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Cootham Park

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Cootham Park

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West Sussex is a wonderful part of the world.  It is home to some of the finest heritage and countryside trails that England has to offer.  Which, of course, makes it a prime location for anyone wishing to retire to a residential property in the area.  Cootham Park is a fantastic park home resort which has popular for some time with local people and those who are looking to venture out into West Sussex for the first time.  Why go abroad when you can take a look at all of the wonderful sights, sounds and local attractions the UK has to offer? 

Cootham Park is one of many park home communities supported by the McAlister Estates group, who is famous for hosting several properties across the region as well as across Surrey.  We are always pleased to list properties and locations from this park operator, as well as across the two counties they are best known for.  Beyond this, Cootham Park is popular with many people thanks to its spectacular location, proximity to amenities and more besides.  

About Cootham Park

Cootham Park is a rural retreat like no other.  While West Sussex has plenty to offer visitors in the form of country walks, coastal adventures and quaint towns and villages, this particular residential community is in the heart of Cootham.  It is away from all the hustle, bustle and noise you would otherwise expect from nearby cities and towns.  This is a small yet well-loved community, with likeminded neighbours and homeowners living aside one another in what can only be described as an English idyll like no other. 

Cootham Park offers mobile homes and properties for retirees and residents who are keen to take a break from it all.  The permanent residential slots here are usually very popular, which means that an early viewing is not only recommended, it is encouraged.  The properties here align in a park neighbourhood designed to offer privacy and comfort like no other.  While you will be close to local people and other park homeowners, you will also have plenty of opportunities to retire to your own space.  You'll be unimpeded by loud noises or anything else you may consider intrusive to your private, park lifestyle. 

Cootham Park is keenly cultivated and lovingly maintained.  The team of park operators overseeing the park are wonderful hosts.  You can always expect to return home to a park estate which has been carefully landscaped and arranged for your utmost enjoyment.  In addition to this, it is a safe and secure location.  This means there will be no need for you to worry about unwanted visitors, intrusions or other concerns likely to prevent you from enjoying your retirement. 

Cootham Park is an exclusive resort which is already home to many people who regard it as their own slice of Sussex heaven.  You will be able to explore the wider county from your doorstep, though you may not even want to.  That's because the gardens and property developments here are simply glorious to look upon each morning!  You will also, of course, benefit from stupendous countryside surroundings, with a home base far into the reaches of Sussex at its most rural. 


Cootham Park is in a wonderful position in the sense that it is neither too far off the beaten track, nor too close to any of the cities nearby.  There is a keen balance here which means residents can enjoy easy access to local attractions while enjoying a quiet, peaceful lifestyle.  There's no pressures or hurrying around here.  Just sit back and unwind! 

Cootham Park is reachable via A-roads and B-roads running through Storrington, with the A283 through Cootham being your main port of call.  Just opposite the expansive, gorgeous Parham Wood, you'll be able to split off from the A283 to head towards the park at your leisure.  You are within close distance of the local rugby club, too, though don't worry - the noise doesn't travel.  Follow the signs on the route if you feel you are lost; however, GPS will be able to pick up the community very easy.  Just enter in the postcode and you will get there with ease via the main roads. 

Many people choose Cootham Park for the location.  On the other side of the A283 there is extensive woodland and countryside.  This  means that you will always be able to spy rural plains and wooded thickets from the comfort of your own home.  The countryside panoramas are spectacular here, meaning that you will certainly benefit from bringing a camera as well as a good pair of binoculars.  You are nestled deep within one of the largest expanses of greenery in the county, making it the perfect spot for anyone who is keen to get back to the countryside.  You can, of course, access all of the nearby towns and villages you desire, however, it really is the countryside element that makes Cootham Park so special. 

Cootham Park is in a premier location for anyone wishing to explore West Sussex at their leisure.  This is a quiet, pleasant park which is well-kept, superbly landscaped and which offers spectacular views of the wider towns and regions beyond.  For your own little home out in rural Sussex, what more could you possibly want? 

The Local Area

Cootham Park is located just outside of Storrington, a peaceful and historic village with a thriving local scene.  It is a fantastic place to visit for everyday amenities as well as to learn a bit more about how the local area has grown and developed over the years.  You are just a few minutes away from the enormous Parham Wood, as well as incredible countryside walks alongside the popular River Arun.  From Cootham Park, you'll be able to see across to the majestic, rugged peaks and beyond.  

You are also closely linked to the communities of Ashington and Washington, both of which you can get to via Storrington and London Road.  Head further into the countryside, however, and you'll find the famous Houghton Forest and Swindon Estate, both of which are beautiful to behold in their own right.  Travel a little further to the south and you will come across popular communities in Bognor Regis, Littlehampton and Chichester.  Bognor and Littlehampton are famous, quaint seaside towns, meaning that if you do ever feel like taking a lookout at the coast, you can do so at your leisure. 

You will also be able to head out to nearby resorts in Worthing, Shoreham and Portslade, all of which also make up the majority of the southern coastline.  Steyning is a village you can travel through on the way, which, too, has lots of quaint village amenities and a local community which is small, yet welcoming. 

Do make sure to traverse the various woods and greens in the local area, and keep an eye out for several golf clubs, too.  West Sussex is a fantastic place to really brush up on that handicap, so make sure to move somewhere like Cootham Park where the tees and pins are right on your doorstep.  Your nearest city to Cootham Park is Portsmouth.  This is an area with incredible history, well worth taking a lookout at if you are interested in English maritime heritage.  In fact, there is plenty of this about in West Sussex! 

Regardless of whether you choose to drive to the park or take public transport, there are lots for you to explore and enjoy here.  Why not take it all in at your own pace? 

Why Move to Cootham Park?

Cootham Park offers more than just privacy and easy living.  It is home to some truly beautiful countryside views and is well-linked to many of West Sussex's famous towns and cities.  The park itself is not too far from most road links, which means you should be able to find your way around here if you make sure to have a GPS handy.  Many people dream of heading out to West Sussex to live, and being able to do so is going to be an idyllic adventure come true for hundreds more. 

Cootham Park benefits from having fantastic, leading park operators working as its main staff.  This means that you can always be sure that the area is well looked after and is always going to welcome you back after a hard day of adventuring.  Even if you want to take things slower, you can simply retreat to your own private property and let off some steam.  It is the perfect resort for retirees who simply want to experience England at its most lush, as well as its incredible sea air. 

Cootham Park homes are likely to get very popular very quickly!  Make sure to book a viewing as a priority as soon as you can.  Otherwise, you may risk disappointing yourself - and missing out!  Check back regularly for listings we have for the park throughout the year and we will be happy to make arrangements with you.


Cootham Park
West Sussex
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