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Kingdom Park Homes is in South Lanarkshire, Scotland offers some of the most spectacular walks and countryside views the UK has to offer.  It is therefore unsurprising that many people choose to move into the heart of the rural landscape.  Kingdom Park Homes, based in South Lanarkshire, is a popular community which offers private properties to those who are keen to explore central Scotland at their own pace.  The park supplies holiday and park homes alike, making it one of the most versatile sites for those who want to get to know the wider region.

Close to the town of Lanark and the River Clyde, Kingdom Park is close to some of Scotland's best-loved countryside and waterside sights and attractions.  For that reason, it's unsurprising it remains so popular.  It offers 12-month seasons, which means families, couples and solo travellers alike can visit whenever they wish.  It is South of some of the major cities in the region, too, which means it should never be too difficult to get to and from modern facilities and sights. 

About Kingdom Park Homes

Kingdom Park is one of the first choices many people looking to head into Lanarkshire will want to make.  It offers an expansive variety of lodges and static homes, arranged in a close-knit neighbourhood.  It also has a variety of different facilities on-site, which means visitors will never find themselves at odds for things to do.  The park also boasts its own loch, where users can fly-fish for local trout.  Few parks offer this kind of convenience, making it a unique pitch.

Kingdom Park is designed for tranquillity and slow living across the year.  It is well-established in the region and is a great foothold for exploring rural Scotland.  The park offers static caravans and luxury lodge properties; however, these will become available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The park is run by a family team and is well-maintained and cared for by staff and management on-site.  Therefore, anyone staying at the park will always be able to find answers to their questions.  The grounds and gardens are landscaped, which help to create a stunning, unique look.  Anyone staying at the park will not have to worry about maintaining the look of their neighbourhood.

Offering homes to holidaymakers and residents alike, Kingdom Park serves up a unique community.  It is quiet yet closely linked, which means visitors can choose to get to know their neighbours at their own pace.  There is a keen emphasis on independence here, too.  Properties and pitches are set up with enough privacy for most park property dwellers, while you are never completely isolated.

The park is safe and secure.  Visitors and owners will have clear access through a gating system.  There is also plenty of opportunities for park dwellers to head out and about with ease.  They will always be able to return to a park that is safe and lovingly maintained across the year.  12-month seasons will appeal to anyone who may be keen to take in Lanarkshire in the down-season.  The fact is people love to explore rural Scotland regardless of the weather.  The surroundings look gorgeous in the winter, and the park reflects this.  Kingdom Park staff will always take care to maintain their grounds during the colder months.

Owners and visitors staying here during colder months will need to consult with staff regarding maintenance options.  The park's management is famously friendly and always open.  Therefore, there should never be any queries or concerns too complex or outlandish.  New visitors and owners should make a point of inquiring more about local facilities and sites of interest, too. 

The Location

Kingdom Park's fabulous location is just one of many big attractions for new visitors and owners.  It is nestled deep in the picturesque greens of South Lanarkshire.  It is close to the River Clyde, and the park works hard to mimic the beautiful surroundings as much as possible.  The exclusive loch here, too, will do a lot to help the community blend in.

The park is based just off the A70 heading through Carstairs.  This means it is always easy to get to and from via main roads and public transport links.  New visitors and owners will be able to find the park heading down through Carstairs and towards Ravenstruther, the village which is closest to the park.  Anyone driving to and from Kingdom Park will not find it difficult to locate nearby connections.  These will help drivers explore the wider towns and cities, including Edinburgh and Glasgow to the North.

The park is situated close to neighbouring towns and villages, as well as the famous rolling countryside of the county.  Therefore, anyone staying at the park can easily head out on foot or public transport to take on woodland walks or to explore market regions just a few minutes away.  There are public transport links very close to the park, and anyone in need of local groceries or daily essentials will only need to take a few minutes into Ravenstruther and back.

Park visitors and owners will enjoy the sights and sounds surrounding the community.  It is well-positioned to avoid the noise and the hassle of cities and tourist zones elsewhere.  It is an area of land where taking a camera and binoculars is always recommended.  Local wildlife and unspoilt greenery are easy to find and enjoy just a few steps out of the park, and simply by looking around from inside the community, visitors and owners can take in the majestic landscape.

Scotland is a beautiful corner of the world, and park communities like Kingdom's help to bring everyday people close to its natural beauty.  The location of the park is perfect for people who wish to sit back and relax, as well as for those who are keen to get out and to start exploring. 

The Local Area

Kingdom Park's local area is part of what makes it so appealing to anyone choosing to stay here.  Based near the convenient villages of Ravenstruther and Carstairs, anyone staying here will also be able to travel less than an hour on the roads to reach Edinburgh and Glasgow.  Of course, many people will want to take a closer look at the main cities, however, it is the rural countryside which might appeal to more people - especially those looking to break free from it all.

The park is close to several areas of natural beauty.  For example, those visiting or staying can choose to look out at the spectacular Falls of Clyde, which you will find along the local river.  The Clyde itself makes for a wonderful waterside walk, meaning it will likely appeal to nature lovers of all ages.  What's more, anyone keen to sample a more organised piece of the countryside will want to look at Calderglen Country Park, which, again, is just a stone's throw away.  As mentioned, anyone at the park can take public transport out to the attractions nearby, as well as drive around the main roads with ease.  Visitors may also want to look at Tinto Hill and Chatelherault on their journeys.

Kingdom Park is based in a very central point for exploring Scotland in general.  Therefore, anyone keen to look at the region from a central foothold may be interested in the properties here.  There are few parks in the region which offer such access to the nearby countryside, as well as coast - as just over an hour or two away, people staying at the park can head out East onto the seafront.  Rugged hills and traditional Scottish towns lie in abundance here, which means it could be the perfect launchpad for any Scottish adventure.

Why Choose Kingdom Park?

Kingdom Park Homes offer a variety of choice for people looking to get to know South Lanarkshire a little better.  As mentioned, the location between so many of Scotland's points of natural interest will likely appeal to anyone new to the region.  The park lies just between Edinburgh and Glasgow, which of course makes it a solid investment and foothold for anyone who wants to see what the rugged glens and fishing lochs are all about.

Kingdom Park is developed to be a unique park experience.  The design and layout of the community are clearly inspired by the wide, wild surroundings, and this is only going to be a plus point for anyone keen to get back to nature.  Beyond this, many people choose Kingdom Park as it is so well-maintained.  It is supported by a family of owners, and anyone staying on-site will be able to ask management and maintenance questions about the local area.

Kingdom Park continues to be very popular with locals and tourists.  It offers a quiet, well-equipped and wonderfully kept community, one which many people will continue to enjoy for years to come.  Open all year round, it promises to offer authentic rural experiences to couples, families and solo visitors with all the modern facilities they've come to depend on.


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