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Coed Wern in Gwynedd, one of Wales' most famous regions for incredible countryside walks and views.  Home to rolling hills and valleys for miles around, it has also quickly become a keen location for many people to want to move or retire to.  Coed Wern, a spectacular park community based in the heart of Bangor, is growing ever more popular.  With easy links to some of the best-loved nature walks and attractions in the Gwynedd area, it's not too hard to understand why.

Gwynedd is one of the first choices many people make when they consider moving into the Welsh countryside.  Its close links to national parkland are famous, and it is now completely possible for visitors to move deep into the lush and verdant surroundings.  For millions of people, a superbly-positioned park home community such as Coed Wern presents a dream move - for holidaying, retirement or otherwise.

If you are considering moving out to a countryside location in Wales, or are keen to set up a base close to nature, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider arranging a viewing at Coed Wern. 

About Coed Wern

Coed Wern is a park community built into 15 sprawling acres of lush woodland, and what's more, it is on the doorstep of the world-famous Snowdonia National Park.  The mountains, dips and valleys roll for miles around, and from the very centre of the park community itself, you will be able to look out upon the vast, unspoilt landscape beyond.  It is ideally located for anyone who wishes to explore the beauty of Snowdonia in their own time, though the park also provides close links to many other local attractions and amenities.

This park community is built to offer complete peace and tranquillity.  Its superb woodland location will allow you to nestle deep into Bangor's best-loved county trails.  It is also ideally located for cyclists and walkers who take on national and local trails alike.  In fact, Coed Wern is easily accessible via Route 82 on the National Cycle Map.  If you are already a keen cyclist, this may open up a lot of options to you.

As well as being closely linked to the stunning Welsh countryside, you can also take on a series of adventure days out and public links to big cities heading north.  You are never too far away from big cities such as Liverpool if you want to explore the sights and sounds of Northern metropolises.  However, many people will be seeking a spot at Coed Wern for its stunning surroundings, and for its incredible amenities.  This is a park home location unlike any other.  Its woodland community stands proud as an exciting choice for anyone looking to move out to Gwynedd long-term, or for anyone who may want to set up outside Snowdonia. 

Exploring Local Attractions

As mentioned, Coed Wern will likely be a fantastic choice for anyone who really wants to get back in touch with nature.  However, there are plenty of popular local attractions which you will be able to easily get to and from without hassle.  For one thing, Coed Wern is on the doorstep of some huge adventure facilities and experiences, such as Surf Snowdonia and Zip World.  Therefore, if you're looking for high-octane thrills and spills, you're probably going to want to make a beeline for a property here.

Based in Bangor, Coed Wern is closely situated to many town and village amenities.  That means it will be easy for you to access local stores, restaurants and pubs if you want or need to.  However, many people may choose to head further afield for these amenities.  There is, of course, nothing stopping you!

Before considering Coed Wern as a potential park home spot for you, make sure to take a look at some of the local attractions and sites of interest based nearby.  As the park is in such a fantastic location, there are likely to be unlimited days and weekends out for you to plan!  Here are just a few ideas you may wish to look into to get started. 

Snowdonia National Park

As Coed Wern is based so close to Snowdonia, it of course makes perfect sense that you would want to visit the wonderful walks here as a priority!  Snowdonia, home to the majestic Mount Snowdon, is the largest park of its kind in Wales, and is one of the most celebrated National Parks in the whole of the UK.  Mount Snowdon itself is the tallest mountain in the country, and the park itself stretches out across an incredible 823 square miles.

Included in this park landscape are scores of villages and towns, as well as rolling natural landscapes for visitors to traverse and to take photos of for miles around.  It is certainly not an area that you would be able to cover in its entirety over a weekend or two.  Therefore, many people are choosing to move or retire to Snowdonia to take the beautiful scenery on at their own pace.  It's a wonderful idea - especially as this is a National Park quite unlike any other.  Uncover Wales' natural world from your doorstep! 

Snowdon Mountain Railway

Based in Snowdonia, you'll also want to book tickets for the hugely popular mountain railway.  As the name might suggest, you'll be able to take a trip all the way to the top of Mount Snowdon itself, giving you breath-taking aerial and panoramic views of the unspoilt parkland for miles around.  The railway itself has been in place for over a century, and in that time it has become a true staple of Welsh tourism. 

The railway tour is completely unlike any other train journey you've taken before.  The experience is one you will likely remember for a lifetime to come.  What's more, if you move to Coed Wern, you will be well-positioned to book onto the train again and again at your leisure.  It's a wonderful way to see beautiful Wales the way it was always intended. 

Caernarfon Castle

If you'd prefer to learn more about human history in the region, you are going to want to book a trip specifically to check out Caernarfon Castle.  This fortress is the stuff of legend - and it's safe to say that it is more than just a local legend at that.  This majestic castle palace took almost 50 years to build, and it was one of many fortresses and keeps set up for King Edward I.  Seven centuries on, it still stands as a majestic reminder of the world we came from, and how far we have come along the way.

Caernarfon Castle is open throughout the year, but you will need to book tickets early to secure your place on an early visit or tour.  Booking a tour is a great idea if you are fascinated by the bristling history that echoes within these castle walls.  It tells tales of bitterness and of high defence - and you'll be amazed to learn quite what the building has gone through over the centuries.  Do make sure to head out from local Coed Wern to experience the fortress for yourself. 

Llyn Padarn and Padarn Country Park

For true lovers of countryside walks and retreats, Llyn Padarn promises to offer beautiful lake views and strolls for many years to come.  Just a short journey away from the park community at Coed Wern, you will be able to walk a variety of special trails here, offering you more than fleeting glimpses at rich woodland and a spectacular lakeside.

It is a huge park to wander around in just one visit!  Move to Coed Wern, and you will be able to visit 800 acres of parkland and nature trails at your leisure.  Of course, Llyn Padarn is just one of many nature trails accessible from Coed Wern - however, it makes for a nice alternative to the much larger Snowdonia.  Why not mix your country walks up a little and head back to nature at your own pace? 

Why Buy at Coed Wern?

Not just for the brilliant accessibility to Snowdonia and the variety of adventure experiences based nearby, but also for the incredible curated parkland itself.  If the idea of moving into a gorgeous woodland retreat appeals to you, it is likely that you will want to place Coed Wern high on your list of retreats to look at.

There are very few park locations or resorts which are based so close to the wonders of the Welsh countryside.  Coed Wern is superbly positioned for links to amenities and local facilities, as well as miles and miles of incredible parkland and greenery.  It truly is the ideal base for anyone who wants to take on more woodland walks in their spare time.

Coed Wern is hugely popular with visitors to Gwynedd.  Therefore, do make sure to book a viewing for a property in the community as soon as possible - and beat the crowds!


Coed Wern
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