Hazelgrove Park, Cleveland

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What Features Does Hazelgrove Park Have?

Full residential tenure
Coastal location
Direct supply services
Walking distance to amenities
Pet friendly
Over-45s only

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Hazelgrove Park is in Cleveland, if there's a county which epitomises the very best that England has to offer, it's North Yorkshire.  From rolling countryside to spectacular seaside resorts, there's history to uncover and explore here, too.  It's little wonder that so many people choose to retire to the county, whether into the rural hills, the quaint villages or to the beautiful coast.  Hazelgrove Park, based near Saltburn-by-the-Sea, is a spectacular community which offers residents the chance to explore countryside and coast alike, all at their doorstep.

Hundreds of people have set up home at this fantastic park retreat.  It's built not only offer all mod cons and amenities, but to also provide homeowners with the chance to break free of the shackles of town and city living.  Saltburn itself is a characterful area which falls in line with the classic seaside standards you'd expect from the English coast.  Therefore, if you are keen to set up home close to the briny air and the sparkling sands, the park is likely to be one of the best locations you can hope for.

Certainly, as a park which is always developing and expanding, more and more people are heading out to the community to take in the local area.  North Yorkshire is absolutely brimming with beautiful sights and scores of popular attractions.  However, the main attraction is the fact that you'll be far enough removed from the action for it to feel like a countryside hideaway.  What's more, you'll still get plenty of access to main roads and nearby sites of interest.  There are plenty of reasons to book a viewing of properties here, and this is just the beginning. 

About Hazelgrove Residential Park

Hazelgrove has recently undergone something of a new development; however, it has been a desirable location for quite some time.  It is easy for you to walk to the centre of Saltburn itself; however, the community has been designed and developed to offer a self-contained experience.  The team ensures that the grounds and properties are lovingly cared for and maintained.  This means you are always guaranteed to head home to a property you can be proud of. 

This pet-friendly resort is open to semi and full retirees aged 45 years or older, meaning that there's every chance you will be moving in alongside like-minded people.  Properties here are available for singles and couples alike, and the neighborhood is designed to be close-knit, yet private for the individual homeowner.  It is also maintained to offer you everything you need.  You'll have full access to Virgin Media services including broadband internet.  You'll also find ample parking here should you wish to head out to other facilities and attractions nearby. 

What most people will love about the park community is the fact that it commands such incredible views over the town, country, and coast beyond.  It really is in a prestigious location!  Head on out from the park itself to explore the rambling walks and to spy the beautiful seaside just a stone's throw away.  You'll be able to breathe in that spectacular sea air and head out to the quintessential Yorkshire coastline whenever you like. 

The community here is maintained to be as quiet and as tranquil as possible.  However, that doesn't mean you're going to be isolated.  The friendly staff will always be on hand to help you find new things to do in the area, and security and safety are always optimised.  As a gated community, only neighbourhood residents will have access to the park itself, which adds yet another layer of convenience and additional peace of mind to your stay.  While there may be a few ways to move out to the Yorkshire coast, Hazelgrove presents a fantastic alternative to touring park and holiday home living.  Why not move out to the coast for good?  Lots of retirees have made the leap to Saltburn, and you may well be the next person to make that change for the better. 

Hazelgrove Location

While Hazelgrove is listed as being based in Saltburn, it is in fact its own little community.  It's at the edge of the town, however, which means that you can easily head there on foot if you wish.  If not, you will also have access to a bus stop just outside the community, as well as road links which you can use to venture out further afield.  The adventures you build here are all your own but it's worth taking note of the facilities and amenities along the way! 

You're also only a few yards away from your local supermarket, doctors' surgery, petrol station, and post office.  All are walkable; however, you can always hop on a local bus to take you there and back.  Getting to the park community itself is also refreshingly simple, as you merely need to head for Saltburn via the A174 from Redcar.  You'll need to head to Hilda Place after the Railway Bridge, and then onto Milton Street.  Despite its idyllic, private location, you will be able to easily locate the community via GPS.  Therefore, a trip here shouldn't be any hassle for you. 

You'll also be able to explore the wider attractions of North Yorkshire via public transport and road links just outside the community gates.  You may want to explore the rural walks based just outside the community before hopping on a bus or heading further afield.  Why not explore the beautiful cliffs and take a camera with you to capture the stunning panoramas for miles around?  We greatly recommend you take in the park community for itself as well as its amazing surroundings before you do any further exploring.  It's all part of the North Yorkshire experience! 

Hazelgrove Surrounding Area

If you've already taken a closer look at the most popular sights North Yorks has to offer, you may already have a plan of action in mind for after you've moved into Hazelgrove Park.  However, it's well worth noting down some of the most intriguing attractions which are just a short journey away via car or public transport.

Saltburn itself a wonderful little town which really does epitomise that classic English seaside experience.  Millions of people head to the North Yorkshire coast each year to experience the heritage, the fishing, the cuisine, the briny air and the wonderful walks.  To be able to move so close to the coastline will be a dream come true for plenty of people.  That's all the more reason why the park stands as a hugely popular community to move to.

Saltburn boasts Victorian seaside standards such as a quaint pier, a series of beautiful gardens, and all the leisure spots you could hope from a coastal location.  As part of the Heritage Coast, you'll also find the nearby cliffs and caves trail down towards popular seaside resorts such as Whitby, which you can easily reach via the road.  Moving will put you in touch with reams of seaside experiences just waiting for you to uncover and experience all for yourself.

You may also want to take a look at nearby attractions such as the stunning Ormesby Hall, Lockwood Beck, and the famous Saltburn Cliffs.  There is also a local golf club based nearby.  Therefore, if you'd like to take the time to brush up on your handicap, you can do so with your very own local course.  Golf is a wonderful way to unwind, and by becoming a member at your local club, you'll get the chance to make plenty of new friends.  There really is no limit to the Saltburn experience – and it all starts by moving to a fabulous park such as Hazlegrove. 

Why Move to Hazelgrove Residential Park?

Hazelgrove Residential Park is a unique community that presents idyllic coastal living with privacy and peace guaranteed.  Anyone keen to explore the Yorkshire coast at their own pace can do so with a stunning property in a gated community near Saltburn.  This is a park community that is always expanding.  This means that, in the years to come, it is likely to grow even more prestigious.  However, its focus on slow, easy living will never wane.

Residents here can enjoy a sleepy pace of living, with all the mod cons they'll ever need.  It is one of the most secure park communities in the area, though you will always be able to head out and explore anything you desire with ease.  Saltburn is a fantastic seaside town with lots to offer to those visitors looking for an authentic seaside resort.  Only, once you've moved into Hazlegrove, it'll feel less like a holiday and more like home in no time. 

Hazlegrove Residential Park is one of the most desirable park home communities in the region.  We recommend you book a viewing as soon as possible to take advantage of the slots left available!  While the park is always developing, properties here are likely to get taken up fast get ahead of the pack!


Hazelgrove Park
Milton Street
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