Greendales Farm Caravan Park, Lancashire

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What Features Does Greendales Farm Caravan Park Have?

No age limit on statics
Long holiday season
Family friendly
10 minute walk from the beach
5 minutes from nature reserve
Pub at entrance to the park

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Greendales Farm Caravan Park is set in beautiful countryside close to beaches at stunning Morecambe Bay. Offering easy access to the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales, Greendales Farm is a popular base for family holidays. 

The park offers a relaxing environment close to local amenities and attractions. It is also easy to enjoy holiday home ownership in this stunning, quiet location. The park is family friendly with plenty of great dog walks close by. A gateway to the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District. Morecambe offers great potential for those seeking to visit coast or country, as well as local attractions. A stunning statue of the late comedian Eric Morecambe is a huge draw. Unveiled by the Queen in 1999, the bronze sculpture has become an iconic landmark. Strike a pose and have your photograph taken next to Eric! A great end to a stroll along the promenade. The 1930s Midland Hotel in Morecambe is considered an art deco masterpiece - especially now that it has been lovingly restored. It's great for afternoon tea overlooking the panorama of the Bay. If you enjoy the spoils of a traditional seaside holiday, Morecambe boasts plenty of places to get an ice cream, fish and chips and other traditional seaside fare. At Happy Mount Park family-friendly attractions complement the peace and tranquility of a traditional park. Swing boats, mini golf, trampolines, a miniature train, a splash park and a zip wire are guaranteed to keep the whole family entertained. Many visitors to Greendales Farm visit Lancaster Castle, fascinated by its dark history. From the trials of the infamous Lancaster â'Witches' to literally hundreds of executions, this historic building was once Europe's longest serving operational prison. It closed to inmates in 2011 but is now open to visitors through a programme of varied events.

Getting There

By Train Take a train to Lancaster and from there take a 10 minute stroll to the bus station where you will be able to find a bus to Middleton. Alternatively, take a taxi from the train station to the park. By Car M6 - leave at Junction 34 and join the A683. At the 5th roundabout, follow Middleton Road for 1 miles and then turn right into Carr Lane.


Greendales Farm Caravan Park

1. These Park Rules are in place to help caravan owners and their visitors safely enjoy the park and its facilities. All rules are mandatory and must be observed by all Caravan Owners and their visitors at all times whilst on the park. As per the terms and conditions of the Annual Park Licence Agreement, disregard of any of these rules may result in a Caravan Owners park licence being revoked.

2. Caravans are accommodated and occupied on the park entirely at the Caravan Owner's risk. All caravans shall hold suitable valid insurance (which must include third party liability). It shall be the responsibility of the Caravan Owner to ensure that a copy of the insurance certificate is provided to the Park Owner for their records unless the insurance has been supplied by the Parks nominated insurance broker.

3.The Park Owners shall not in any circumstances be responsible for any damage however caused to any caravan, motor car or other vehicle or equipment of any nature whatsoever taken upon or parked upon the park, nor for any injury to or illness of the Caravan Owner or members of their family or their guests however caused.

4.No business activities of any nature shall be conducted from the park.

5.Caravan Owners must have regard for other fellow occupiers and must not cause any disturbance or noise likely to offend others.

6.Caravan Owners are responsible for all guests and others using their caravan. Troublemakers will not be tolerated and will be ordered to leave the park.

7.Children must be supervised by an adult at all times whilst on park (particularly in the area of the pond).

8.No swimming or paddling allowed in the pond.

9.All visitors must report to the Park Reception Office and record their name and details before entering onto the park. No Tradesmen or delivery vans or similar are permitted on the park without the permission of the Park Owner. Caravan Owners receiving deliveries or having work done by a tradesman or similar shall notify the delivery agent or tradesmen to call at the Park Office upon entering the park.

10.No post or deliveries of any description will be accepted by Greendales Caravan Park or its staff on behalf of Caravan Owners.

11.All wired telecommunication system installation connections shall be arranged by the Park Owner and will incur an administration fee. The current fee for this service can be obtained from the park office.

12.Each caravan must have a spare gas bottle. Gas bottles must be purchased from the Park Owner. To avoid a fire hazard, gas bottles must be stored outside the caravan. No unauthorised suppliers are allowed to deliver gas on the park.

13 (i). In order to maintain safety, standards and aesthetics on park, all work or modifications to the external of caravans or their pitch or surrounding areas shall only be undertaken by the Park Owners or a nominated contractor approved by the Park Owners. This shall include but not be limited to major external modifications to the caravan (such as double glazing or similar), steps, decking, skirting, car parks, paths, verandas, patios, stoning, or turfing. Park Owners wishing to have work undertaken on the external of their caravans or their pitch or surrounding areas shall submit their request to the Park Owners for approval and pricing. Failure to comply with this rule may result in Park Owners having to restore the caravan and or pitch and surrounding area to the pre work condition at the Caravan Owners expense.
(ii) During the course of park maintenance and caravan siting and de-siting activities the Park Owners reserve the right, at short notice, to temporary move and later resite any caravan that is causing an obstruction to the activities.

14.No trees, hedges or shrubs, plants or similar shall be planted directly into the ground. In general no holes shall be dug or any object knocked into the ground around the caravan pitch or any where else on park and the Caravan Owners shall only plant flowers and shrubs etc in free standing tubs or plant pots. No existing trees or hedges shall be pruned or cut down or removed without the permission of the Park Owner.

15.In the interests of hygiene and for the upkeep of the general appearance of the park, all pitches and their lawns shall be kept tidy. Untidy pitches shall be tidied and their lawns mowed (without notice) and Caravan Owners shall be charged for work done. The current fees for this service can be obtained from the Park Office.

16.In the interest of the general appearance of the park, all caravans shall be kept in a state of good repair and appearance to the satisfaction of the Park Owners. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in Park Owners serving notice to have the caravan removed from the park. The Park Owners shall reserve the right to enter into any caravan for inspection.

17.Vegetation under caravans must not be allowed to cause a fire hazard. Similarly items that are combustible shall not be stored under caravans

18.Future new caravans shall not be allowed to erect porches. When currently located caravans with existing porches change hands then the porch shall be removed. Currently located caravans with existing closed porches shall not have washing machines, fridges, furniture or combustibles within them

19.In order to conform with Fire Regulations no new sheds other than metal or plastic sheds no larger than 6ft by 4ft will be allowed on the park. When a caravan changes hands then any shed not conforming to the new requirements will need to be removed. To allow additional storage the new regulation shed may be supplemented by a single plastic or metal bunker or alternatively instead of a shed and a bunker, two bunkers may be sited.

20.The park is moving towards a no fence policy and no new fencing of any type shall be allowed. When the Park Owner deems that any existing fence has fallen into a state of disrepair then the fence shall be removed without replacement and notice by the Park Owner.

21.Only rotary lines are to be used and such lines must be removed and stored when not in use. Caravan Owners wishing to install a new rotary line shall contact the Park Owner for prior approval as their installation may involve digging a hole in the ground.

22.Dogs must be kept on leads at all times whilst on the park and must not be allowed to foul the footpaths, grass verges or any other area of the park. The dog owner must immediately remove any “accidents”. Failure to adhere to these rules could result in the banning of the offending dogs from the park.

23.The Park Owners reserves the right to ban any large or potentially dangerous dog that it considers unsuitable to be on the park.

24. (i) Parking provisions on the park are intended for use during the Caravan Owners and or their guests visits to the park . Only one vehicle per caravan pitch may be parked on the park at any one time and any additional visitors vehicles must be parked on the car park.
(ii) The caravan pitch parking areas and the car parks shall not be used for the long term storage of vehicles or similar (such as cars, motor cycles, boats, trailers etc). Persons wishing to leave a vehicle on park unattended for a short period shall apply for permission from the Park Owners in advance and if permission is granted they shall leave a set of keys for the vehicle or similar at the Park Reception. The Park Owners reserve the right to clamp any vehicle or similar parked on the park without permission. A charge shall be levied to remove any clamp based on the duration of the stay. Under no circumstances shall the Park Owners be responsible for any vehicles or similar left unattended either with or without permission.
(iii) Parking on the grass verges anywhere on park is not permitted. Parking along the roadside is not permitted anywhere on park except at the communal parking bay areas. The allocation of parking spots within the roadside communal parking bay areas shall be treated on a first come basis with no caravan being granted exclusive use of a particular parking spot.
(iv) Parking between caravan pitches is not allowed unless the caravan pitch has a properly constructed parking bay area that is approved by the Park Owners. Such designated car parking spots are for the sole use of the Caravan Owners assigned to the pitch.
(v) No trade or commercial or motor home vehicles are allowed on the park without the permission of the Park Owner.

25.The Caravan Owner shall permit the Park Owners to enter their caravan in their absence in the case of an emergency of if park maintenance work requires a caravan entry. It shall be the responsibility of the Caravan Owner to provide the Park Owner with a spare set of keys for their caravan to allow the Park Owner such access. The Park Owner reserves the right to enter a caravan by other means if no keys have been provided, after a reasonable period, following a request being made to the Caravan Owner. Under such circumstances the Park Owner shall not be liable for any damage caused in gaining entry.

26. A 5 mile per hour maximum speed limit and the one way road system must be observed at all times. Continuous disregard may result in the expulsion of the offending vehicle and driver from the park

27. Caravan electrical supplies can be overloaded by showers etc. Reconnections are not guaranteed between 6pm and 9am, and a charge may be made depending upon the nature of the overload. The current fee for this service can be obtained from the Park Office.

28. Washing machines use a lot of water. As the water charges are not metered and everyone on park pays the same water bill, then in the interest of fairness, a charge of £25 per annum will be levied on those wishing to have a machine. The money will be used to directly offset the cost of the water bill for those who do not have a machine. Patrons will be given the option to declare washing machine ownership at the start of the season. Those declaring ownership will be subsequently billed. If it is discovered that a washing machine is used and not being paid for then it shall be assumed that the machine has been installed from the date the caravan owner purchased the caravan and a bill to that effect will be issued.

29. These rules may be updated periodically and the latest versions (the ones applicable) are displayed on the park notice board and on the parks website.