Cuerden Residential Park, Lancashire

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Two Bed Stately Albion 36x20 1992

33 Oaktree Ave, Cuerden Residential Park

Two Bed Stately Albion 36x20 1992




Two Bed Stately Rockingham (44x20)

72 Birch Ave, Cuerden Residential Park

Two Bed Stately Rockingham (44x20)




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What Features Does Cuerden Residential Park Have?

Bus Stop Close to Park
Rural Location
Club bar on site
Pet Friendly
Exclusively for the Over-50s
Post Office on park

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Cuerden Residential Park is an exclusive pet-friendly development for the over 50's. For many people, the thought of moving out into Lancashire for retirement sounds like a dream come true.  Thanks to communities such as Cuerden Residential Park, many people are now able to realise these dreams!  This quiet, peaceful residential community is safe and secure, making it one of the most private locales in the county for retirement living.

The park is designed for residential living amongst those who are over 50 years old.  Therefore, it is set up as an exclusive resort for retirees and semi-retirees.  Like-minded people move to sit back and enjoy the fabulous countryside, as well as the genuine peace and quiet the county has become known for.  Lancashire is a county with many more surprises, however, as there are lots for residents to see and do in nearby towns, villages and even coastal resorts a few miles away. 

This park may be the perfect choice for retirees who are interested in finding somewhere quiet to move to, while still wanting to keep in touch with local amenities and modern facilities.  The park offers properties for permanent residence across the year, and encourages viewings as soon as possible to get ahead of increasing interest. 

About Cuerden Residential Park

Cuerden Residential Park is an exclusive, close-knit community planned in the style of a peaceful neighbourhood.  It is in its own private corner of the county, which makes it all the more desirable to anyone interested in moving away from big noises and bright lights.  It is also a pet-friendly community, meaning that new residents will be free to move their furry friends in with them. 

This is a park which has won awards for its spectacular pitches, its security and its attention to resident needs.  This is a park which is popular with many people for its sheer convenience, as well as for its friendly, laid-back atmosphere.  For many people, the pitches and properties may provide affordable luxury, too.  This community is close to charming, quintessentially English towns, and there are stunning pastoral panoramas for residents to marvel at for miles around. 

Each property and pitch onsite has its own private garden and parking facilities.  The management and park maintenance specialists make sure to keep the park looking spectacular all year round, from season to season.  Residents confirm that the property energy rates here are surprisingly efficient and cost-effective, too.  Therefore, it may be a cost-effective choice for any would-be residents keen to save money when retiring out in Lancashire. 

The park is open only to those who are over 50 years of age, and it is stipulated that only retirees or those close to retiring will be considered as residents.  The gardens and surroundings are completely managed by site staff, which means there is never any need for residents to manage their greenery on their own.  In fact, park staff insist that they leave gardening and management to the main team. 

The Location

Many people choose to view property and to move into Cuerden Residential Park as a result of its brilliant location.  While it is closely linked to the nearby city of Preston, it is carefully based in a quiet, unassuming area of rural Lancashire.  Residents will never suffer from excess noise or other intrusions which may carry over from built-up areas. 

However, those residents who do want to retain closeness to cities and towns never have to worry. The site is just 15 minutes away from Preston via road, and the local village of Leyland offers plenty of daily amenities and quaint attractions.  

The development is easy to get to via main roads and motorway links.  Visitors can easily split off the A46, close to the Club Equestrian centre and the Armlee Nurseries.  It is also closely linked to the M6, which runs through the heart of the county.  Therefore, it will only ever take a few minutes to drive out of the park and to connect to main roads.  These will, then, connect you to cities and attractions elsewhere in the region. 

But it is the park itself, as well as the gorgeous surroundings, which will enchant residents from the get-go.  The management bases its park in a unique location, meaning that while it will take you less than 20 minutes to head into Preston via the main road, residents always feel as though they are heading back deep into rural, rolling countryside.  It is a stunning, precise location and one which is always popular with viewers year after year. 

The Local Area

Of course, the wider and local area surrounding the park is going to be a big draw for any new residents.  The close-by town of Leyland boasts shops, stores, local pubs, restaurants and even a leisure centre.  This locale is the closest port of call residents have for picking up groceries and attending to banking or other daily pursuits. 

However, residents also find it convenient that there is a Post Office at the site.  This means that they can always stay in touch with friends and family who are far away throughout the year.  Homeowners can also take a trip out into the local area via the main bus route, with a stop just outside the park itself.  Therefore, it is surprisingly convenient for drivers and public transit users to get out and about whenever they wish to. 

Local countryside walks and sites of natural beauty include miles of wonderful woodland.  Much of these can be found as part of the Cuerden Valley Park, which is easy to reach within fifteen minutes on foot.  It is a breath-taking collection of natural wonders and is a fantastic palate cleanser from the norms of town and city living. 

Golf enthusiasts will be able to sign up as new members at the Leyland Golf Club.  This 18-hole course is open to new residents and will be a great local haunt for any  homeowners keen to sharpen up on their stroke. 

Preston itself is a spectacular city popular for its heritage, its sport and its variety of events.  The popular docklands will appeal to visitors and Cuerden Park residents all year round.  Preston is a modern city which has grown considerably over the years, with big theatre, art and museum facilities in abundance.  There are also plenty of bars, restaurants and cinema facilities, too.  It is also a hub for shopping, making it a popular day out for residents who want to take on a little retail therapy. 

Venture a little further afield, and residents can sample coastal fun in Blackpool and Morecambe, both of which are in close driving distance of the park.  There are also plenty of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the wider region.  One big example is the Forest of Bowland, which is well worth visiting heading north of Preston.  It is likely visitors can reach the forest within an hour of the park. 

Why Choose Cuerden Residential Park?

Lancashire is home to many extensive holiday and residential parks for a good reason.  The county is amongst the most-visited counties in England, making it a popular haunt for visitors of all ages.  However, the unique, rolling countryside and nearby amenities will appeal to retirees who simply want to take time out to enjoy England at its most tranquil and most verdant. 

Cuerden Park is a residential community which has been recognised for its fantastic facilities.  Friendly, knowledgable management are always on hand to support new and existing residents alike.  Private pitches here not only give people the chance to meet new, like-minded people but also to establish comfortable homes without fear of intrusion.  Discretion and privacy are very important to both residents and park operators.

Access to blissful countryside walks as well as the conveniences of Leyland, Preston and Blackburn will appeal to many people. The park is based close to many convenient towns and cities Lancashire is famous for.  Residents and homeowners may take the chance to purchase a pitch as an investment for many years to come.  Residents can venture out to explore the coast and its attractions over to the west, or can keep heading north to take on the cities and culture.  There are also quaint villages and small communities scattered all around, meaning there is always some heritage and history to step into. 

Above all, the site is a quiet and well-maintained community.  It is easy to get to via the M6, but there is no threat of noise pollution.  Moving out to Lancashire means that there is a risk of moving into a suburban community where there can be a lack of security and protection.  At Cuerden Park, properties and lifestyles are completely protected.  

This popular location will appeal to over-50s retirees in search of a quiet community with lots of local links.  It is a park which aims to cater to the 'best of both worlds', bringing local nature and modern amenities together.


Cuerden Residential Park
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