Green Hollows Country Park, Cumbria

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What Features Does Green Hollows Country Park Have?

Small pets permitted
Street lighting
For the retired/semi-retired


Green Hollows Country Park is located 5 miles south of the historic city of Carlisle, perfectly situated for exploring the picturesque Lake District and Scottish Borders, both right on our doorstep. Greenhollows offer a well maintained park exclusively for retired and semi retired people looking for a new relaxed lifestyle. Start your new lifestyle in a friendly "village" with people of similar outlook and interests. Every new home has the comfort and reassurance of a Gold Shield ten year warranty


Green Hollows Country Park

Greenhollows Country Park
Owners:- Martin Brothers
Important:- Please read these rules and keep them in a safe place. These rules will form part of your agreement. If you need clarification of these rules please contact Martin Brothers

Greenhollows Country Park
Site Rules

In these rules:
. “Occupier” means anyone who occupies a park home under an Agreement to which the Mobile Home Act 1983 applies.
. “You” and “your” refers to the homeowner or other occupiers of the park home.
. “We”, “us” and “our” refers to the park owner.
. If a planning number is in ( ) that paragraph only relates to that side of the park. Planning number (13/0639) relates to caravan park, planning number (9/0133) relates to Park Home site.

These rules are in place to ensure acceptable standards are maintained on the park, which will be of general benefit to occupiers, and promote and maintain community cohesion. They form part of the Agreement by which homeowners occupy the pitch in accordance with the Mobile Homes Act 1983, as amended.

Condition of the pitch
1. For reasons of ventilation and safety you must keep the underneath of your home clear well ventilated (ie air bricks) for good air circulation and not for storage space.
2. Erection of fence to the height of four feet must be kept in good condition. Any panels or posts damaged must be replaced promptly. Any new fences must be erected from concrete posts and concrete kick boards with a wooden panel fencing in-between ans must be left natural. Please see attached colour coded map for your fencing responsibilities: red is landlord responsibility, blue is Park Home occupier responsibility and green is 50:50 shared ownership.
3. You must not have external fires including incinerators, however, you are at liberty to have barbeques.
4. You must not keep inflammable substances on the Park except in quantities reasonable for domestic use.
5. You must not keep explosive substances on the Park

6. You must not have more than two storage shed on the pitch. Where you source the shed yourself the size must be approved by us in writing. You must position the shed so as to comply with the Park Site Licence and fire safety requirements.
7. You must ensure that any structure ie sheds erected in the separation space between park homes is of non-combustible construction and positioned so as to comply with the Park Site Licence.

Refuse and recycling
8. Provision is made or household waste,which Eden District Council collects on a weekly basis. Where possible, we encourage waste to be recycled.

Business Activities
9. You must not use the park home, the pitch or the park for any business purposes and you must not use the park home or pitch for storage of stick, plant, machinery or equipment used or last used for business purposes. However, you are at liberty to work individually from home by carrying out any office work of a type which dos not create a nuisance to other occupiers and does not involve other staff, workers customers or members of the public calling at the park home or the park.

Age of Occupants
10. No person under the age of 55 years may reside in the park home, this only relates to (9/0133).

Sub letting
11. No subletting allowed, however, friends and family are welcome to stay.

Noise Nuisance
12. You must not us musical instruments, all forms of recorded music players, radios or other similar appliances and motor vehicles so as to cause a nuisance to other occupiers.
13. a) Not more than 2 dogs (other than any of the breeds subject to the dangerous dogs act 1991, which are not permitted at all)
b) They must be kept under control so as not to be nuisance to other occupiers or to frighten them.
c) They must not foul the park
d)They must not be shut up in the home for long periods of time or left in the garden.
e) They must not be exercised in anything but a short leash (approximatively 1 metre in length)
f)Two cats allowed per park home

14. Fire fighting equipment must not be interfered wit except in the case of an emergency.
15. It is responsibility of home owners to ensure all external water pipers are protected from potential frost damage

Vacant pitches
16. You must not have access to vacant pitches and must not disturb building materials and plant.

17. You must drive vehicles on the Park carefully and within the displayed speed limit 10mph
18. (a) You must not park on the roads, relates to planning no (9/0133)
(b) If you park on the road, it is at the owners risk, relates to planning no (13/0619)
19. You must not park more than 2 vehicles on the Park and these must be parked on your allocated space (ie driveway).
20. Other than for delivering goods and services, you must not park or allow parking of commercial vehicles of any sort on the park, including- light commercial or light goods vehicles as described in the vehicle taxation legislation, this relates to planning No (9/0133).
21. Touring caravans, motor homes and boats must be stored n the pitches. Caravans can only be on the pitch for loading and unloading.
22. No occupiers\' cars are to be parked on a permanent basis in visitors car parking places relates to planning no (9/0133)
23. Each car is to be taxed, insured and which applicable an MOT certificate.
24. All drivers must hold a current driving licence, drivers must not cause a nuisance through heavy revving of the engine during warm up.
25. All drivers must not carry out the following works or repairs on the park
a. Major vehicle repairs involving dismantling of parts of the engine.
b. Works which involve the removal of oil or other fuels.
26. If additional parking is required by visitors they may park in the visitors parking bays relates to planning no(9/0133).

Fire Precautions
27. You are recommended to have in your park a fire extinguisher and fire blanket conforming to the relevant British Standard. It is also recommended for your safety that an Annual service of your boiler is carried out by a qualified person.

28. You must not use guns firearms or other offensive weapons (including crossbows) on the park and you must only keep them on the pitch or in your home if you hold the appropriate licence and they are securly stored in accordance with that licence.

External Decoration
29. Homeowners must maintain the outside of their park home in a clean and tidy condition. Where the exterior is repainted or recovered home-owner must be use reasonable endeavours not to depart from the original colour scheme.

30. Washing lines are permitted but must be placed in a position which does not reasonably offend other occupiers.
31. Trespass in to neighbouring land is prohibited.
32. Occupiers are reminded that they are responsible for the conduct of their guests and family.
33. Litter is not to be dropped