Inglenook Caravan Park, Cumbria

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What Features Does Inglenook Caravan Park Have?

Pet Friendly Site
Family Run Park
Open up to 12 months
Stunning location
Onsite Shop
Childrens Play Area


Inglenook Caravan Park is in Cumbria, millions of people choose to visit Cumbria each year on holidays and long weekends.  Therefore, holiday parks and caravan sites up in the region are becoming more and more popular.  Inglenook Caravan Park is one of the most popular of these parks, close to National Trust sites and the Lake District.  It is a family resort as well as a great breakaway spot for many people who want to explore the local waters and countryside at their leisure.

Inglenook Park is a well-maintained park and site, making it popular with holidaymakers who want to settle down somewhere peaceful.  It is run by friendly owners, and there is always someone on site who can help with a variety of queries.  Visitors will also benefit from various facilities and modern standards.  However, it is the wonderful surroundings and the views which will likely keep people coming back for more.  The park is open all year round for visitors to attend and enjoy, with 12-month seasons opening up for interested patrons.  

About Inglenook Caravan Park

Inglenook Park is hugely popular with visitors of all ages.  It is a family-run site, meaning that holidaymakers will always benefit from a warm welcome and knowledgeable support.  Maintenance and advice are always available.  It is a secure park, which means that holidayers can always feel comfortable heading out here and then off to explore the lakes.  Pitches and caravans receive full maintenance and care all year round, which means there is even less for visitors to worry about when they head across.

The site accepts pets, which means it is worth consulting the owners before bringing any cats or dogs along for a holiday.  The various nearby walks and trails will certainly appeal to dog walkers, which is all the more reason why it is worth bringing along a furry friend or two.

Families can take advantage of an on-site shop for everyday groceries and conveniences.  For kids, there is a children's play area on-site, too.  This means that everyone is catered to.  The site itself is immensely peaceful, positioned at the edge of the lakes, meaning that anyone looking to unwind for a week or two can do so across the year.  The lakes attract visitors throughout the year, which means holidaymakers can even attend during the colder months if they wish.

The park offers picturesque waterside and countryside views, as well as plenty of opportunities for active people to get out and about.  For less active or less mobile visitors, there are local public transport links, as well as pleasant sites of interest close to the park itself.  Rest assured, the park owners will do all they can to make sure visitors' stays are always pleasant.  Caravans here are well-stocked and supported with modern facilities and connections.

The park is flanked with nature and countryside, which means it isn't unheard of to spy local wildlife such as squirrels and rabbits.  However, it's always worth venturing a little further out of the park to take in all flora and fauna in full. 

The Location

Inglenook Park is in a unique location as far as Cumbrian holidaymakers are concerned.  It is based close to the Lake District, which immediately makes it hugely desirable.  It's in a prime spot for walkers and cyclists, too, as there are routes and trails only a short distance away.  In addition, visitors can always take to the Lakes on foot and explore the wide-open waters at their leisure.

The park is nestled deep within rural Cumbria, with close road links being the A5086 running through Rowrah and around Asby.  Therefore, it is always worth looking at our map on this page, as well as a GPS or map book, before visiting.  Once at the park, it is easy to travel around the local area and to find nearby sites of interest.  Visitors will find the part at the foot of Blake Fell, which you can look upon from miles around.

Inglenook Caravan Park is a unique community which is well-removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  However, visitors can always take to the roads and find their way to local attractions and nearby towns.  The park is in the local area of Lamplugh and is only a short distance away from Rowrah and Asby.  The on-site shop will offer visitors all they need in terms of groceries.  However, it is also worth looking out at the villages and towns nearby, where travellers will find public transport links.  Otherwise, driving to and from the park site is never a hassle.

Inglenook Park is perfect for anyone who is keen to look at Cumbria's famous lakes, and who wants to see some of the rugged landscapes for themselves.  The Cumbrian Mountains are well worth seeing close-up.  However, anyone who does want to sample town heritage and historic trails can do so by taking a short journey down the main roads.  One of the major appeals of the park is its cunning location.  It is deep enough in the heart of Cumbria for it to feel like a rural hideaway; however, it is never too far from any of the bigger attractions.

Inglenook Park presents a wonderful family, couples or solo holiday opportunity.  The park owners are more than aware that their visitors want to explore the wider region.  Therefore, the team is always ready to support visitors with advice and guidance on what to expect.  Caravans at the park can make a brilliant investment for people who wish to head back to the rugged hills and greenery again and again. 

The Local Area

Of course, the local area is well worth exploring.  Inglenook Park is famously at the edge of the Lakes, as well as within a stone's throw of Blake Fell.  The park is also well-positioned for visitors to explore nearby towns and villages such as Cockermouth.  The villages and towns in the region are full of history and character for all to explore.  There are also various nature reserves and walks in the area, too, which means anyone keen to get closer to flora and fauna should not have much difficulty finding adventures that appeal to them.

Cyclists will find the allure for the coast to coast route appealing, as will those who are interested in taking long walks around the region.  The Lakes themselves are wide open for ramblers and wanderers to explore.  In addition to this, there are many National Trust sites in the area, making it a real foothold for anyone keen to see England at its greenest.  Park visitors will be close to the popular heritage coast, as well as the rolling peaks of Scafell Pike.

Heading a little further down, holidaymakers can enjoy the beautiful serenity of local coastlines, such as those at Morecambe Bay and close to Barrow-in-Furness.  Cumbria is awash with wonderful towns and villages such as Keswick, Whitehaven, Maryport, Seascale, Oxenholme and Kendal.  The Lakes will be the biggest draw for holidaymakers and visitors here, however, it is always worth taking a closer look at some of the traditional towns and communities dotted around.

Holidaymakers will appreciate the road links despite the obvious rural nature of the landscape.  The park is flanked by roads linked through the A6 and M6, and well as the A595 heading down the East Coast.  Despite the park being fairly off the beaten track, there are still plenty of opportunities for visitors to head out as and when they wish to.

The closest city in the area is Carlisle, which visitors can reach via the A595 and the M6.  This will appeal to anyone who would still appreciate the convenience of city amenities.

Why Choose Ingleton Caravan Park?

Ingleton Caravan Park is a unique community with plenty of character and access to some of the county's most interesting countryside and waterside walks.  Being so close to the Lake District will appeal to a lot of people, however, visitors will also enjoy the fact that they are only a short distance away from the Western coast, as well as popular seaside resorts such as Morecambe.

Ingleton Park presents itself as one of the most intriguing footholds in Cumbria, presenting a series of beautiful waterside walks, and clear links to Carlisle and more.  The park is safe, secure, and is open to people of all ages.  This makes it an ideal spot for families as well as for couples.  It is one of the most inclusive and extensive parks of its kind in the region.

It is desirable thanks to its fantastic location, offering visitors the chance to look up across the North Pennines from afar, as well as across the Lakes - which are likely to be the main draw for many people.

Ingleton Park is also marvellously well-stocked and has a shop on-site.  Visitors only need to venture a short distance down the road to access towns and villages for further groceries.


Inglenook Caravan Park
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