Ladram Bay Holiday Park, Devon

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These Rules are intended to promote good management and are here to benefit all occupants of the Park

Ladram Bay Holiday Park is not a residential site, lodges and holiday homes may only be occupied between the published park opening dates of 1st March to 5th January, owners are not permitted to use their home as a main residence. The lodge/holiday home owner will not acquire any ownership, tenancy or other proprietary interest in the pitch on which the lodge/holiday home is sited and will only be entitled to site the unit on the Park for holiday and recreational purposes. Accounts for seasonal expenses; site rent, rates, gas, electricity and electric meter charges, are rendered in arrears at the end of the season. They are invoiced and sent out at the beginning of October with a 30 day payment period. Any unpaid accounts after 30th November will be charged with interest at 8% above the Bank of England base rate, the cost of any legal fees and any other costs associated with recovering outstanding fees will be claimed in addition to the original debt.

Site Rents and Rates are reviewed annually and normally increase in line with current inflation/cost of living rates.

Gas and Electricity charges will be determined by current market prices.

Units on Portland View have an agreed site life as follows:

Lodges/double units 40 years Holiday Homes/single units 20 years initially then dependant on condition + extra site rent will apply. All lodges/holiday homes must be insured and it is the responsibility of the home owner to provide us with a copy of the certificate which will be kept with your records.

We reserve the right to move and re-site any unit should it be necessary to do so. This includes all fixtures and fittings attached to or adjacent to the home. All sites are allocated a parking space and cars must be parked within the boundaries of your own site and not in places that obstruct roads or infringe on other sites. It is in the interest of owners to maintain their lodge/holiday home's appearance and to keep it in good condition at all times. It is your responsibility to ensure your lodge/holiday home is drained down for the winter months. Ladram Bay offers this service and details of costs are sent to you annually.

During certain times of the season some facilities may not be open due to lack of demand or weather conditions. We shall not be liable in the event of any facilities being unavailable due to essential maintenance or circumstances beyond our control. We reserve the right to terminate the permission to station the lodge/holiday home at Ladram Bay where there is a breach of any of the obligations in these site rules.

Tents/Gazebos are not permitted on the Portland View development. Ball games are not allowed to be played outside lodges/holiday homes. A designated area is provided for this on the front field of the site and in the field directly behind the swimming pool.

Noise of all kinds, including music and singing, must always be kept at reasonable levels, and between 11.00pm and 8.00am must not be audible outside the lodge/holiday home. In the interests of all visitors and for security reasons, we reserve the right to refuse admission to any person or groups of persons at our sole discretion. In the instance of behaviour detrimental to other holidaymakers, persons responsible may be asked to leave the site. We cater for family holidays and couples only and regret that we do not normally accept single sex groups.

Selling/Disposing of Lodges/Holiday Homes Owners may if they wish, sell their lodge/holiday home privately, however there is a strict procedure to follow: Ladram Bay must be informed in writing once a firm offer has been received, at this stage Ladram Bay must be given the opportunity to purchase the home for the same agreed amount. We must make up our minds within 48 hours of you informing us of the firm offer. Should Ladram Bay decide not to exercise this right, a meeting must take place with yourselves, the perspective new owners and a representative of Ladram Bay all present. Should the perspective new owner be deemed unsuitable, Ladram Bay reserve the right to refuse the sale, we will only withhold approval of a perspective new owner on reasonable grounds. All monies relating to the sale must be paid directly to Ladram Bay; a commission charge of 15% + VAT will be payable by the seller on the total sum with the balance being forwarded to you once the funds have cleared. The following rules/conditions will apply: All paperwork relating to the sale must be signed in the office at Ladram Bay. The park does not allow 'For Sale' signs to be displayed in lodge/holiday home windows'. The prospective new owners must provide a form of photo ID and a copy of a utility bill to prove their identity. The prospective new owners must sign a copy of the site rules. Apart from the commission and charging the site fee in accordance with the current rate, we will not make any extra charges to you or to the new owner without the express agreement of the paying party or unless additional rights or services are agreed between the parties. Any breach of these rules will render the sale as null and void and may result in the lodge/holiday home being removed from site. Owners have the unrestricted right to remove the lodge/holiday home from the Park on reasonable notice to Ladram Bay. Owners must give notice by the 1st June if they intend to vacate their site before the following season; notification after this date will render the owner liable for a sliding scale percentage of the next season's site rent. On vacating the site, a charge, will be made for disconnecting the mains services and removing holiday home from the site to a designated area pending the agreed disposal. The owner will be responsible for clearing the site of any decking so as to leave the site in a clean and tidy condition. Health & Safety Issues The lodge/holiday home must be equipped with adequate firefighting equipment. As a minimum this should be a general purpose dry powder fire extinguisher, smoke detectors and fire blanket. All equipment must be maintained in a good condition and in full working order. In addition to this a Carbon Monoxide detector must also be present and maintained. It is your responsibility to ensure that all occupants of your lodge/holiday home including sub let's are familiar with the location of the Fire Points and the contents of the Fire Notices displayed at each point. No fuels or combustible materials may be stored on the park. No lodge/holiday home shall be used for sleeping a number of persons greater than the number for which it is designed. You must not dig any holes/trenches in the ground on the Park, there are many underground services running between lodges/holiday homes. If you experience any problem with the electrical, gas or water system please contact us and do not attempt to work on the Park electrical or gas system yourself. Under current Gas Safe/NICEIC regulations, all lodges/holiday homes that are sub-let must be maintained in a safe condition. To this end the lodge/holiday home owner is responsible for ensuring all gas and electrical appliances are safety checked every 12 months. These checks must be carried out by qualified registered Gas Safe/NICEIC installer. A certificate of inspection must be displayed in the holiday home. This is a service we offer and full details can be obtained from reception. No fire arms, including air rifles/pistols, of any description are to be brought onto or used on the Park. A strict speed limit of 10mph exists on the Park and drivers should be aware that driving on the park is governed by the same laws as driving on public roads. All vehicles must be taxed and insured and drivers must have a full driving licence, no learner drivers are permitted. Parents/guardians must ensure children comply with the park's rules regarding scooters, skateboards, roller skates, bicycles &/or other similar equipment; helmets must be worn at all times and children must not use such equipment in the prohibited areas as signposted. Rubbish Disposal Sites must be kept clean and tidy at all times and all refuse should be taken to the recycling centre located to the rear of the Public Car Park. Plastic bags should not be left outside your lodge/holiday home as seagulls will spread the contents around the site. A charge will be made if we are called out to clear up any rubbish that has not been deposited in the recycling centre. The recycling centre is designed for all types of domestic waste and is set out in various sections for the different categories of recyclable materials. You will greatly assist our Green efforts by taking the time to separate your waste accordingly. The practice of feeding the seagulls is strictly prohibited. Owners must ensure their sub let's are informed of this rule. Do not introduce any foreign items into the drainage system including cleaning cloths, babies' nappies, sanitary towels, wet wipes, cooking fat, engine oil, grease or paint.


The supply and erection of decking systems may only be carried out by Ladram Bay Holiday Park or their approved agents. A list of approved agents, along with permitted styles, types and prices are available from the reception office. All decking plans must be approved and signed by management before the installation can commence. All Patio installations must take into account the access required to underground services. Manhole covers must be kept clear in order to carry out emergency repairs. Patios must be laid on a soil or sand base, no concrete/cement bases or footings are allowed. Before any patio or external structure is added to your pitch, you must first submit plans of what is proposed and obtain our written consent for the work to proceed. You are not entitled to cut any trees or hedges on the park. If you find a tree or hedge a problem, please take the matter up with us. For safety and access reasons, fences or enclosures are not permitted around holiday homes. No trade, delivery vans or workmen from outside agencies will be allowed on site without the express permission of Ladram Bay Holiday Park.

All Patio Slabs and Store Boxes must be approved by Ladram Bay; wooden sheds are not permitted on the Park and sites are limited to either one shed 6' x 4' or two storage boxes measuring 3' x 4' each. Sheds/Storage Boxes in Portland View must be Can Exel finished.


Domestic pets are permitted at the absolute discretion of Ladram Bay Holiday Park. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and are not permitted on the beach, 3 Rocks Inn or in the swimming pool areas. They must also be exercised in the designated area and owners are responsible for clearing up any mess using the bins provided. Owners are also responsible for any damage or injury caused by their pets. Any breach of these rules will result in a written warning. Only one such warning will be issued and subsequent complaints will result in the owner being asked to remove the pet/pets from site. Ladram Bay has always been a 'dog friendly' site with very few problems arising from fierce or out of control dogs. However, in line with other Holiday Parks and with regard to our responsibility for the safety of all visitors to the park, there is a ban on certain breeds of dogs to the site, namely Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers and Japanese Tosa, In addition to these breeds, any dog showing an aggressive personality will not be allowed onto the Park.

Sub Letting Owners may, if they wish, let their lodge/holiday home, however please be aware that no all-male parties or all female parties are accepted, we also do not allow groups of unaccompanied teenagers under the age of 21 to hire any unit on site. Owners must also make adequate arrangements for cleaning the lodge/holiday home between lets. They must also make sure the unit is kept in good repair. Should any immediate repairs reported by sub-lets be necessary, we reserve the right to carry out these repairs up to a sum of £75.00.

Any major repairs above this figure which may become necessary will be reported to the owner first. In the event that the owner cannot be contacted this figure will increase to £100.00. It is your responsibility to ensure that your visitors and occupiers of your lodge/holiday home adhere to park rules.

Owners must in their own interests provide us with one key and where homes are sub-let, two sets of keys are required. All keys must be clearly labelled with your name, site number, address and telephone number. Owners letting lodges/holiday homes must arrange for the keys to be collected from reception before 5.00pm, a letter of authorisation for the keys must be produced by the tenant before keys will be given out. No letter – No key! Should any complaints regarding the condition of a lodge/holiday home not be dealt with satisfactorily, or should advertisements regarding the rental of the home be exaggerated or inaccurate, we reserve the right to request the owner to discontinue letting. Lodges/Holiday homes let by owners must conform to our normal rental standards as regards size, condition, cleanliness and adequacy of equipment.

Boats Boats that are too large to be launched from the beach are not permitted onto the Park.

A compound for boat storage is located on the front field; any owner wishing to bring a boat onto the Park should first obtain permission from reception.

Please note Ladram Bay accepts no responsibility for the security of boats brought onto site, all owners must be in possession of the necessary insurance.

Boats over 4 meters in length or any boat causing a problem to fellow owners are not permitted to be stored next to your holiday home; they must be placed in the compound.

Jet Skis are not allowed to be stored/parked on your pitch nor can they be launched or used within the Bay. Alcohol No persons under the age of 18 will buy any form of alcohol from the site shop or the Three Rocks Inn. Persons doing so will be asked to leave the park.

Children in the Three Rocks Inn must be accompanied by an adult and stay in the designated family areas.

We do advise young people to bring some form of identification with them to prove they are 18 should they wish to buy alcohol from the site shop or the Three Rocks Inn.

We operate the over 25 Rule when purchasing alcohol. It is strictly prohibited to consume alcohol whilst walking around the Park.

The normal laws on drink driving apply on all areas of the park. Agreement The By-Laws and conditions and licence of District Council and the Park rules must be observed, as must the usual codes and understanding relating to good caravanning.

We reserve the right to alter any of these terms and conditions at any time should it become necessary. When an update or amendment is deemed necessary, all owners will be notified in writing.