Foxhouses Park, Lancashire

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Foxhouses Park is a development of leisure homes in an idyllic location, bordering the River Wyre and Wyreside Fishing Lakes near Scorton, the gateway to the Forest of Bowland. Foxhouses Park is an exclusive development aiming to create a haven in the countryside. The Park is currently developed for thirty holiday homes which comprise lodges and caravans. This new Park offers an ideal base for a Holiday Home. Set in the beautiful Lancashire countryside, the park enjoys a superbly accessible location thanks to the M6 which is approx. 3 miles away via the A6. This makes it easy to reach points north and south, putting everywhere from the Scottish Borders to the Midlands within easy reach and closer to home, it is handy for local villages and top local resorts and attractions. The area surrounding the Park is idyllic and peaceful. Bowland itself is a paradise for walkers, cyclists and those who appreciate the outdoor way of life. Scorton is a quaint picturesque village with gift shops, garden centres, a craft centre, cafes, restaurant and tea rooms. Foxhouses Park is an ideal base to explore the Lake District and the vibrant Fylde coast including Blackpool.


Foxhouses Park

1. On renewal invitation for the siting of a seasonal holiday caravan/lodge the caravan/lodge owner(s) must undertake to pay the park such a seasonal fee in full by the date specified on the renewal invitation. Non-payment will result in written notice being served for the removal of the caravan/lodge from the park. The caravan/lodge owners will be charged for any disconnection fees and removal fees, which are incurred by the park operators whilst the caravan/lodge remains on the park.
2. The caravan/lodge may be used by the caravan/lodge owners and members of the permanent household and bona fide guests for recreational holiday purposes and not as there sole main residence. The only exception to this is if the wyre borough council does not confer residential status and the Park remains a holiday park. The number of persons occupying the caravan/lodge shall not exceed the specified number of berths.
3. In order to avoid any appearance of dilapidation all caravans/lodges must be maintained in good order and condition. Removal from the park will be required of any caravan and lodge deemed dilapidated or in poor condition. The continued sitting of a caravan becomes 10 years old and a lodge becomes 25 years old and in any event, renewal invitation for the season will be issued at the park operators discretion.
4. Laundry – no washing to be strung out on washing lines either at the side of caravan/lodge or on decking/veranda. Also no laundry to be hung over decking/veranda rails.
5. The caravan/lodge owners is responsible for the cleanliness of the pitch and its surroundings up to boundary of the adjacent caravan/lodge must be kept clean and tidy and free from debris/refuse.
6. The caravan/lodges owners is responsible for ensuring that both electrical and gas installations and appliances comply at all times with the requirements of the institution of electrical engineers and/or other appropriate authorities.
7. The caravan/lodge owners must not permit waste water to be discharged on the ground. Where water is not to be separately metered or rated the use of hoses is forbidden except in case of a fire. All caravans/lodges must be connected to the drainage system where available.
8. The caravan/lodge owners is responsible for all household refuse being deposited in approved containers which must not be overfilled.
9. Any noise including musical instruments, cassette/CD/MP3 players, other appliances and motor vehicles must not be used to cause nuisance to others especially between the hours of 11pm and 8:30 am.
10. All vehicles must be driven carefully on the park and must not exceed the speed limit of 5 mph. All vehicles entering the park must not be insured for at least third party liability, hold a current MOT certificate, tax disc and the driver holds a current full driving license. Only one car per caravan/lodge allowed on the park, unless agreed by previous arrangement. Vehicles must keep to authorized parking spaces only and not park on the roads or in front of the warden\\\'s lodge at Foxhouses Park. Lodge/caravan owners are responsible for ensuring their visitors comply with these rules. No skates, skateboard to be ridden on the Park.
11. Liability. The park operators will accept no liability whatsoever for the logs or damage to the property of the caravan/lodge owners or any member of his or her family or of any visitor to the Park. The caravan/lodge must be insured on a new for old basis. This insurance can be either via the park operators of the Park or on a policy acceptable to the park operators.
12. A fire extinguisher must be installed in each caravan lodge preferably of the dry powder type and having a capacity of at least 2 lbs. This extinguisher must be regularly maintained and kept to the required standards. It is expressly forbidden for anyone to interfere with fire points and appliances which are only in use for emergencies.
13. Firearms, airguns, and other offensive weapons are strictly prohibited unless agreed with the park management.
14. The caravan/lodge Owner(s) and any guests are expected to act in a courteous and considerate manner at all the times towards the Proprietors, holiday home owners and customers. The caravan/lodges owner(s) is also responsible for the conduct of all persons, animals and vehicles visiting her/him and for ensuring that such persons, for whom he/she is is conditions. This applies particularly to the conduct of children who must not behave in such a way as to disturb the peace and tranquility on the site. Should any of these rules be breached or any conduct or liable to disturb holiday home owners and their guests, cause offense, abuse, or distress to others then perpetrator(s) will be required to vacate the Holiday Park immediately. If the park operators(s) deems the caravan/lodge owners(s) to be negligent of his/her responsibility or to be the actual perpetrator of any breach of rules or bad conduct/behavior then 28 days written notice will also be served for the removal of the caravan/lodge owners(s) will be charged for any disconnection fees and removal fees which are incurred by the park Operators(s) whilst the caravan/lodge remains on the park.
15. No trade or business activity to be carried out or run from the park without prior agreement of the park operators(s). Tradesmen/Contractors are not allowed on the park without permission
16. The caravan/lodges Owners(s) must not erect fences, sheds, porches, steps, skirting, decking and gas bottles or lay flags without the park operator(s) consent. Also any storage of items under caravans/lodges must be agreed with the park operator.
17. All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and exercised of the park and kept in a way not to cause a nuisance to other other caravan park users . All dog handlers are responsible for clearing and disposing of dog litter along foxhouses drive.
18. Caravans/Lodges leaving the park must be conveyed to the entrance by the management for which a fee is made payable. No reimbursement of site fees will be made if vacation of a pitch occurs during the season.
19. Any caravan/lodges sold in the park must be negotiated through the Park Operator(s) and be subject to their approval . This approval will also include any modifications which the park operators may deem to be detrimental to the safety and function of the caravan/lodge or which defer from the manufacturers original specification. A commission of 15% (plus VAT) of the sale is payable to the park operators. Also the park operators retains the right of first refusal to purchase the caravan/lodge at the same price (taking into consideration the 15% commission as previously noted.) Caravans over ten years of age and lodges over 25 years old will not be allowed to be re-sold on the caravan park by the caravan/lodges owner(s). If the caravan/lodge owner sells the caravan privately, the caravan/lodge must be taken off the park, and be subject to the above conditions relation to the removal of caravans/lodges from the park.
20. If a caravan/lodge unit is gifted or inherited, such as a gift or inheritance does not include the pitch on which the caravan/lodge stands. If a caravan is under 10 years old and a lodge under 25 years old then the unit can be sold whilst sited on the Park; the above rule number 19 will apply as regards commission. If a caravan is over 10 years old and a Lodge and a Lodge over 25 years old , the caravan/lodge must be removed from the site within 28 days. The Park Operator will endeavor to assist in securing a sale for the unit off site but cannot guarantee this. Any costs incurred by the park will be charged to the legal owner of this unit.
21. No ball games to be played on the park
22. Any activities that may potentially cause noise or offense to the other persons on the park should be discussed with the Park management prior to the event. Any breach of the above rules will result in 28 day\\\'s written notice being served by the holiday park operator(s) for the termination of any seasonal contract with the caravan lodge owner and the removal of the caravan/lodge from the Park within this allotted time. Furthermore, the caravan/lodges Owners(s) will be charged for any disconnection fees and removal fees that are incurred by the park operators(s) whilst the caravan lodge remains on the park.