High Farm Country Park, East Riding of Yorkshire

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What Features Does High Farm Country Park Have?

Five-star park
Pet friendly
Fishing Lake


High Farm Holiday Park is a five-star development in the stunning East Yorkshire countryside, close to the charming market town of Beverly, with great family-friendly amenities and stunning pastoral views.The park is set on 130 acres of landscaped parkland with ample woodland and surrounding countryside walks creating a peaceful, natural environment to enjoy a relaxing retreat. The facilities on the site are free to use and include a fully-stocked fishing pond, outdoor bowling green and a 9-hole golf course. There is also a nature lake on the park, which is a sanctuary for local wildlife and makes an excellent bird-watching spot, and an outdoor children's play area. There is a shop conveniently located on the park and a pub a five-minute walk away.

The park is just five-miles away from the award-winning historic town Beverley. The town has a great selection of places to eat from Michelin-star dining restaurants to cosy pubs and has a wide variety of retailers with loved high-street brands in the town centre and independent, quirky boutiques down the quaint cobbled side-roads. Beverley is steeped in history and is home to impressive historic buildings such as the Gothic Beverley Minister and Edwardian Beverley Art Gallery. The park is also close to the Yorkshire coast with it's golden sandy beaches. The town of Hornsea is a fifteen-minute drive from the park and has a picturesque Blue-flag beach as well an an award-winning museum- Hornsea Folk Museum with interactive displays for all the family to enjoy.


High Farm Country Park
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU17 9SL


Park Rules for Holiday Lodge Owners – 2015 Revision

High Farm Country Park is a member of the British Holiday and Home Park Association. This Association has a code of practice, which is in place to safeguard the rights of the Park Owner and the rights of the Holiday Home Owners of his/her Park. The following rules apply specifically to High Farm Country Park and have been designed to enable the Park to run smoothly and efficiently for the benefit of all Holiday Home Owners on the Park, at all times. The rules meet the guidelines of the Association and the Office of Fair Trading and therefore Owners are advised to read and comply with all of the rules carefully, as failure to do so, will affect their rights of tenancy on the Park.

1. The Park is open all year round for holiday purposes only.

2. Subletting of Holiday Homes for hire or reward is not allowed.

3. Immediate relatives of Holiday Home Owners are permitted to use Owner's Holiday Homes providing their names have been registered on the appropriate form, available at Reception, at the commencement of each Season. Relatives must register their arrival at the Park, to Reception, prior to occupancy of the Holiday Home and on each visit to the Park sign the visitor's book. Proof of identification may be requested by the Park and failure to provide adequate proof may result in permission being withdrawn.

4. No Holiday Home may be occupied by a greater number of persons than the number specified by the manufacturer of the Holiday Home in the manufacturers' specification for that model.

5. No Holiday Homes may be occupied for the purpose of business, trade or professional activity.

6. The Annual Park Fee will be levied by the Park to the Holiday Home Owner, 1st January of each year and must be paid in full by 31st January. No occupancy is permitted in any event if the Park fee remains unpaid by 31st January.

7. All matters relating to the purchase, the sale, the part exchange, the transfer or disposal of a Holiday Home on High Farm Country Park must be conducted through our Agents, Coastline Leisure Limited who has offices on the Park.

8. All Holiday Homes sold onto the Park have a 30 year lease from the date of manufacture. Any extension of tenure is entirely at the discretion of the Park Operator and is dependent on the condition of the Holiday Home and will be advised on a year, by year basis.

9. Under the Code of Conduct (BH and HPA) every Holiday Home is sold within a minimum tenure of five years from the date of purchase. Therefore no Holiday Home more than twenty five years old may be re-sold or transferred to a new Owner on the Park.

10. Holiday Homes less than twenty five years old may be offered for sale to a third party to remain on the Park. The sale must be conducted through our Agents, Coastline Leisure Limited and the purchaser must pay all monies due on the purchase direct to the Agent prior to the completion of sale. The Park Operator has the right to purchase the Holiday Home at the selling price. The Park has 28 days to reach a decision.

11. A 10% (ten percent) transfer fee plus VAT will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale, together with a fee for a gas/electricity survey and any remedial work undertaken by the Park's appointed Corgi Registered Operative. Any sundry accounts outstanding, including electricity units and gas used will be added to this total and the net proceeds of the sale will be paid over to the vendor on completion. The company will issue a completion statement.

11a. No ‘For Sale' signs of any description or size may be displayed either on the Plot or from within or without of any Holiday Home on the Park. Any breach of this Rule may result in a restriction of the Sale of that Holiday Home on the Park. Details of Holiday Homes For Sale will be listed on our Agents Website and followed up by their Staff.

12. Any Owner may request his Holiday Home to be removed from its plot in readiness for collection to leave the Park. The de-site fee will be estimated by an appointed third party contractor and must be paid in advance and all other sundry accounts must be paid to date prior to removal.

13. The Annual Park fee which is paid on advance of each season is non-refundable under any circumstance. In the event of a transfer of ownership the remaining current Park Fee will be transferred to the new Owner.

14. The Park Operator reserves the right to reallocate the plot on which a Holiday Home stands should it prove to be necessary. The balance of tenure of the Holiday Home re-sited will transfer to the newly allocated plot.

15. All Holiday Homes on the Park must have adequate insurance at all times. Holiday Homes will automatically be insured by the Park on behalf of the Owner, under the Park's block policy covering each Holiday Home for its individual value and contents. A copy of the cover is available in Reception. If the tenant elects to seek insurance cover elsewhere, our insurance will be charged until a proof by a current certificate has been produced showing the date of cover.

16. Holiday Home Owners are not permitted to use bottled LPG on the Pak, or to tamper with or alter the mains gas supply to their Holiday Home.

17. Fences of any type are not permitted on garden plots.

18. The Park has an approved storage shed, 8' x 6' maximum, for sale on the Park and an approved method of siting and installation. No other storage is acceptable on the Park.

19. All steps, balconies, skirting, ramps, sheds, pavers, pin kerbing, shrub or flower boxes, an Owner wishes to install must be submitted for approval prior to commencement of any work. Work can only be carried out on the Park by an approved contractor, who must carry adequate public liability cover and must provide evidence of that or the Park's own staff. Any development or installation carried out without prior approval or not to the Park's specification will be removed for collection. A charge for the removal and inconvenience caused by the Owner to the Park may be levied at the Park's discretion.

20. Holiday Homes must be kept in a state of good repair at all times.

21. No addition or extension to a Holiday Home will be permitted.

22. Rotary clothes airers are permitted on the Park no weekend or bank holiday use is permitted. Airers must be removed to storage when not in use. Prior to installing a rotary clothes airer holder in the ground consult the Park staff to avoid damage to underground pipes and cables. The holder must be below ground to avoid future damage to grass cutting machinery.

23. Owners of the Holiday Homes who owns dogs, must register them at the Park Office, no other dogs will be allowed on the Park unless the Park Operator gives special permission. Dogs must be kept under control, i.e. on a lead, and should be exercised off the Park there is however, a designated exercise area for dogs on the farmland, which may be used at any time.

24. TVs, radios, CD players, tape recorders and musical instruments shall be used with due consideration for other persons using the Park, especially between the hours of 11pm and 7am. The Park Operator reserves the right to require any persons acting in breach of this rule to cease using the offending apparatus.

25. No person using the Park shall indulge in noisy or offensive behaviour so as to cause annoyance or nuisance to other Park Users.

26. One private motor vehicle per licensee may be parked outside the Holiday Home any other vehicles must be parked on the car park except where a second hard standing has been added to the plot.

27. The speed limit is 10 miles per hour.

28. No fire shall be lit on the Park under any circumstances and no fireworks are permitted.

29. Hosepipes must not be used for any purpose.

30. Household litter and refuse ONLY must be deposited in the bins provided by the Park Operator, on the Park. Any waste accumulated from repairs or alterations to Holiday Homes, including disused domestic appliances, e.g. fridges, etc. should be disposed of off the Park at the local tip.

31. We have recycling bins for paper, cans and plastic. Please wash and squash plastic bottles and place in the appropriate bin. All cardboard boxes must be flattened and placed in large refuse container for landfill.

32. Grass cuttings should be placed in black bin bags which can be purchased at the Park Office or shop. The bags should then be placed in the wheelie bins.

33. No Holiday Home downfall pipes are to be connected to sewerage sinks under the Holiday Home.

34. No ball games shall be played near Holiday Homes.

35. Any gas work/repairs to be carried out on any Holiday Home must be done by either our Gas Safe Registered Engineer or someone else with a Gas Safe Registered Certificate. Proof of registration must be shown to the Park Operator prior to work commencing.

36. The Park Owners will not be responsible for any loss, damage or theft from any Holiday Home or motor vehicle using the Park and will not accept responsibility for any injury sustained on the Park

37. A spare key with clearly marked tag bearing the owners name and plot address must be deposited with the Park for emergency use.

38. The Park Operator reserves the right to terminate a tenancy for the breach of any Park rule or misconduct.

39. The Park Operator may revise the above Park rules from time to time at his discretion. Notice of any revisions will be advised to Holiday Home Owners at that time.

A P Northgraves

NBI) Your signature on our Ownership Registration Document will be our acknowledgement that you have received and read the Park rules.