Holmans Wood Holiday Park, Devon

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What Features Does Holmans Wood Holiday Park Have?

12 Acres Landscaped Grounds
Seating/Picnic Tables
Beautiful Surroundings
Close to Dartmoor National Park
Family friendly park
Sister park with Finlake Resort


Holmans Wood Holiday Park is in Devon, Devon plays host to millions of holidaymakers each year.  That is never too hard to understand.  The region is home to some of the most spectacular views and local attractions in the south west of England.  What's more, it is a fantastic hub for holidaymakers of all ages.  That's why Holmans Wood, a popular holiday park based in the heart of the county, continues to welcome new holiday residents from year to year.  Twinned with the nearby Finlake Holiday Park, Holmans Wood presents wonderful, secluded holiday living with all the amenities and facilities you could ever want or need.

Popular with families as well as couples and single travellers, Holmans Wood benefits hugely from wondrous surroundings as well as a keen focus on fantastic on-site amenities.  Based near Chudleigh, the park is also a great hub for anyone who wants to take a closer look at the National Parks of the south west.  Many people feel that Devon has the best balance of countryside, history, coast and city facilities in the UK.  We'd be inclined to agree!  That's why we are always pleased to help list properties for sale at parks such as Holmans Wood.

Devon is a region which deserves to be explored by all.  Buying a property at Holmans Wood means that you will be able to head back to the county again and again, season after season.  Looking for a fabulous foothold for you to explore the area with?  Take a look at properties at Holmans Wood while spaces last!

About Holmans Wood

Holmans Wood Holiday Park is based near Chudleigh.  However, the park is its own community, and it has plenty of its own on-site features and facilities to help holidaymakers feel at home.  This open-plan holiday park is great for anyone who wants to move close to the Devonshire coast and countryside without feeling penned in.  Holmans Wood is an expansive, peaceful retreat for people who merely want to get away from it all.  This really isn't too much to ask, and as always, we're pleased to list for the community wherever possible.

Holidaymakers arriving at Holmans Wood will benefit from around 12 acres of stunning park grounds, all of which is carefully landscaped and maintained from season to season.  For that reason, many people will find the park to feel like a genuine, luxury escape.  It is boosted by the fact that the nearby countryside is so gorgeous.  It's based in one of the most verdant spots in the wider area.  This means that if getting back to nature is important to you, this is a park you are going to want to head for as a priority.

Holmans Wood is smaller than its sister park at Finlake, however, many people may actually prefer this.  This park offers a series of wonderfully-developed properties which are right at the edge of stunning Devonshire attractions and countryside retreats.  Buying a foothold here will mean that you never have to worry about finding alternative accommodation in the region ever again.

Holiday residents at Holmans Wood will also benefit from free access to Finlake, which has its own gym, water park and spa facilities.  Therefore, if you do feel like broadening your horizons, you will only have to travel a short distance down the road to sample the other park's amenities.  Holmans Wood is a quieter alternative to Finlake which still benefits from being in a fantastic location, as well as being well-maintained and developed to welcome people throughout the year.

It is a lovely picnic location, too.  Communal outdoor tables and chairs are provided for residents, which means that you can enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your own private grounds.  Once you're keen to venture further into Devon, there are of course plenty of great sites and facilities based elsewhere.  However, do make the most of Holmans Wood for the first day or so of your visit!


Holmans Wood, much like its sister location at Finlake, is well-positioned near the main road, which means it is neither tricky to find nor hard to access.  You will find the park based off the A38 leading down from Exeter towards Chudleigh.  It is to the east of the Dartmoor National Park, and can actually be considered on the edge of the extensive region.  You'll be able to view the Park from afar, and you can actually head into the park zone by foot if you wish.

Holmans Wood Park is blanketed by miles of glorious greenery.  The lush trees and stunning plains make up some of the best of Devon's unspoilt countryside.  By moving here, you will be right in the centre of some of the county's best-loved natural retreats.  With Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty to the south and cities to the north, you're in a great location.

For all your daily needs, you can head over to Finlake, just up the road, or a few minutes down towards Chudleigh.  Chudleigh is a small community which is friendly and welcoming to visitors.  Once you set up a holiday home at Holmans Wood, you may find yourself getting to know the locals on a regular basis!

Holmans Wood is based in a prime location in the county.  You'll be in the perfect spot just between coast and country, which means the experience really is yours for the building.  With main road access a breeze from the community outwards, you can drive to nearby attractions or take public transport as you choose.

This park is based just far away from noise and hubbub.  However, it never feels as though it is removed from wider society!  You will be able to head to nearby communities as you wish, and there is never going to be a worry that you'll feel isolated or cut off.  If anything, it will be a lovely break just to escape light and noise pollution.

If you're really not sure what you want from a Devon holiday, Holmans Wood offers up enough choice for you to mix it up as you go along.  That's partly why it is so popular with holidaymakers from all over.

The Local Area

Let's take a quick look at what you can expect from the local area once you set up for holidays at the park.  As mentioned, you are on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, one of the most spectacular and most imposing pieces of English countryside you will ever hope to see.  However, did you know that you are also within reach of Exmoor National Park?  This area of protected beauty is based just opposite Dartmoor, meaning you are never going to be too far from new walks and outdoor experiences.

If you'd prefer to take in local history and to explore Devon's towns and cities, you should of course make a beeline for Exeter as a priority.  This historic city is brimming with culture and all the city brands and fixtures you may be acquainted with elsewhere.  If you fancy taking a break from all the countryside, you only have to head a few miles north into the city.

You'll also find an array of seaside communities out to the east and to the south of Holmans Wood.  Take a look at Starcross to the east, and Maidencombe a little further south.  Keeping heading this way and you will find the quintessential seaside town of Torquay.  This wonderful little town really does present the best of the English seaside.  If a coastal trip to the south east is on the cards, as well as a fish and chips supper, you are only ever a few minutes away.

You can, of course, explore Devon further to the north and to the west, too.  You can also get rail links from Exeter and Torquay if you'd like to travel even further afield.  Make sure to plan your journeys ahead of time!  Alternatively, take the A38 if you're driving, and you'll find plenty of local hotspots opening up to you as you drive around.  Prepare your maps and/or GPS and get exploring.

Why Buy a Holiday Home at Holmans Wood?

Holmans Wood is a peaceful, close-knit holiday community.  It is perfect for anyone looking to escape to the Devonshire countryside, and who may not want all the facilities offered at Finlake down the road.  However, Holmans Wood is also perfectly placed to offer holidaymakers a launchpad for various Devonshire adventures.  There are few holiday parks in the south of England which are so well-positioned.  Coast, countryside, city and heritage - all waiting for you to uncover and explore when you next visit.

Holmans Wood is a popular Devon holiday park, which means it always makes sense to make enquiries and book viewings as soon as possible.  Spaces here are likely to get eaten up as peak season approaches, so be sure to beat the rush.  Buy a marvellous foothold in one of England's premier counties, and you will be able to come back and holiday again and again.


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