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Pathfinder Custom 35x22 166 Elstree Park


Pathfinder Custom 35x22 166 Elstree Park




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What Features Does Elstree Park Have?

Retirement Park (50+)
Close to public transport
Milk deliveries
Cats considered
Local golf courses
Fully furnished homes


Elstree Park is located in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. The county is a county that is well-known for its close links to London and its wonderful countryside walks.  This is a popular residential park based between Borehamwood, Elstree, and Edgware.  At the edge of Barnet, and close enough to the A1 for access to wider cities and towns, the community is quiet, laid-back, and keenly managed.  Elstree Park is named after the neighbouring town, famous for its countryside views and its modern conveniences.

The park itself is sought-after by retirees (the park is for over 50's) who are keen to explore Hertfordshire at their own pace.  It is more closely linked to London, meaning that residents who still need to commute can do so with ease.  However, it is the park's design and amenities that help to put it on the map. 

About Elstree Park

Locals will already know that the area is brimming with wonderful walks and ideas for days out.  However, residents will want to explore their neighbourhood before venturing further afield.

Elstree Park is a family-owned and operated retirement community, exclusively open to residents aged 50 years and older.  Therefore, prospective homeowners will look forward to moving close to like-minded people.  The community here appreciates a slower pace of living, and benefits from many on-site perks and conveniences.  For example, all homes can expect daily milk delivery and are just a short walk away from a nearby supermarket.

There is a community spirit here that can be hard to find elsewhere.  Therefore, pitches and plots are usually very popular as soon as they arise.  The neighbourhood is designed to be comfortable and close-knit and offers residents many chances to make new friends searching for a quiet life.  However, there is a focus on privacy, too, as each pitch is established to offer discrete living.  Residents benefit from independence and flexibility.  

The park presents an ideal neighbourhood for retired people to ease into without pressure.  It can be difficult to find a peaceful suburban property - which is why Elstree Park is developed to help make that aspect of home hunting a little easier.  People choose this park for its commitment to its residents, as well as its enviable pace of living - slow and calm.

Elstree Park Location

This development is in a desirable location and one which is easy to find.  Residents can head to the park from the A1 heading down Barney Way, splitting off onto the A411.  The park is just far enough from main roads, but close enough for accessibility is never an issue.  Homeowners at the park will benefit from a community that feels removed enough from civilisation to be tranquil and slow-paced, but which is close enough to transport links to be still convenient.

Elstree Park is at the edge of many open spaces, such as those in Scratchwood and Elstree. The town is just a short drive down the road, which residents can access by car or public transport.  For shopping, however, homeowners need to walk a short distance to their local supermarket.  Therefore, daily groceries are never difficult to come by. 

Residents will enjoy nearby country walks provided through the aforementioned open spaces.  These are wonderful, wooded areas where people can feel free to take long, leisurely walks and explore the local greenery.  This is a peaceful town, backed by sites of genuine natural beauty.

However, locals to the park will also appreciate bus links to nearby towns and cities.  Elstree Park is around 12 miles away from Marble Arch and is close to leisure facilities and other sites of interest.  Travellers will benefit hugely from tube links at nearby Edgware, as well as in Barnet.  These will allow park locals to head out into London without hassle or fuss.  For many people, taking public transit from the park is often more convenient than taking roads.

The development's location is just right for retirees who want to get closer to Hertfordshire greenery.  Residents are free to head out on country walks and look across the verdant panoramas from just outside the main gates.  It is a popular location for people who want to get to know London, too - without having to tangle with the property market closer into the city.  

Elstree Park Local Area

As established, the site benefits massively from being so close to wide-open spaces.  It is also just a few minutes' drives from Moat Mount Outdoors Centre, where visitors can enjoy the greenery or participate in outdoor sports at their leisure.  

Barnet Way and the A1 also gives residents access to one of the biggest and most popular golf courses in the region.  David Beal's Golf Club is only a few minutes down the road.  Therefore, retirees looking to hit the links really won't need to look too far.

Elstree itself is home to its celebrated Aldenham Reservoir and Waterfront and its adjoining country park.  This region is also popular with people who enjoy 'glamping', meaning it is more than easy for family, friends and other visitors to stay nearby.  The colossal Hilfield Park Reservoir lies just beyond here, too, with extensive walks and trails for locals to explore.  Travellers can also find the popular Aerodrome to the North of Hilfield.  

Borehamwood is a popular town reachable via bus from the park itself.  Here, visitors will find a variety of high street shops, stores and supermarkets, as well as a casino, a cinema, and the home of Elstree Studios.  Here, some of the most popular British films and TV series have been filmed over the years, making it a fascinating journey out into the history of entertainment.

Locals who want to take a look at Hertfordshire further afield can find clear links through Borehamwood Station.  As established, there are also tube stops in the nearby area, making it simple for public transport users to get into London and back.

Barnet Gate, out to the East, is also worth exploring.  There are a few sites of heritage interest here and local pubs and restaurants for those interested in a culinary adventure.  Further golfing can be found at Arkley Golf Club, and the nearest hospital is only a few minutes down the road on the outskirts of Barnet, near Ducks Island.

Heading further through Harrow, travellers will also be able to take in the extensive Colne Valley Regional Park, another expanse of natural land and water worth taking a camera to.

Why Choose Elstree Park?

Elstree Park is well-loved in the region for its fantastic reputation.  Many people have found firm homes here, with a secure, laid-back atmosphere all but guaranteed.  While the park is close to transport links and roads in terms of accessibility, it is far enough from noise, the hustle and bustle for it to be worth investing in.  A home at Elstree Park is a wonderful foothold for many reasons and one which will provide years of peaceful retirement living.

Park management is resident and on-site to ensure that the grounds are expertly maintained and that any problems their community faces can be handled head-on.  What's more, the variety of pitches and properties here will likely appeal to anyone intending to move out to somewhere a little out of the ordinary.

Elstree Park is within reach of some of the most popular attractions and sites of interest in the county.  Not only is it easy to get to and from nearby towns and cities, but it is also perfectly possible to get into London within a short time.  Residents are also free to explore a wide array of countryside and woodland walks, with the independence to access the neighbourhood through its secure gate system whenever they choose.

Residents speak highly of Elstree Park for its assurance of independence and tranquillity.  Those looking for a private neighbourhood led by a strong community spirit will find a home in Elstree Park without much difficulty.  The desirable location and links make the park particularly popular.  Further information is available through park operators.


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