Lows Carr Residential Park, Durham

The speed limit on the Park is to be kept to 5 MPH and it is the responsibility of the individual resident to make sure all their visitors are aware of this.

Dogs are not allowed to live the on Park. However, if friends and family are visiting for the day or for a holiday and accompanied by their dog, then the dog must be kept in your park home or garden and must be kept quite. Dangerous breeds of dog are not allowed on Park at any time.

Visiting children must be kept in your park home or garden and are not allowed to play on the communal grass areas or roadways. This is not safety rule, it is intended to keep the peace and quite have the Park, which many of the residents have specifically moved here for and find to be the most pleasing feature of the Park. An adult may escort visiting children around the Park.

Touring caravans may be brought on to the Park 36 hours before you depart for your holiday. When you return you are allowed 36 hours to empty your caravan. Caravans are not allowed on Park any longer than this, under no circumstances.