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2 Lakeland Prestige Reprise


2 Lakeland Prestige Reprise




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What Features Does Lakeland View Have?

Secure entrance and exit
Communal TV system
Spectacular sea views
On-site park managers
CCTV system
Metered utilities


Lakeland View residential park development is located on the West Cumbrian coastline between the historical towns of Egremont and the quaint seaside resort of St Bees. The park offers views westward across the Irish Sea to the Isle of Man and east into the heartland of the Lake District; this is truly the ultimate parkland experience, with a truly stunning location. Lakeland View is more than just a park, it's a real community, where everyone is so friendly, with the time to chat, pop in for a coffee or lend a helping hand should the need arise. Here you'll find lasting friendships with like-minded people who know how to make the most of the beautiful surroundings and still have an energy for life. Everything you'll need is close to hand too, like the lovely little post office, a great supermarket, a high street bank and a superb golf course just under 3 miles away.

If you are looking for a retirement villa by the sea why not try the Lakeland View Park on the edge of the Lake District in Cumbria. Our park overlooks the quaint village of Nethertown which is tucked away on the Cumbrian coastline. Reached by typically narrow Cumbrian twisting lanes our villas are set in a tranquil peaceful environment. Having the Lake District National Park on your doorstep and with views over the Irish Sea towards the Isle of Man, it's a great location to spend your retirement in your very own home by the sea. Everything you need is close to hand, if you cannot find it in Nethertown it will be available in the small market town of Egremont just over 2 miles away. More serious shopping can be found nine miles away in the historic coastal town of Whitehaven, its cobbled streets, quaint shops and picturesque busy marina have been enhanced by sympathetically designed modern retail and business outlets. Disclaimer: Please note that all details provided in these details have been obtained from the Prestige Homes and Lakeland View websites. Whilst we believe these details to be accurate, they should be seen as general guidelines and do not constitute any part of an offer or contract. Please ensure that you conduct your own due diligence to ensure you are satisfied with the information you have before making an offer on the above property.


Lakeland View
Nethertown Road
CA22 2UH

Lakeland view park rules
The following rules of occupation are for the good management of the park and for the benefit of all who live on the park and who use it. These rules form part of the agreement by which you occupy your pitch in accordance with the mobile homes act 1982
2. The home
Only park homes (mobile homes) of proprietary manufacture which conform to the relevant definitions contained in acts of parliament will be acceptable.
3. The condition of the home
Homes must be kept in a sound and clean condition and the external colour and materials must be kept as original and maintained to the satisfaction of Forest mere lodges limited (the park owner and described hereinafter as the company)
Wheels must not be removed, nor the home repositioned without permission
No external alteration of or addition to the home or pitch is permitted without prior written permission from the company
4. Condition of the pitch
For the purpose of defining the area around the home which can be cultivated by the occupier, this extends to 3m around the home, excepting where this imposes n a neighbour's driveway, parking area, garden shed or garage
Occupiers are responsible for the cleanliness of their base underneath their home, their driveway, path and cultivated area within the 3m zone
The underneath of each home is to be kept clear and not used as storage space to enable the company to conform to the conditions attached to their licence issued by the local authority
Public places and paths should not be littered in any way
The company reserves the right to alter individual pitch boundaries where necessary
Private gardens, where permitted, must be kept neat and tidy and no fences or hedges or other means of enclosure shall be allowed without the approval of the company
The planting of small trees and shrubs is also subject to the company's prior written approval of types and position and in any case not more than 3 metres from the home itself
Trees may not be lopped, felled, removed or damaged without the company's consent
Gardens will be left in a condition to be agreed with the company when the occupier vacates the pitch
External fires, including incinerators, are not allowed, except for the portable barbeques
5. Sheds, Porches, etc.
Porches, storage sheds, balconies, washing lines or other structures are only permitted with the approval of the company
Where permitted, porches, storage sheds, or other structures must be of a design, size and standard approved by the company and must be maintained in good repair and appearance
Painting of sheds and garages are only permitted with the approval of the company
Only one storage shed shall be permitted on each plot, which shall be of an approved pattern, size and standard and so positioned to comply with site licence conditions, in the case of a garage being provided within the plot, a storage shed will not be permitted
No inflammable or explosive substance may be kept on the occupier's pitch except in quantities reasonable for domestic use, all types of fuel storage, protection and screening must be approved by the company before purchase or construction and be capable of removal by the occupier on vacation of the pitch
The company will provide a brick skirting to infill the area between the underside of the park home and a suitably surfaced car paring spacing as soon as possible upon completion
Occupiers are responsible for ensuring that both electrical water and gas installations comply at all times with the various statutory requirements
6. Refuse
The occupier is responsible for the disposal of all household and garden waste in approved containers through the local authority service; containers must not be over-filled and must be placed in the approval position for weekly collections
The deposit of any refuse on any part of the company's land is strictly prohibited
7. No commercial enterprise or business activities may take place on the park without prior written permission from the company. If permission is granted, it will also require the occupier to obtain approval from the appropriate authority, businesses also include the overhaul and repair of vehicles, mobile retailing vans e.g. grocery, fast food, etc.
8. Liability and insurance
The company and its employees and gent shall not be liable in any way for loss or theft of or damage or loss to, or theft from, any mobile home or other vehicle or property whatsoever, the owner shall not be liable whatsoever for the loss or theft of any mobile home keys, further, the occupier shall indemnify the owner and keep him indemnified from and against all action, proceedings and claims by a third party, this should be in respect of all and any loss, damage or liability caused by arising out of neglect or default or wilful act of the occupier or members of his household or guests or visitors
The occupier also agrees and covenants to unsure and keep insured the mobile home and its contents with a member of the association of British insurers against loss or damage by theft, fire, storm and tempest and liability to any third party and suck other risks, the company may from time to time reasonably require the occupier to produce to the company, upon request, the policy of such insurance and such evidence that the company may reasonably require that the policy is valid, current and all premiums have been paid
9. Nuisance
No occupier shall do or permit to be done anywhere on the park any act or action which may be or become a nuisance, damage, annoyance or inconvenience to the company or to the neighbours or occupiers of any other home on the park or to any adjoining or neighbouring property and shall not use or permit the home to be used for illegal or immoral purposes, musical instruments, record players, radios, other appliances and motor vehicles must not be used to cause nuisance to others especially between the hours of 10:30pm and 8:00am, everyone using the park is required to comply with the regulations of the site licence, water authority or any other statutory authority
10. Pets
Pets are only permitted at the company's discretion and generally no more than two small dogs will be permitted. Pets must be kept under proper control and not allowed to despoil the park
Please clean up after your dogs
Existing pets may not be replaced without prior written permission from the company, which is not to be unreasonably withheld
11. Water/Electricity
The occupier must not permit wastewater to be discharged on the ground
Where water is not separately metered or rated, the use of hoses is forbidden without the prior approval of the company, except in case of fire
Fire point hoses may only be used in case of emergency
All external water pipes shall be lagged against frost by the occupier, who will be liable for any loss of water due to the occupier's failure to do so or from any other failure on the section of the water service for which the occupier is responsible, i.e., from ground level; upwards. The occupier is responsible for the sewage connection from ground level upwards and for electrical connections from the meter housing
No additional electric appliances, such as electric shows, hobs etc. are to be added to the home which would amount to a change in the specification of the home without the express consent of Forest mere lodges Ltd
12. Occupants of the park
Only the occupier and members of his permanent household and bona fide guests may use the park home, on no occasion shall the number of persons occupying or using the park home exceed the specified number of bed spaces
There shall be no sub-letting or parting with possession of the whole or any part if the parj home or pitch, lodgers or not permitted
The park owner only accepts semi-retired or retired persons over the age of 50 when granting consent to sell or sign in situ, the company reserves the right to approve additions; permanent members to the occupier's household
Children under 16 years of age are not permitted as permanent residents, however, occupiers will be held responsible at all times for the conduct of their visitors, children/ grandchildren, who shall not be permitted to play round any public building, on the car parks or in the area of the entrance to the park
13. Vacant pitches
Access is not permitted to vacant pitches, building materials or other plant must be left undisturbed
14. Vehicles
All vehicles must be driven carefully on the park and not exceed the displayed speed limit
Parking is not permitted on roads or grass verges
Occupiers and other permitted entrants bring vehicles on to the park at their own risk
Vehicles must jeep to authorised parking spaces and the company is only obliged to provide one car-parking space per household, occupiers with more than one vehicle and visitors are obliged to park their vehicle in visitor spaces
All vehicles must be taxed and insured as required by law and be in running order
All drivers on the park must hold a current driving licence and insurance
In certain circumstances, at the discretion of the company and the council, vehicles may be parked within the confines of the occupier's plot in designated positions
Disused/ un road worthy vehicles must be removed from the park and the company reserves the right to remove any vehicle, which is apparently abandoned or unlicensed without the consent of the owner
No major motor repairs may be permitted on the company's land, motor oils and other fuels of that nature must not be discharged into the drains or on the rod or car park
Garage entrances must be kept clear at all times
No more than one car is permitted to park next to each home
No touring caravans, motor homes, large camper vans, commercial vehicles or bots allowed on the park without park owner written consent
15. Fire precautions
All park homes must be equipped with a fire extinguisher or fire blanket which conforms to the requirements of the fire officer
The chimney flue and cowl of all park homes must be kept in good repair, sparks or objectionable smoke should not be discharged
16. No TV ariels or sky TV dishes are to be erected on homes, as a communal system is in place, disconnection and removal of park homes from a plot shall only be carried out by the company at the occupier's expense
Guns, firearms or offensive weapons of any description shall not be used on the park and shall only be kept with a licence from the police authority and the written consent of the company
It is forbidden to interfere with or to disturb any flora or fauna on the park

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