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Holton Heath Residential Park is in Dorset, many people choose to visit Dorset year after year for a variety of reasons.  It is therefore unsurprising that plenty of couples and solo retirees choose to move out into the heart of the county.  Holton Heath Residential Park is a community which is based in the heart of rural Dorset, just close enough to the famous coastlines of Poole and Bournemouth.  It is a popular community with many people due to its exclusive nature, as well as its fascinating surroundings and natural panoramas.

Holton Heath Residential Park is based just off the main roads yet is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  There is also no danger of the light or noise pollution you would expect from built-up areas.  The park is in a desirable location for amenities and for countryside walks and seaside trips.  What's more, the management at the park is always ready to ensure that residents have access to the best facilities and attentive maintenance. 

About Holton Heath Residential Park

Holton Heath Residential Park is popular with many people for its exclusive nature.  This means that only people over the age of 45 can live here.  This helps to add to a close-knit and friendly neighbourhood.  Any residents keen to look to move alongside like-minded people may find the community spirit here refreshing.

The park is keenly laid out and planned to allow for private, discreet living no matter where you are on site.  The park offers a range of different lodges and homes across the land; however, it is worthwhile you viewing a property as soon as possible.  Lodges and plots here are always sought-after.

The park benefits from a family-run approach, meaning that it is laid-back and friendly.  The management team is always on hand to answer any resident questions.  They will also be happy to answer any queries they may have about the local area, and things they may like to do once they have moved into the park on a full-time basis.  What sets Holton Heath Park apart from other local communities is the fact that the pace of living is so gentle.  Most retirees will be looking for a residential park that winds down their living pace.  Holton Heath Park allows residents to take their time to enjoy the local area with independence.

The park is confidently secure and is also enough off the beaten track for it to be safe from intrusion.  Residents will always have access to their own private security as well as access through the main gates.  As mentioned, it is also easy to get to and from the park.  This is a countryside retreat which offers spectacular properties and all the modern facilities and features residents will be looking for when moving to Dorset.

Residents will be able to head out on countryside walks as they wish from the gate of the park outwards.  However, they may also marvel at the wonderful landscaping the park has to offer.  The site is brilliantly maintained across the year.  This means there is little to no need for residents to ever lift a finger.  It is a park which is completely secure thanks to close management, making it hugely desirable to retirees looking for a safe, easy break from the norm.

There are few better ways to move out into Dorset than through a stunning residential park.  Holton Heath Park has established itself as a leading community in the region, which means it is often one of the first viewing choices retirees look at before any others.  

The Location

Holton Heath Park is carefully positioned so that it offers access to the countryside and coast in equal measure.  Any residents keen to take on the Dorset countryside only need to venture outside the front gates for a few minutes to gain access to some of the lushest, most verdant trails that the county has to offer.  As the park is also technically based in Poole, residents will also have clear access to seaside resorts and towns.  This means anyone interested in moving out into the quintessential English seaside will likely find this park to be a fantastic foothold.

Holton Heath is the nearest village, and before we explore the local area in a little more detail below, it is worth looking at how to get to the park.  Holton Heath Park is just off the A35 travelling through Poole, which means drivers will simply have to look for signs for Holton Heath itself heading out towards the West.  Residents and visitors will find the park simply by navigating towards Wareham Road.  Visitors can reach the park, too, by heading through nearby Organford and Lychett Minster. 

The location of the park is one of many reasons why it is so popular with local people and those who wish to move out to Dorset for good.  Poole is a fantastic corner of the UK which brings together sandy shores and rolling country.  From the park itself, residents will be able to spy some of the most beautiful coastlines in Dorset as well as the rugged slopes and curves of the verdant landscape.  It's the perfect location for walkers and ramblers to explore.

However, if residents do wish to explore local attractions and to take in towns and cities nearby, they can feel free to do so.  There is clear road access via the A35, as well as local connections to the A31 and A350.  As the park is so close to Poole and Bournemouth, residents and visitors will also be able to check out transport facilities and rail links in the main town areas.  Residents can also easily take buses into the local areas and villages from outside the park, which is naturally going to be very convenient.

Ultimately, the location of the park offers incredible independence, as well as spectacular views.  For many retirees, this is a fantastic combination. 

The Local Area

Holton Heath Park is in very close proximity to a variety of local attractions in the Dorset area.  However, it is of course closest to the town of Poole.  Poole is a historic town with lots of interesting features and facilities for coastal adventurers.  It is popular for its harbour scene and marinas, as well as its pleasant coastlines.  It is not far from Bournemouth, either, which is another popular seaside resort which appeals to holidaymakers of all ages.  Residents at Holton Heath Park will be able to visit these attractions whenever they like, thanks to road links and public transport.

Nature and countryside lovers will also appreciate how close the park is to a variety of sites of natural beauty.  For example, residents will be able to head out to Holton Heath Nature Reserve, which is just a few minutes down the road from the park itself.  Holton Heath, too, is a lovely village which many people will want to head to for local amenities.  It is easy to stock up on groceries and other everyday goods simply by heading straight out of the park.  Nature lovers will also enjoy the sights at Morden Bog, another nature reserve which is only a stone's throw away from the park itself.

Residents love the fact that they are near so many wonderful sights in the county.  This is all without mentioning the quaint, historic sights at Corfe Castle, and the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty towards the South of Dorset.  Residents and visitors will also be able to explore wider villages and towns nearby, such as Salisbury, Winchester, Weymouth, Yeovil and even the city of Exeter, which you will find by driving out West.  In any case, there should never be any shortage of things to see and do in the area. 

Why Choose Holton Heath Park?

Holton Heath Park is a unique residential location for many reasons.  It has helped hundreds of couples to escape the business of everyday life.  The owners lovingly care for the park, and its position lets residents sample the very best of the local area, with plenty of access to walks and sites of interest on foot and via public transport.  Therefore, it immediately appears to be a very desirable choice for anyone keen to head out to Dorset for their retirement. 

This exclusive community is very popular with retiring couples and solo travellers alike.  The park staff make sure to maintain a variety of modern properties and pitches which offer independence and convenience.  Most retirees heading to residential parks will be looking for safety, security, and genuine peace and quiet.  Holton Heath Park offers all the above and more.  What's more, homeowners here will always benefit from the incredible views of rugged, rural Dorset, quaint towns and villages scattered across the local area, and a beautiful coastline just a stone's throw away.

Holton Heath Park is very popular with seaside visitors who'd like to take their time to explore Dorset at their own pace.  Residents are never too far from civilisation, but park homes here feel secluded enough to offer genuine tranquillity.


Holton Heath Residential Park
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