Crofters Vale Park, Warwickshire

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Are you looking for a lodge or park home at Crofters Vale Park Warwickshire? The location and the slow tempo of the park make it the ideal retirement place to live for those people who are aged 55 and above. As urban life becomes too chaotic for people who have worked for most of their lives, retiring to a peaceful location to enjoy a quieter life of becomes appealing.

Crofters Vale Park offers retirees an opportunity to feel and live comfortably without the noise pollution and added security. The community is secure and strategically located to restrict access by to the public. The modern park homes are situated in a serene environment with lush green landscaped gardens. The facilities are state-of-the-art and top quality. The park's location offers residents the best that Warwickshire has in store including with breathtaking views.

Crofters Vale Park offers a unique experience to residents that cannot be found elsewhere. Every detail of the park designed to ensure optimum satisfaction for families. The park developer's principal goal is to create an environment that reinforces family and community values. Retirees will be leaving nothing behind in the cities as they will make new friends and companionships.

About Crofters Vale Park

Crofters Vale Park is located in a small Leicestershire village. The county is in the East Midlands region of the UK. about 95.75 miles North West from the centre of London, 9.94 miles West from the centre of Leicester, 17.63 miles North from the centre of Coventry and 19.55 miles South from the centre of Derby. 

Crofters Vale Park is a small family-run community with modern facilities and local amenities such as nearby transportation links. Other nearby local amenities include a wide range of local shops selling a variety of items, a great selection of local pubs and restaurants, the Bosworth water park and garden centres – all of which are only a few metres walk away from the park.

Another landmark that is adjacent to Crofters Vale is the historical village of Market Bosworth which is also packed with a variety of cafes, shops, boutiques, and other places to visit. Due to a high demand in park homes in Crofters Vale, the park has recently undergone a series of expansion to increase the number of plots available to prospective residents.

Crofters Vale Park occupies the entire Main Street in Leicestershire village of Barlestone, measuring roughly 152 metres. One of the most interesting facts is there is only one street named after Crofter Vale, which is why it is considered unique in Great Britain. 

Crofters Vale Park Location

Warwickshire is a county located in the West Midlands region of England. Warwick is the county town and is the largest town is Nuneaton. One of the reasons Warwickshire is famous is it is the birthplace of William Shakespeare. 

Getting to Crofters Vale Park is easy using the transportation links, especially if you are coming from other towns or even different regions of England. Several roads connect to Main Street including Barton Road, Bosworth Road, Bagworth and Newbold road. So, whether you are driving or travelling by taxi, you will locate the park quickly and with no fuss.

The park is easily accessible from Leicester through the M1. The ease of access to Crofter Vale Park is one reason it is on high demand. Residents will enjoy the benefits of taking a break from the busy life of the major cities, but still have easy access in and out of the park.

Residents will get the opportunity to explore Barlestone and see all that it has to offer. The town is packed with impressive bars and restaurants, as well as a nearby play area where families can spend some quality time together outdoors. The town also has impressive sights should residents decide to go for a walk outside the park. And if residents are up for it, they can take a drive further towards the county side and soak in the lush greenery and beautiful landscape.

Public transport parks are nearby and easy to access to get to and from town and even and various city amenities. These parks include Rectory Lane car park, Gladstone Street car park, High Street car park and Ambion Lane car park. For residents looking for the nearest train stations, Hinckley (Leics) Station (7.79 miles away) Narborough Station (8.67 miles away) Atherstone Station (9.12 miles away) are the nearest train stations to Crofters Vale Park.

These transportation links are one of the reasons why Crofters Vale is said to be strategically located in the heart of Warwickshire. Anyone who has always dreamt about seeing the beauties hidden in this part of the Midlands will find a property at Crofters Vale Park to be worth the investment. 

The Local Area

Apart from its physical beauty, Nuneaton is quite the place to be. It has its unique characteristics and traditional feel. The people are welcoming and friendly. The town has a relatively small population of about 1700 residents, many of whom are born and raised in the area. There is a small percentage of visitors in the region annually as it is not one of the most famous towns in England. However, it has everything that you could want in a town its size from quaint bars and restaurants, to shopping centres including Asda Coalville, Iceland Coalville, and a few others of varying sizes, are available in the town.

Residents looking to explore the town will not find it difficult to do so, and will not need to walk or to drive several miles to spot the next bar or restaurant. Also, there are other fun things to do nearby such as visiting various tourist locations including Tropical Birdland (Wildlife), Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre (Museums & Art Galleries), Donington le Heath Manor House (Museums & Art Galleries), Kirby Muxloe Castle (Historic Properties).

Why Choose Crofters Vale Park?

Crofters Vale Park is a highly sought after park which provides its residents with the best in terms of amenities and conveniences. The park is located in the countryside, but it does not compromise when it comes to the state-of-the-art facilities. The park has more than 29 homes of various specifications. It is quiet and peaceful and makes the perfect retirement for individuals who have spent most of their lives working hard and contributing to society.

Residents will enjoy the privacy of the Crofters Vale Park, as well as access to many of Warwickshire's famous attractions. 

Crofters Vale park homes are well furnished and fitted with all the necessary facilities. But if residents want, they can customise their homes to suit their tastes or preferences. The homes are also quite easy to customise, but residents must take permission before making changes to their homes. Crofters Vale Park homes come as a single bed house, 2-bed freehold detached house, and lodges. And with the expansion, residents can purchase a plot where they can build their park home to their taste.  

As most people get older and near retirement, the city life becomes unliveable and too chaotic and they begin to explore the idea of moving to the outskirts and countryside, so they seek quieter areas where they spend the rest of their lives. Crofters Vale Park makes the perfect choice as it checks all the right boxes of what it takes to live a better life. 


Crofters Vale Park
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