Homelands Park, Shropshire

Properties at Homelands Park

Prestige Avanti 40 X 20 Homelands Park

High Green

Prestige Avanti 40 X 20 Homelands Park




Residential Park (find out more here)

What Features Does Homelands Park Have?

Exclusively for over-50s
One pet per home
Countryside views
Fishing available
Bee keeping onsite


Homelands Park near Bridgnorth in Shropshire, here the residents are enjoying all the benefits of a peaceful park environment, and have even developed a few new outdoor interests thanks to their choice of park!

The park has been developed over the years in a way which works within the natural environment rather than fighting it, and the park owners’ policy of continuous, natural evolvement lends itself well to adding elements residents think might add further to the beautiful park environment, and their enjoyment of it.

For those we’ve talked to, that’s ensured a really good atmosphere on the park, which is owned and run by the Home family with several members actually living on the park. To explain how residents have enjoyed new-found freedom and developed new hobbies on the park, we asked them to tell us all about their park experiences in their own words.


Homelands Park
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