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Letham Feus Park is situated near the village of Lundin Links, home to two world class golf courses, Letham Feus Holiday Park is an ideal destination for those seeking a relaxing holiday surrounded by spectacular scenery. Here in the Kingdom of Fife, you will be delighted by the natural treasures, sandy beaches and historic towns. What to do near Letham Feus Holiday Park This region is described as the 'Home of Golf' but that's not all it has to offer. Beautiful woodland views and a range of activities make this the perfect place in Scotland to take a well-earned break. Local activities to enjoy while visiting include: Fishing Golfing Horseback riding Nature walks Boating Water sports The park is ideally located within close proximity to local shops, transport links and other amenities. Letham Feus is also just a 20 minute drive to historic St. Andrews, home to St. Andrew's University, the third oldest university in the English-speaking world and several prestigious golf courses.


Letham Feus Park

Park Rules
1)“The Park” means any of the groups parks.
“The Management” means that Largo Leisure Park Ltd or any partner or servant or thereof.
“The Lodge” means the lodge described in the schedule to the application for the license made by the licensee.
“The Licensee” means a person to whom a License to occupy a site on the park has been granted by the Management.
“License” means a license granted by the management to the Licensee to enter upon the park and to station and keep stationed on a particular pitch number, the “Lodge”
“Application” means the application for the License made by the Licensee for the period then current.
“The Pitch” means the pitch to which the License refers.

2)The license shall be for the period mentioned in the Application. The License shall:

Agree to pay the Pitch Fees, Rates and Electricity accounts no later than 30 days from the date of the invoice
Payment received after 30 days from the invoice date will be subject to a surcharge;

3)While annual Pitch Fees and Rates are due on the 1st of March of the current year, the Management offers customers the facility to pay these in two equal half yearly instalments.
The first instalment being payable before the 1st of March of the current year.
The second instalment being payable before the 1st of September of the current year.

4)We reserve the right to disconnect services if any payment is not made
In the continued event of non payment of Pitch Fees, Rates and Electricity accounts and no mutual agreement agreed (and maintained) between Management and Owner then Legal proceedings will be taken as a last resort.
Use the Lodge for the purpose of human habitation only.

For the attention of Lodge Owners with Gas supplied by Bottle Gas Cylinders.
Please Note.
Cylinders must never be laid on their side as this coordinates a serious fire hazard.

7)there must never be more than two gas cylinders per Caravan at any time;
8)It is the Lodges owners responsibility for the supply of:
Electric from the Meter box to the Lodge.
The Water supply from the Stop Tap to the Lodge
9)To comply with the EU ruling, all new storage boxes must be of Non Combustible
Storage boxes must comply with Park Rules.
Maximum size of all new storage are 1200mm high x 1800mm wide x 900mm deep.
Not without previous written consent of the management erect any shed, storage box or structure on the pitch.
10)Keep the lodge in good order and in clean and tidy condition and otherwise in a sound state of repair.
Lodges, skirting, balconies and verandas to be re-stained at a minimum of once every five years.
11)Without the previous consent of the Management paint/stain at the exterior of the Lodge in a different colour than the original.
12)As there is a regulation distance between Lodges, no additional or external alteration will be permitted
13) Not use any part of the Pitch on which the Lodge is stationed for the open storages
of goods or garden ornaments i.e. plants pots, statues etc.
14)Any slabs laid by the Owner of a Lodge will in the event of the Owner either moving
Pitch or vacating the Park be deemed to be the property of the Park and must not be removed.
15)Rotary Lincs should should be kept to a minimum usage during week days (Monday to Friday) When these are not in use must be removed and stored out of view. There must be no Rotary Lincs on the park during the weekend period.
16)Parking of Motor Homes, Vans or any Commercial Vehicle is not allowed on the Park and these with permission from the management must be parked in the car park.
17)Parking two cars in one drive behind the other is not permitted as this constitutes a fire hazard.
18)Not drive any Motor Vehicle in the park at a speed exceeding 5 mph.
19)Not drive/station any Motor Vehicle in the park without a current driving license and the insurance required by law.
20)Not do, or cause or permit to be done by anything upon the park when we constitute
a breach or contravenes ant of the Conditions to which the Site License for the Park is subject to.
21)The management reserve the right to refuse admission to the Park to any person also to require removal from the Park, any person to abate a nuisance or to protect the Site License.
22)Barbecues are permitted at Owner\\\'s own risk, or use the Barbecue area provided.
23)All dogs must be kept on a lead and under close control at all times and even in the event of the same causing annoyance or nuisance to other occupiers or persons on the Park.
For the removal of same on the park if so required by the management.
24)To clean up any/all dog foul and place in the bin.
25)Do not use Radios, televisions, record/CD players or other musical instruments in
such a way to cause annoyance or nuisance to other occupiers or persons on the Park.
26)Not discharge any firearm or air gun or discharge any stone,missile or set fire to anything on the Park.]
27)Not use any indecent or offensive language or misconduct himself on the Park or cause harassments to any other person.
28)Installation of not less than 3(lb) fire extinguisher of a type and design approved by the Management must be installed in the Lodge.
29)Not (except in case of a fire) interfere with the fire fighting equipment on the Park.
30)Not assign sub-let, part with possession or otherwise deal with the Pitch without the previous consent in writing from the Management.
31)Pay for all Calor Gas supplied to the Licensee.
32)To have Lodge and contents covered by Insurance at all times. Proof of Insurance will be requested, if not covered by the group insurance.
33)Non-residential status Owner\\\'s should make arrangements for collection of any mail from the Local Post Service Sorting Office Mail can be collected from there allocated area at owners risk. The Park is not responsible for Owners mail.