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Loddon Court Farm Park

Plots Available

Spencers Wood, Reading

Two Bed Tingdene Hayden (32x14)

144, Loddon Court Farm Park

Two Bed Tingdene Hayden (32x14)

Spencers Wood, Reading



Two Bed Tingdene Addington (46x20)

47, Loddon Court Farm Park

Two Bed Tingdene Addington (46x20)

Spencers Wood, Reading



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What Features Does Loddon Court Farm Park Have?

Full residential tenure
Rural location
Amenities just one mile away
Over-45s only
Standard broadband
Pets allowed

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Loddon Court Farm Park is in Berkshire, Berkshire countryside is explored by thousands upon thousands of people each year.  To many more, it's a glorious place to call home.  Loddon Court Farm, based on the outskirts of Reading, is a long-established park community.  It aims to bring everyday peace and quiet to hundreds of people looking to take a break from the old routine.  There is nothing quite like getting away from it all and into the country, and for that reason, the park remains hugely popular with locals and regular tourists alike.

Loddon Court Farm is a residential park built for semi and full retirees, singles and couples alike, who are keen to set up a home in the heart of Berkshire.  It's a county that is full of wonderful surprises, and the park community itself should do plenty to inspire you during your stay.  Enveloped by wide-open farmland and acres upon acres of verdant countryside, you are only ever a few steps away from getting back to nature.  If you're used to a more metropolitan standard of living, it really is like stepping into another world.

More and more people are making the leap to rural living in light of some spectacular park communities opening up in the heart of England.  Loddon Court Farm is always expanding, too!  While you'll have access to your own private piece of heaven, you'll also be able to rub shoulders with more neighbours as time goes by.  Having been set up in the 1960s, the community has undergone significant renovations over the past decade, which have seriously brought the site up to the standards of a premier retirement resort.

About Loddon Court Farm

Loddon Court Farm is an expansive and lovingly designed park community built for peaceful living without the need to remove yourself from society!  Its incredible portfolio of breath-taking properties is always ready for you to explore at your leisure.  As it is one of the county's most popular communities, it makes sense for you to book a viewing as soon as physically possible.  Even if you are new to Berkshire, there are lots for you to discover here, and it all starts at this incredibly desirable neighbourhood just outside of Reading.

You'll have access to extensive property choices in the local neighbourhood, with the added promise of stunning panoramas of the Berkshire countryside beyond.  The grounds and gardens are regularly landscaped and are beautifully maintained.  You will never have to lift a finger as far as keeping the area looking nice is concerned.  Each property is positioned to offer optimal privacy.  Yet, at the same time, you'll be able to get to know your neighbours with close plots of housing built into streets.

Loddon Court Farm feels like an exclusive slice of suburbia thrust into the rural epicentre of Berkshire.  It's free from all the noise and the aggravations of town and city living, and what's more, you'll have clear access to everything you need.  The staff at the park make sure that the area is always lovingly maintained and prepared, and what's more, you will have ample space to park and to manoeuvre.  If you do wish to take a look at the wider area, you can, with clear links to the motorway and plenty of public transport options opening up just outside the community gates.

Tranquillity is key here - anyone looking for a clear breakaway into the country really couldn't hope for a smoother transition.  Take the time to relax and enjoy your retirement.  With homes available for residents aged 45 and older, you'll be settling in alongside similar couples and residents who want to enjoy life to the fullest.  Head on down to Loddon Court Farm to clear your head, soothe your nerves and settle into a lifestyle you've always dreamed of.  You can bring your pets, too, which should put plenty of dog and cat lovers' minds at rest!


One of the main reasons why Loddon Court Farm attracts so many residents is its fantastic location.  As it is so close to the popular town of Reading, you will always only be a short drive or ride away from all the everyday amenities you'll ever need.  The location of the community has been chosen as a result of its clear connections to local attractions and amenities, while still offering you the complete rural experience.

There really is nothing quite like it.  You'll be far enough away from hustle and bustle to truly relax and unwind.  However, you won't be so far removed from society that you'll miss out on all your favourite mod cons.  You'll be in a prime position to get out and explore the county as much as you like.  With clear parking availability and lots of opportunities for you to head out on public transport, there really is nothing stopping you from taking on your own Berkshire adventures.

Getting here is a breeze.  You'll find Loddon Court Farm off Beech Hill Road, via Spencers Wood, a nearby village.  All you need to do is take the M4, then junction 11, and then the A33 heading south.  Once you turn onto Basingstoke Road, you'll find Spencers Wood.  In any case, the community is clearly mapped for GPS to find.   While it may be nestled deep in the heart of the Berkshire countryside, it really isn't too far off the beaten path.

Spencers Wood is a fantastic village location that is just on the edge of the park.  This means that if you would like to get to know the local area and make a few friends, you can explore it on foot or via public transport.  Conveniences here include a village hall and library, as well as shops, a garage, a bakery, restaurant facilities, and a hair salon.  While there is a pharmacy here, you will need to head out to Swallowfield to register with your local doctors' surgery.  However, at just over a mile away, this really shouldn't be too much of a stretch.

For a fantastic balance between rural living and clear access to local attractions and services, Loddon Court Farm presents an unbeatable choice in the region.

More About The Surrounding Area

It's well worth getting to know your surroundings before you move to Loddon Court Farm.  As mentioned, Reading isn't too far away, though you will also be only a short distance from attractions such as the fantastic Abingdon Boat Centre.  There is also the world-famous and breath-taking Blenheim Palace, and plenty of country rambles at nearby parks and woodland.  Denton Pastures Country Park, for example, is well worth visiting all year round if you are keen to get back to nature.

If you want to explore even further afield, Loddon Court Farm is only a short distance away from the M4.  Any motorway enthusiasts will tell you that this will link you directly to other towns and cities across the West Country.  However, if you do wish to take a trip to London, the capital isn't too far away, either.  However, we would seriously recommend that you take in the local area first.

Loddon Court Farm is absolutely bristling with countryside walks and trails all literally right at your doorstep.  While you are well-linked to a huge variety of amenities and attractions, it will be well worth taking in this glorious park facility and its verdant surroundings before heading out anywhere new.  There are wonderful woodland trails and meadows for you to stroll down, and you will most certainly want to take a camera with you for your journeys.  You may even spot some of the local wildlife, all of which will be out in full force during the warmer months.

Why Move to Loddon Court Farm?

Loddon Court Farm presents an unbeatable choice in terms of tranquil living in the Berkshire countryside.  If you are keen to slow things down as you move into retirement, there really is no better way to make a break for it.  The properties and parkland here are well-loved and exceptionally maintained, offering a truly picturesque and private village for you to head back to at the end of a day's sightseeing.

When you retire, you probably won't want to cut yourself off from the world!  What's more, the appeal of countryside or rural living may be pretty strong!  Loddon Court Farm represents the best of both worlds.  Plots here are always expanding, which means that more and more people are taking advantage of the community's fantastic location and impeccable standards.  You'll have access to everything you need - full power, broadband internet, and more - which means you can get yourself comfortable in no time.

We recommend you book a viewing of Loddon Court Farm as soon as you possibly can.  It is amongst Berkshire's most popular park home resorts, and to that end, spaces are getting taken up throughout the year.  Claim your own corner of the countryside here while you can - and take time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.






Loddon Court Farm Park
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