Deanland Wood Park, East Sussex

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Deanland Wood Park is in East Sussex. Security is at the forefront of all our minds, both for us personally and for our property. Deanland is unique, as it is, by its very nature, a secure place to live. The fact that so many like-minded people are living in the same community, means that there is not an exodus every day of people going to work leaving empty properties. Everyone is so friendly that a stranger is soon spotted. CCTV cameras are placed at the entrance to the park recording all movements into the park. Historically, Deanland has a very low level of intrusion into private property, so it does work, and Deanland is as secure as we can make it. Secure also in the knowledge that you are living amongst people with similar attitudes. We meet personally with every new/prospective park homeowner and the environment is controlled by the Park Code of Conduct which we are all bound by. Peace, tranquillity, natural beauty and security means happiness for all.


Deanland Wood Park
East Sussex
BN27 3RN

The following park rules are integral part of the \'Express Terms\' of the park home agreement. They are designed to ensure that acceptable standards are maintained on the park for the general benefit of occupiers.

1. Restrictions on age of residence, use of home, keeping of pets.

1.1 Each pitch is licensed by the park operator to the occupier (\"occupier\") for residential use only and not for business use.

1.2 No home maybe lent or sub-let.

1.3 Only adults ( persons over 18 years of age) are permitted to live on the park, visiting friends and family may stay but not preside.

1.4 Dogs may not be kept by occupiers. Dogs are not permitted anywhere on the park, except on a temporary basis if owned by daily visitors, but must not be kept overnight. Dogs are not to be exercised or walked around any part of the park beyond the confines.


2.1 No external structural alterations of the home operated without the prior explicit approval of the park operator.

2.2 No items may be placed under a home.

2.3 No home may be used to accommodate a number of persons in excess of the number of berths installed by the manufacturer of the home, except for a visiting child below the age of 3 accommodated in a cot.

2.4 The occupier may not re paint the exterior of their home in a colour that is not approved by the park owner.


3.1 All vehicles, including those of visitors, must be driven careful a, not exceeding the speed limit of 10 miles per hour, and observing the one way system. They must be kept in authorized parking spaces only and the roads must not be obstructed.

3.2 Vehicles must be taxed and insured as required by law.

3.3 Disused vehicles must be removed from park as quickly as is reasonably possible at the owner\'s expense.

3.4 Occupiers of homes that do not have a drive adjacent to the home should require their visitors do not obstruct any part of the road but instead leave their car in the car park.

3.5 Commercial vehicles are not to be regularly parked within the residential area; those under 1700kgs unladen weight may be permitted with the agreement of the Park Operator.

3.6 Motorhomes and caravans must be parked within the designated storage yard, not on driveways or in general parking spaces. The loading/unloading is only allowed on driveways and other parking areas with permission of the Park Operator and then up to a maximum of 48hrs.


4.1 Trees may be planted only with permission from the Park Operator.

4.2 Only trees or shrubs owned by an occupier may be pruned, cut down or removed.

4.3 Leaves and other natural debris must not be swept from gardens into the parks roads. No grass cuttings or other refuse may be dumped on to neighbouring fields and wood. Grass cuttings and other compostable material may only be dumped in the designated garden waste areas at various places on the park. Only compostable material but material may be deposited in these areas.

4.4 No fences, sheds, trellis or arches of any description are permitted unless expressly authorised by the park operator. No wooden or other flammable objects may be placed in the clear 6m fire gap between homes.

4.5 Greenhouses and growing of vegetables are not permitted. The only exceptions are mini- greenhouses or cold frames, their location being subject to approval by the park operator in order to minimise adverse visual impact from the road side of the park home.

4.6 No tents are permitted in the garden of any home.

4.7 Rabbits or any of the caged animals kept outside of the park home are not permitted.


5.1 Musical instruments, televisions, music playing equipment of any description, and other noisy appliances such as tools, garden machinery or similar must not be used to cause nuisance to others, especially between the hours of 8:30 p.m and 8 a.m.. Contractors, that is someone employed by the resident, are not permitted to carry out works to the resident\'s home or garden on garden on Sundays or Bank Holidays.

5.2 Occupiers should ensure that visiting children are made aware of the fact that there are no pavements anywhere on the park and hence of the dangers of playing outside.

5.3 Occupiers should also ensure that visiting children when playing outside do not cause any unnecessary annoyance to other residents of the park.


6.1 it is forbidden to carry knives, cap -firing pistols or any other objects likely to cause offence. Guns, air guns, ammunition or catapults are not to be used on the park. The trapping of animals is generally not permitted, although vermin such as rats and mice maybe trapped and disposed of.


7.1 No dustbins for the household refuse may be placed on any part of the outside area of the pitch on which the home is situated.

7.2 Normal household refuse may be deposited in the refuse containers supplied at various places around the park. If the containers are full then no items of refuse are to be placed alongside the containers.

7.3 The refuse containers should not be used for depositing any large items e.g. discarded furniture, electrical appliances, any hazardous materials.


8.1 Only one rotary washing drying line maybe used per home, its location being subject to approval by the park operator in order to minimise adverse visual impact from the roadside of the park home. No other types of washing lines or clothes horse are permitted on the pitch.


9.1 Occupiers are required to observe the regulations of the Water Authority, including any hosepipe bans or similar restrictions during drought conditions.

9.2 Waste water from each home shall not be discharged on to the ground but shall run from the home into the main drain as provided.

9.3 Surface water from the gutters etc shall not be discharged into the main sewer drain.

9.4 Any leaks on the occupier\'s own pipe system must be repaired as soon as possible after discovery.


10.1 All electrical work must be carried out in compliance with the requirements of the Building regulations, except for non -notifiable or minor works as set out in those regulations. In cases of doubt, the occupier should see advice from the local authority building control department.


11.1 it is forbidden for anyone to interfere with the fire point appliances that are for use only in case of emergency.

11.2 Gas cylinders for heating must not be placed inside a home unless in a suitable compartment as prescribed in the relevant British standard.

11.3 No bonfires may be lit in the garden area of any home. A barbecue is acceptable subject to supervision by an adult.


12.1Access to vacant plots is not allowed and building materials and plant must be left undisturbed