Longbeech Park, Kent

Residential Park (find out more here)

What Features Does Longbeech Park Have?

Near to Local Shops
Near to Post Office
Nearby Doctor's Surgery
Nearby Leisure Centre
Close to Historical Sites
Close to Cricket Grounds


Longbeech Park is perfectly positioned close to the picturesque village of Charing, often referred to as "A flower in the garden of England", and gateway to the WEald of Kent. A delightful village with its narrow High Street, its selection of useful shops and its active village community is English village life at its best. Small enough to be friendly, but with every amenity that you could ever need or wish for.


Longbeech Park
TN27 0HA

Park Rules for Longbeech Park

1. The speed limit for all vehicles, including bicycles, using the roadways within the park shall be 10 mph.
2. No commercial vehicles of any kind whatsoever, other than those registered for private use only, shall be brought onto and parked upon any of the roadways, communal car parks, or areas adjoining or belonging to any pitch.
3. The only permissible maintenance or repairs to any mechanically propelled vehicle will be in respect of those vehicles being the property of residents of the park, and then only in case of emergency or for minor running repairs.
4. Residents or visitors vehicles shall be parked in their respective driveways or in the communal car parking spaces provided, and not left on any of the roadway within the park at any time.
5. All vehicles, including bicycles, shall carry and show lights at both front and rear when using the roadways within the park at night.
6. Minors are forbidden to drive any mechanically propelled vehicle within the perimeter of the park.
7. The processing or manufacture of any goods or materials brought onto the park from outside sources, is forbidden except when such goods or materials are to be used on the park for the maintenance and/or improvement of the residents homes, outbuildings or gardens.
8. The goods and property of the licensee (including the mobile home and motor vehicle) are to be kept fully insured at all times.
9. Nothing shall be done or permitted to make it difficult to move the mobile home on its wheels. The mobile home may rest on jacks or concrete blocks.
10. The mobile home shall not be used for the accommodation of more persons than the number of berths provided at the time of manufacture.
11. The mobile home of the licensee must be maintained by the licensee in a good state of repair, appearance and in good condition, and must be a type and size approved by the Company.
12. The licensee must keep the land underneath his mobile home, and garden, clean, tidy, and free from weeds.
13. No pets shall be kept on the park except with the written permission of the Company or its agents. When allowed, pets must be kept under strict control.
14. The deposit of any refuse, litter or rubbish on any of the Company\'s land is strictly prohibited. Household refuse must be placed in the appropriate bins.
15. The licensee, his family, friends and visitors must not do anything which may be or grow to be a damage, nuisance or annoyance to the Company or other users of the park or to cause any damage to the Company\'s property.
16. No washing lines are allowed but the licensee may have a rotary dryer, located in a position to be determined by the Company.
17. Electricity supply from the company\'s distribution system.
a. Maximum permissible demand is six kilowatts (or such lesser amount as the wiring in a particular case shall be capable of carrying).
b. Where applicable, the licensee must provide access between 9.00 am – 6.00 pm for reading the meter.
c. The licensee must maintain the electrical installation in a satisfactory and safe condition and permit same to be periodically inspected and tested if considered necessary. As much notice will be given (whether written or otherwise) as is reasonably practicable in the circumstances.
d. The licensee must not carry out to cause or permit to have carried out extensions to the electrical system without permission from the Company.
e. The licensee must not unlawfully interfere with any part of the company\'s electrical distribution system.
f. Where applicable, the credit meter installed in a mobile home remains the property of the Company who will be entitled to remove it when the licensee vacates the park.
The Company undertakes with the licensee as follows:
18. Subject to the licensee complying with the undertaking on his part herein contained at all times the Company extends security of tenure in compliance with the 1983 Mobile Homes Act.
All prospective residents either by way of purchase, inheritance or deed of gift have to be over the age of 45 years to reside at Longbeech Park. Children are not permitted to reside permanently on Longbeech Park