Knoll Park, Dorset

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What Features Does Knoll Park Have?

Beautiful Rural Setting
Close to the Jurassic Coast
Good Road Links


Knoll Park is in Dorset, Dorset’s fabulous and famous countryside trails are easy to access from a variety of parks and communities.  Many people choose to move out to Dorset for a variety of reasons, and Knoll Park presents a fantastic opportunity for retirees and countryside enthusiasts to find their own corner of English paradise.  Knoll Park is an exclusive residential community, which means it is perfect for people who are approaching retirement or who have already retired.  It is a highly desirable community to move to for a variety of reasons.

The management at Knoll Park makes sure to offer residents the chance to experience genuine peace and quiet against a backdrop of wonderful rolling hills.  The park is based close to many local amenities and attractions, which means that residents are always free to explore the wider area as they wish.  However, the park itself is lovingly maintained, meaning many choose to spend their first few days here just taking in the gardens and luxury properties on display.

Winfrith Newburgh is a small village close to some of the county’s best-loved natural sites of wonder.  Residents can enjoy panoramas of countryside and coast right on their doorsteps. 

About Knoll Park

Knoll Park is a residential community situated close to the heart of some of Dorset’s best-loved village communities. This means that it is well-loved by people who want to get closer to local heritage.  The park management and team here make sure to offer genuine peace and comfort to all residents.  This means new owners can expect private living standards, as well as a close-knit community.  Residents will be alongside like-minded retirees and individuals who want to make the most of their time against a tranquil backdrop. 

The pace of living here is nice and slow.  This means residents will love being able to sit out and enjoy the fresh country air no matter the weather, free from fear of intrusion.  It is a highly secure park, which means residents will have access to their own private security standards as well as a park gate.  This means that not only are the properties here secure for private access, but the community itself locks to the public.  Homeowners and residents can invite visitors to access the community within park rules, which means it is worth consulting residential agreements in full.

Knoll Park is developed to offer luxury properties and pitches.  The park itself is well-maintained and offers residents the chance to rest easy about the upkeep of their gardens and surrounding lands.  The park team will always be ready and on hand to ensure that everything is pristine and gorgeous to look at.

Knoll Park is also famous with many people for its amazing location, and its closeness to countryside walks.  Residents can enjoy modern facilities and amenities on-site while exploring the wonders of the local area without having to travel too far.  New owners at the park can also expect to find beautiful rolling greenery all around and from up on high.  It is a residential park which will appeal to anyone who may be keen to leave city and town living behind.  However, access to such facilities and amenities are never too far away. 

The Location

Knoll Park is a beautifully maintained community; however, the surrounding area will likely appeal to many people new to the region.  The park is based close to the village community of Winfrith Newburgh, and it is just a few minutes away from the South coast.  Many people will enjoy moving here as it is within close distance of the world-famous Jurassic Coast, an extensive, rugged countryside trail which has been used for various TV and movie productions in the past.  It’s along here that residents will be able to look at many quaint towns and seaside villages, too.

Reaching Knoll Park is simple.  It is close to the main roads of the A35 and can be found heading East on the A352 via Watercombe.  For the avoidance of any doubt, new residents and visitors should look at the map on this page for further guidance.  The park is based a little off the beaten track for obvious reasons, though residents will never find it difficult to get to and from the resort.  There is room for parking, and residents who do not have vehicle access can explore the wider area via bus, using a stop that is based just outside the park on the main road.

The park is within walking distance of many countryside trails, as well as the famous heathland located nearby.  Residents will be able to walk out of the park gates and to head down the rugged trails at their leisure.  Otherwise, as stated, there are transport links and roads should they wish to look at the local communities and town facilities.

Knoll Park is sandwiched nicely between countryside and coast, which means to most people, this represents the best of English living.  England is well-known for its wonderful seaside haunts as well as its unspoilt countryside.  Few counties bring the best of both worlds together quite like Dorset, which means Knoll Park residents really are spoilt for choice.  They could head out on a seaside stroll one day and take in rugged woodland walks the next.  The park is based and developed to offer incredible independence and choice, which is what helps to make it so popular. 

The Local Area

It is well worth getting to know the local area on arrival.  Knoll Park is based close to the village of Winfrith Newburgh, which, while laid-back, has a great community feel.  It is here where residents will be able to take in most of their groceries and daily supplies, as well as a variety of different pubs and restaurants.  There is a bustling community scene here, too, which means it is never too hard for residents at Knoll Park to venture out and get involved in the community.  It is here where residents will also find a local doctor’s surgery and buses, meaning that it is likely to be the first port of call for anyone looking for local convenience.

However, it is wider Dorset which will likely appeal to many more people.  The Jurassic Coast is only a short distance away.  Miles and miles of ancient, rugged coastline and countryside views await visitors here.  It is never easy to explore it all in just a few days.  Therefore, residents at Knoll Park can, of course, take their time to get to know the area and can come back again and again.

Those residents who would like to know the towns and villages of Dorset in a bit more detail won’t have to travel too far.  The popular seaside town of Weymouth is just a short drive away.  It is a quietly popular seaside resort with many local people and will likely offer residents everything they are looking for from that classic English seaside experience.  Close by, too, are the towns of Bournemouth and Poole.  Bournemouth is one of the busiest towns on the coast, and Poole, too, commands lots of interest.  However, this doesn't mean that residents won't be able to find peaceful walks and strolls along the coast.  Poole, too, is historically interesting, as Brownsea Island is the birthplace of the modern scouting movement.

Dorset's rugged and wild landscapes will appeal to anyone who may be tired of the same city and town experiences.  There are cities nearby, however, much of what Knoll Park residents need is available in close villages and towns described.  Therefore, it is always worth taking a close look at the various communities scattered close to the park.  Once again, the map on this page will help give any prospective residents a closer look at what to expect. 

Why Choose Knoll Park?

Knoll Park is a lovely residential community which benefits from a spectacular, unique location.  What’s more, it is also well-maintained and cared for by on-site staff and management.  Therefore, residents can rest easy knowing that their every need is catered to.  It is easy to get to and from and is never too close to the noise from neighbouring towns and villages.  Most residents enjoy the park location for its balance between modern convenience and tranquil pacing.

Knoll Park is a community which is exclusive and secure as standard.  It is one of the safest parks of its kind in the region and is always welcoming to new visitors.  There are few parks of its kind, meaning that you may find it difficult to get such a balance between country and coast elsewhere.  It is therefore recommended that you book a viewing should properties be available.

The park is convenient to get to and from via public transport and main roads, too.  Therefore, new residents shouldn’t worry about being cut off or finding themselves stranded.  The park owners will always be happy to offer you any advice upon moving in.  They know the local area better than anyone.


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