Cupola Park, Matlock, Derbyshire

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Single storey detached homes
Private brick weave driveways
Spacious plots
Riverside outlook
Full residential license
Close to local amenities
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Cupola Park is a residential retirement park based in Whatstandwell, Derbyshire. Based in the valley of Derwent set in a rural locational, the park offers stunning panoramic views across the south-eastern area of the Peak District. Lending itself as the perfect space of peace and tranquility, allowing you to relax and enjoy the park home lifestyle. The site offers a new way of life, and is seen as the perfect place to call home. Found in an idyllic and tranquil setting nestled deep into the Derbyshire valleys located beside mere Brooke near to the river Dewent you will find yourself surrounded by lots of beautiful nature and woodland.

Conveniently located, you won’t need to travel far to access Matlock in the Peak District. Just half an hours drive away you will find Derby city centre, all easily accessible by bus or car. Whatstandwell train station is located just one mile away from the park and can provide links to Nottingham, Matlock and Newark Castle as well as the rest of the country. Given the parks spacious and peaceful environment you may be surprised to realise its located near major roads such as the A6 and has excellent links to surrounding towns and villages. 

These state of the art luxury homes come delivered with bespoke interiors with the highest quality finishes. The kitchens are modern and stylish and the delivered to the highest standard.

The park is the perfect space of quiet and calm allowing residents to relax and enjoy the surrounding countryside. Perfect for those over 45 with a friendly community feel the park is ideal for those looking to commit to a better way of living.



Cupola Park, Matlock


The following rules of occupation are for the good management of Mobile Home Parks and are for the
benefit of all who use them. Where Agreements are entered into for the occupation of Park Home pitches
then these rules form part of that Agreement.

1a Only mobile homes of proprietary manufacture which confirm to the definitions contained in the
Caravan Site and Control of Development Act 1960, the Caravan Site Act 1968 and the Mobile Home
Acts 1975 and 1983 are accepted BS 3632 Standard.

1b Mobile homes must be kept in sound clean condition, décor and external colours must be maintained
to the satisfaction of the site owner. Wheels must not be removed or the mobile home re-positioned
without permission. No external alterations of or in addition to the home or pitch are permitted without
prior approval of the site owner. Permission to be in writing.

2 The occupier is responsible for the cleanliness of the pitch and must keep the area underneath the
unit clear of anything - nothing to be stored underneath.

3 The mobile home may be used by the occupier and members of his/her permanent household and
bona fide guests only and in any event for the occupation of such a number of persons as shall not
exceed the specified number of berths. NO sub-letting is allowed of the mobile home and lodgers are
not permitted also. We regret no children under the age of sixteen years are allowed as residents
therefore plots only available to single persons or couples only.

4 Occupiers are responsible for ensuring that electrical and gas installations and appliances comply at
all times with the requirements of the Institute of Electrical Engineers or the appropriate authority.

5 The occupier must not permit waste water to be discharged on the ground. Where water is separately
metered or rated the use of hoses is forbidden except in the case of fire. Hose pipes must not be
used for washing down of mobile homes or cars .

6 The occupier is responsible that all household refuse is disposed of in dustbins which must not be

7 Musical instruments, record players, radios and other appliances must not be used to cause nuisance
to other residents especially between the hours of 10.30pm and 8am particularly in summer time.
Hooting of car horns late at night is also a nuisance to others.

8 All vehicles must be driven with extreme care on the Park and not exceed the speed limit of 5mph.
They must be kept on the authorised car parks and all roads must NOT be obstructed at any time.
Fifteen minutes is allowed for the unloading etc of cars. Anyone ignoring this rule and parking on the
roads causing obstruction will be prohibited from bringing a vehicle onto the Park. This is in the
interest of safety and for emergency facilities should they arise. Old vehicles must be removed from
the park if they are not used and the parking of commercial vehicles is not allowed unless with prior
permission from the Park Owner. As required by law all vehicles must be currently licenced and
insured and the drive must hold a current driving licence.

9 Sheds, fuel bunkers and other structures are permitted with the approval of the Site Owner in design
and size (written permission). Fences and walls must not be erected as the park is open plan. Porches
and conservatories must not exceed 8 x 3 and must be constructed to a professional standard with
prior written approval before erecting, and if requested by the Local Authority or site owner must be
removed. The Local Authorities do and have given notice to such to be taken down.

10 Private gardens where permitted must be kept in a neat and tidy condition at all times and garden
rubbish must be disposed of to the nearest council tip. The planting of trees and shrubs are subject
to the site owners prior approval of type and position of same to avoid damage to underground
services. These must not be damaged, taken up or chopped down when the occupier vacates
the premises and gardens must be left intact.

11 Washing lines are to be reasonable screened form public view.

12 Where permitted pets must be kept under strict control and not allowed to foul or deposit the Park,
cause annoyance to other residents, roam over the green areas of the Park and other plots. They
must be kept on a lead at all times.

13 The occupier is responsible for the conduct of children in his/her custody, also visitors, this is in the
best interest of all residents their comfort and safety. No ball games allowed.

14 It is forbidden to carry offensive weapons or other objects e.g. guns likely to give offence on the park.
and also interfere with or disturb any flora or fauna on the Park.

15 Everyone using the Park is required to comply with the regulations of the Site Licence, Water
Authority and any other statutory Authority and must abide by all reasonable directions of the Park

16 Access is not allowed to vacant pitches and building materials or other plant must be left undisturbed.

17 No commercial enterprise or business activity may take place without the prior approval of the Site

18 All mobile homes coming onto the Park must be purchased from the Site Owner. Prospective
purchasers of mobile homes on site permitted under the 1975 and 1983 Mobiles Home Acts must be
approved by the Site Owner.

19 Residents are responsible for the security of their own units and where applicable the outbuildings,
also for the prevention of frost damage to all water installations on the pitch.

20 Access to all meters must be granted at all reasonable times and residents are responsible for their
own meters.

21 Occupiers shall not cause or allow any matter to pass into the water closet gulley or drains which are
likely to interfere with the free flow of water and contents or to cause such damage.

22 The site owner does not accept any responsibility for any accident or mishap to property or persons
on his property however arising.

23 Open fires, explosives and other highly inflammable matter are strictly forbidden on the Park. Persons
must not interfere with fire apparatus provided and every precaution must be taken to prevent fires.
Stored gases for domestic use must be kept in safe conditions. Please make yourselves familiar
with the positions of all the fire boxes on site.

24 Occupation of the mobile home pitch shall be terminated by twenty eight days’ notice in writing to the
Site Owner before noon on the Saturday or rent must be paid in lieu.

25 Residents pay their own rates/council tax to the Local Authorities, where water is metered the
account is billed quarterly (approx.) to the occupiers. Pitch fees paid fortnightly or four weekly
according to the site.

26 Gas bulk or cylinder must be purchased through the Site Owner. No advertising is allowed on site
and must be carried out through local newspapers

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