case of emergency as much notice as possible)and ensure all contractors employed by you provide uswith the relevant documentation so that we can checktheir insurance and competence in order to maintain asafe environment on the park.

Wintering of Lodge/caravan holiday home

 It is your responsibility to drain down and prepare thelodge/caravan holiday home for the winter season.
 All gas, electricity and water connections must beswitched off in the winter season.
 During the winter season the curtains of your lodge/caravanholiday home must be drawn back and all items of valueremoved.
 You are solely responsible for securing the lodge/caravan andmust ensure that the lodge/caravan and its contents areadequately insured throughout the winter season againstall usual risks including flood, storm and tempest.
 (Please note the above are applicable / necessary if leaving the lodge/caravan holiday home unattended for extended periods of time)

Utilities' installations

 All gas, electricity and water connections must beswitched off when the lodge/caravan holiday home is notoccupied for extended periods.
 If you experience any problem with the park's electrical,gas or water system please contact us. You must notattempt to work on the parks electrical, gas or watersystem yourself.

Drainage system

 You must not introduce any foreign items into thedrainage system including cleaning cloths, wet wipes, face wipes, babies'nappies, sanitary towels, condoms, cooking fat, engineoil, grease or paint. (Please note if a blockage occurs due to any of the above items or other foreign items in the system, the lodge/caravan holiday home owner can be re-charged for any works required to clear the sewerage system)

Enclosure of pitches

 We do not permit the erection of fences or any meansof enclosure of a lodge/caravan holiday home pitch.

Trees and shrubs

 You must not cut any trees or hedges at the park. Ifyou find any tree or hedge a nuisance or unsatisfactoryplease take the matter up with us.
 You must not, without our prior written consent, plantany tree or shrub.


 You must not dig any hole in the ground at the park.
 Washing lines may be of the rotary type or the windowsill type only and must be removed and stored out ofsight immediately after each use.
 Rotary washing lines must be sited in a positionapproved by us because of the risk of damage tomowing equipment.


 Refuse must not be left or deposited outside yourlodge/caravan holiday home. Please use the refuse binsprovided.
 Recycling points are available on the park and youshould please use these facilities where appropriate.


 We permit cars onto the park for the purposes ofaccess to the lodge/caravan holiday home only and they mustnot be used to drive around the park.
 Speed must be kept to an absolute minimum, please take note of park speed signs andpedestrians and cyclists must be given priority.
 You must adhere strictly to all speed limits at the park.
 No vehicle except a private car is permitted onto thepark; motorhomes, Lorries, vans and commercial vehiclesof any sort are permitted only by prior arrangement.
 Quad bikes, trials bikes and scooters are not permittedon the park.
 You may park up to two cars at the lodge/caravan holidayhome.
 Parking on the grass and roadsides is not permitted.
 Driving on the park is restricted to the park roads.
 Motor vehicle repairs must not be carried out at thepark but a recognised breakdown service may attendin the event of a breakdown.
 Only vehicles taxed and insured for use on a publicroad may be kept at the park and we will remove anydisused or broken down vehicles.
 All drivers of vehicles on the park must hold a currentdriving licence for the category of vehicle driven.
 You are not permitted to give anyone driving lessonsat the park and we do not permit learner drivers todrive on the park.
 Washing cars with a hosepipe is not permitted


 Please act in a courteous and considerate mannertowards anyone visiting, using or working on the lodge/caravanholiday home or the park including us, our staff, othercustomers of ours and users of other lodge/caravan holidayhomes and accommodation at the park.
 Please supervise children, including visiting children,properly so that they are not a nuisance or danger tothemselves or others.
 Please observe, and take all reasonable steps toensure that all people who use or visit the lodge/caravanholiday home (including in each case children in theirparty) adopt the following standards of behaviour.

You must not:
• commit any criminal offence at the park or usethe lodge/caravan holiday home in connection with anycriminal activity
• commit any acts of vandalism or nuisance
• use fireworks or lanterns
• keep or carry any firearm (Unless licenced and used for shooting at High Lodge) or any other weaponat the park
• use any unlawful drugs
• carry on any trade or business at the park
• Permit anyone who is to your knowledge on theSex Offenders Register compiled under the SexOffenders Act 1997 to use or visit the lodge/caravanholiday home.
 Please respect the privacy of other lodge/caravan holidayhome owners and keep noise to a minimum betweenthe hours of 10pm and 7am withabsolute quiet between 12 midnight and 6am.
 You must keep away from any vacant pitches.
 Barbecues must finish by 11pm.
 Alcoholic drinks may be consumed only in the immediatevicinity of your lodge/caravan holiday home.
 Fire hoses may not be used for any improper purposesuch as washing cars or boats.


 Subject to separate negotiation with the park owners


 Gas and electrical, installations and appliances in yourlodge/caravan holiday home should be regularly servicedand/or checked annually.
 You should use the park safely and should not causedanger to others.
 Please obey all health and safety notices displayed onthe park and act on the reasonable instructions of parkstaff in matters of health and safety.


 Safety rings are provided around the lakes, which under no circumstances may be used for swimming
 Certain lakes are designated for fishing only.
 Permission to fish the lakes needs to be obtained from the park owners


 Alarms must be of the silent, monitored type and audiblealarms are not permitted.
 Shotgun storage needs to comply with current legislation


 Children are the responsibility of their parents orguardians at all times.
 Children are to be supervised at all times so that theyare not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others.


 No games may be played in the vicinity of lodge/caravanholiday homes; ball and other games are permitted onlyin the areas set aside for recreation.


 The park address must not be used for postal deliveries.

Fire Precautions

 Your lodge/caravan holiday home must be equipped withadequate firefighting equipment. As a minimum thisshould be a 1kg dry powder type fire extinguisher,smoke detector and fire blanket. All equipment must bemaintained in a good condition and in full working order.
 Fire hoses may not be used for any improper purposesuch as washing cars or boats.
 It is your responsibility to ensure that all occupants ofyour lodge/caravan holiday home are familiar with the locationof the Fire Points and the contents of the Fire Noticesdisplayed at each point.

Please Note: These rules may be subject to variation at the discretion of the park owners.