Hazelwood Holiday Park, Devon

1. Use of Holiday Home
1.1 The Holiday Home must not be occupied as the main or only residence of the Owner or any other person or persons.
1.2 The Owner shall provide the Park Owner with a permanent residential address prior to occupation of the Holiday Home and will notify the Park Owner within seven days of any change of address.
1.3 No business may be operated from the Holiday Home other than that of commercial sub letting using the Hazelwood Park Letting Scheme.
2. Sub letting or hiring
2.1 No sub-letting, hiring or renting of your holiday homes is permitted. Private arrangements for the use of the home by family or friends is permitted.
2.2 Arrangements for friends and family to have access to the keys to the holiday home must be made directly between the owner and visitors.
2.3 In the interests of security and safety the owner shall advise the park owner in writing of visitors authorised to use the home in the owners absence.
2.4 The Owner is responsible for ensuring that full instructions for the safe operation of the home and its appliances are made available their friends and family.
2.5 The Owner is responsible for ensuring that emergency contact numbers (e.g for local plumbers, electricians, etc.) are made available to visitors. The park owner does not provide an emergency maintenance service.
3. Keys
3.1 The Owner shall deposit one set of keys to the Holiday Home with the Park Owner to provide access to the Holiday Home in the event of fire or emergency or if the property is part of Hazelwood Park's letting scheme. (see 2.2 above)
4. Visitors
4.1 The Owner shall not provide overnight accommodation for numbers in excess of the number of berths available in their Holiday Home.
4.2 The Owner must ensure their guests and visitors are familiar with these rules and are responsible for ensuring that they behave in accordance with them.
5. Appearance of homes and pitches
5.1 A plan of the pitch will be agreed upon including decking, parking space, steps, storage bin etc. and no alteration can be made unless written permission is given by Hazelwood Park
5.2 Maintenance of the Holiday Home is the responsibility of the Owner. The Holiday Home must be maintained in good condition and redecorated externally in the same colour as originally delivered. Changes to colour must be approved by the park owner in writing.
5.3 No extensions or additions to Holiday Home may be built or added.
5.4 No fences may be erected on or surrounding the pitch.
5.5 No sheds greenhouses or other structures may be erected or sited on the pitch but a storage container of a type approved by the Park Owner may be purchased.
5.6 Pitch gardens will be laid to grass by the Park Owner. The Holiday Home Owner must not restrict access for the purposes of mowing. Such access requires a clear 72 inches of grass for operation of mowing machinery.
5.7 No trees, shrubs, plants or ornamental gardens may be planted. Removable pots, tubs or other containers may be used and sited in approved positions.
5.8 The Park Owner reserves the right to carry out such work as is necessary to keep gardens and grass in tidy condition and to bill the cost of such work to the Holiday Home owner.
5.9 No rubbish or refuse is to be stored left or kept in view on the pitch
5.10 The underside of the Holiday Home is to be kept clear of all rubbish, refuse or flammable material of any kind.
5.11 The pitch must be maintained in a tidy condition and no moveable items (for example patio furniture, garden implements, barbecues, etc.) shall be left on the grassed areas of the pitch when the leisure home is not occupied. Rotary dryers must be stored away when not in use. All such items are to be stored in the Holiday Home or storage container.
6. Bonfires and barbecues
6.1 No bonfires are permitted on the pitch.
6.2 Barbecues must be sited no closer than 2 metres from the Holiday Home.
7. Cars
7.1 The speed limit throughout the Park is 5 mph
7.2 Parking for visitors is available in designated parking areas on the Park.
7.3 Cars may not be parked in the roadways other than for short term loading or unloading for a period not exceeding 15 minutes. No more than one car may be parked on the pitch driveway at any time.
8. Children
8.1 We are pleased to welcome children to the Park but please ensure they are well behaved and do not cause a nuisance to other users of the park.
9. Animals
9.1 A small pet belonging to the owners is permitted but only by prior approval of the Park Owner.
9.2 Dogs must be kept within the confines of their Owner\'s pitch and kept on a lead on the roads or common parts.
9.3 Dog fouling on the roads or common parts must be immediately cleared up by the animal\'s owner.
9.4 Dog owners must ensure their pitch is kept clear of fouling.
9.5 The Park Owner may take action for the removal of pets which consistently cause a nuisance by noise, fouling or whatever cause.
10. Noise and nuisance
10.1 The Owner and their visitors must at all times respect the privacy and rights of other of Owners to the quiet enjoyment of their Holiday Home and the Park
10.2 Radios, stereos, televisions etc. are not to be played outside the HolidayHome nor within it at such a level that nuisance is caused to neighbours or other users of the Park
10.3 Owners and their guests are not allowed access to Hazelwood Park's out buildings including the workshop, compound or gas compound.