Cupola Park, Derbyshire

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What Features Does Cupola Park Have?

Exclusively for over-45's
Private driveways
Access to the countryside
Riverside outlook
Pet-friendly site
Close to local amenities


Cupola Park is situated in Derbyshire, the Peak District always attracts visitors from across the UK and beyond, and it's largely thanks to its unbeatable views and rural escapism.  Certainly, the thought of being able to move out to rural Derbyshire is something many people will want to entertain!  That's why park communities like this, based in Matlock, continue to grow in popularity.

A wonderful park home based in the heart of Derbyshire will not only be developed and curated for peaceful living but will also give you incredible access to the wide countryside and popular resorts beyond.  The development is popular with hundreds of people who want to get closer to the country.  Is there no better location to retire to than in the heart of the Peak District? 

Whether you're new to the area, or if you have been looking for the perfect home in the region for some time, do take the time to explore this park in more detail. 

About Cupola Park

The site can be found in the verdant Derwent Valley.  This truly idyllic location is flanked by sites of historical and heritage interest for miles around, as well as countryside walks and escapes as far as the eye can see.  The park itself is built with all modern amenities ready for you.  You can easily explore the sleepy community of Crich nearby for all your daily essentials.

The park is carefully looked-after as an ideal retreat for anyone looking to break from the norm.  The hustle, bustle and headaches of town and city living are well out of the way!  This community is cleverly positioned to offer a balance of peace, quiet and easy access to the county beyond.  You will never feel too cut off from civilisation.

Those who really want to get away from it all can find a home here in a gated community of like-minded residents.  If you'd like to explore the wider area, nearby Whatstandwell has a railway station which will link you to the county's most popular cities.  However, if it's country living and exploration which appeal to you the most, be sure to explore the River Derwent and the woodlands near to the park itself. 

Exploring the Local Area

Whether you're keen to head to Derby city itself or would prefer to head to smaller villages in the vicinity, you'll find Cupola Park easy to get to and from.  It's well-linked via public transport routes, and there are plenty of local walks and trails in the area.  Derbyshire is a peaceful, laid-back county, with lots of history to uncover, and some truly unique landscapes to take in.

Before moving, it makes sense to want to plan a few trips.  Wider Derbyshire can't be explored in one weekend alone!  Many people move or retire to the Peak District so that they can take their time to build some wonderful new memories.

In the meantime, be sure to take a look at some of the below attractions and day out ideas the next time you're visiting the region. 

The Peak District

The Peak District itself, of course, is likely to be one of the first places new residents will want to explore.  This hugely popular National Park is home to acres and acres of rolling hills and thick woodland, ducking in and out of quaint, traditional villages and towns along the way.  Naturally, the Park is a popular draw for walkers, whether they choose to escape through the moorland or across the hills and valleys beyond.  You'll find scores of trails to explore at your own pace.

The Park is also well-known for its traditional events and attractions, meaning that throughout the year, you'll be able to dip in and out of some authentic Derbyshire fare.  The Park is home to its own Tramway Museum, a cable car, and even a nature reserve.  You'll also be able to take in the popular Matlock Bath Illuminations towards the end of the year.  Families will likely want to make a beeline for Alton Towers, too.  It's one of the most popular theme park resorts in the UK. 

Upper Derwent Valley

Providing just a portion of the grandiose Peak District, Upper Derwent Valley is home to a series of dams and waterways which have helped to put the region on the map.  This section of the National Park is absolutely idyllic.  It's carefully preserved, and perfect for anyone who will be looking for a waterside walk or two.  It also has a handful of cycle trails, too, meaning if you'd prefer to traverse the area on two wheels, you're free to do so. 

The countryside here is rolling, majestic and uniquely rugged.  If you prefer your countryside walks to be a little on the coarse side, you're heading down the right trails.  Check out the reservoirs here supported by the Derwent, Ladybower and Howden dams, and be sure to check into the many spirited villages and towns nestled along the way.  Calver and Hathersage, in particular, are two quaint Derbyshire locales with plenty of local fare and shopping for you to dip into. 

Lumsdale Valley

Elsewhere in Matlock, you will find the historically important Lumsdale Valley.  Here, amongst lush, green thickets, you will be able to spy the region's beloved and ancient water mills, carefully preserved by local volunteers.  It is regarded as extremely important by the archaeological community.  While you're free to walk through the valley and to see the ancient fixtures for yourself, there are restrictions on what you can do here.

Lumsdale Valley may not have picnicking spots or play areas, but those who want to take a walk through genuine heritage and history will be thrilled to see some of Derbyshire's ancient services up close.  There are events which are regularly scheduled here, and those interested enough in the local heritage are always welcome to take part in helping to support the project.  

Matlock Moors

If the wide-open Peak District doesn't appeal to you, maybe you'd prefer a woodland ramble or two.  The Matlock Moors take up a huge expanse of almost 1,200 acres, and within them, you'll find seven different woodland areas to explore.  These wooded areas are not protected; however, they are well-loved by the wider community and are considered a safe way to escape into the countryside.  Certainly, there is always going to be something new for you to explore here!

The Matlock Moors offer scores of walking trails and are perfect for dog lovers.  You'll also be able to ride horses through the various thickets, and you may even find horse riding events supported here from time to time.  For visitors and residents you'll find a colossal expanse of nature rambling here right on your doorstep.  Why not take the time to explore it all should you move in? 

Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House is a popular estate which often plays host to various large scale events throughout the years, including popular air displays and family fun days.  However, the house itself is well worth exploring on its own, still standing as a popular museum of art, sculpture and interior design.  It is actually still home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, meaning that there will always be a few rooms that are off-limits to guests and visitors.  However, there is a 'visitor route' you can take, which will guide you through plenty of art and interior architecture.

In fact, the estate opens up thirty rooms for guests to look through at their leisure, as well as the expansive gardens.  Not all of these rooms are open all year round, however, as many will need to be looked after during down-season.  You'll also find several themed exhibitions and events set up across the year.   There is always likely to be something new and interesting for you to explore here.

Chatsworth House is a magnificent slice of English heritage waiting to be uncovered deep within the Peak District.  Once you've had your fill of walking through the lush greenery and natural plains, make sure to head to Chatsworth and dive deep into art history and more besides.  It's a great day for anyone interested in aristocratic living, as well as stunning works of art! 

Why Move to Cupola Park?

The residents are in a very envious position!  This park community is ideally located in the quiet valleys of Derbyshire.  It's perfect for anyone who wants to break free from the hectic hustle and bustle of everyday life.  That's why it is often such a great spot for people to retire to!  There aren't always going to be spots and places available here, however - meaning now really is the time to take advantage.

Does moving to Derbyshire, on the doorstep of the glorious Peak District, sound like a dream?  Then let's make it come true.  Make sure to book for a look around the community, and to find your perfect countryside retreat.  Spaces are limited!


Cupola Park