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Anyone visiting Cambridgeshire from elsewhere in the UK will tell you that it is a truly unique part of the country. The East of England is home to some of the most fascinating history the country has to offer. You’ll also find that the way of life here runs at a completely different pace to that of bustling cities and towns. For a laid-back adventure, or long-term home ownership, picturesque Whittlesey and the surrounding county offer you lots of opportunities to kick back and unwind.
Mandalay is a carefully-curated, unique park home estate based in Whittlesey, and with easy access to nearby towns as well as the wider county. Situated in a perfect location, you’ll be within safe distance of nearby amenities, while benefiting from the genuine peace and quiet of a perfect park community.
Cambridgeshire is not all canals and cathedrals. You may be surprised at some of the sights and sounds you’ll find when you settle here. Whether you’d like to take in the East of England one town at a time, or fancy throwing yourself into a new adventure, make sure you find a handy location to start from.

About Mandalay Park

Mandalay is a quiet gated park community based in Whittlesey itself. Whittlesey is a market town which is easy to access by road and by public transport, as are several towns and attractions based a few miles down the way. If you are keen to retire to Cambridgeshire, it makes sense to find a community where you can safely head back to after a day’s exploring.
Mandalay itself is beautifully maintained, and has a host of essential amenities and support on-site. There’s nothing quite like having a place to call your own in the heart of the English countryside. What’s more, this is a country location you can rely on for public transport links, as well as considerable parking. Ease of access is optimal here.
While you’re going to want somewhere cosy to nestle down in on an evening, what if you’d like to go out and explore? Embrace the local community from a park resort that’s as flexible as you need it to be.

Exploring the Local Area

Cambridgeshire is both gorgeous and grandiose. It is certainly not a region you could cover in a weekend! Therefore, moving out to a park community such as Mandalay will offer you the key to some truly wonderful experiences. You never know what you might discover until you come and see the East of England for yourself!
Whittlesey alone is a market town with plenty of history. It’s plain to see in its streets as well as in its buildings! For residents at Mandalay, it’s a convenient local spot for basic amenities, as well as for making friends in the area.
However, you will also likely want to explore some of the more famous sights in and around the county. Let’s take a look at some of the spots you can visit easily from the comfort of Mandalay.


Peterborough is a bustling, beautiful city which is only a few miles from Whittlesey, and which is easily accessible by car and public transport. Unlike many English cities, Peterborough benefits from lush, rural surroundings, scores of historic buildings and heritage sites, and plenty of easy access to other counties bordering nearby. Around 200,000 people call the city and surrounding area home, which likely makes it a bit busier than relatively sleepy Whittlesey! However, if you are looking for a city break with lots of colourful events, local shops and stalls and more besides, Peterborough will likely be your closest port of call. Certainly make a point of visiting here regularly if you move to Mandalay. No two visits here are ever quite the same!

Kings Dyke Nature Reserve

If you’d prefer to make a break for nature, then you should plan a trip or two via the Kings Dyke Nature Reserve, based in Whittlesey itself. This gorgeous, expansive plot of land is home to incredible wildlife, including rare birds and grazing animals. You’ll be able to take a breezy walk through the long grass and meadows, and you’ll even be able to start your own birdwatching album by taking advantage of the hides.
Since having been restored to full glory in 1995, this long-standing reserve is a wonderful opportunity for nature lovers to take a closer, yet careful look at the various wildlife local to Cambridgeshire. The site is easily accessible, though you will need to apply for a yearly permit and membership to be able to access its facilities. Do be aware, too, that this is a protected site. This means that no dogs are allowed on the premises without exception. However, you will still be able to take a slow ramble through the reserve to see what critters and creatures you can spy!

Lattersey Field

Lattersey Field is another nature reserve based in Whittlesey. It really is a hotspot for anyone looking to get closer to the natural world! However, Lattersey has a little bit of a different story to tell. The area was once used as a railway quarry. However, it has since been filled with water to create wetlands for local wildlife. Therefore, any trip to the marshes here will be full of wonder for animal lovers. Lattersey is mainly a haven for minibeasts such as rare beetles and colourful dragonflies, but it is also a protected area for shrews and voles. You’ll also spot rare plants and flowers growing here, too. It really is a feast for the eyes! It’s a great summer outing, and you can bring a dog if it is on a lead at all times.

Fitzwilliam Museum

The Fitzwilliam Museum, based in nearby Cambridge, is an incredible gallery of curated artwork and sculpture from centuries past. If you’re intrigued about the arts from ancient times, or even moving into the industrial revolution, you will find a lot to explore here. Cambridge itself is not far from Peterborough or Whittlesey, meaning you will be able to reach the museum in minutes by car or public transport if travelling from Mandalay.
The Fitzwilliam Museum is full of glorious watercolours and artwork from bygone eras, as well as applied arts collections, ancient sculpture, and even books and manuscripts published centuries ago. There is perhaps no better way to set into the past in your local area. Why not take a look out and explore the museum and galleries for yourself?

Anglesey Abbey

Anglesey Abbey is a National Trust site with a lot of history to it. Boasting over 110 acres of garden and land, the Abbey itself was once home to Lord Fairhaven, who set up here before he even rose to the ranks of peerage. Fairhaven chose to create and cultivate a gloriously welcoming home and spectacular gardens for visitors to marvel at. It is a beautiful country retreat in the heart of the county, and it is also easily accessible from Mandalay, as well as those towns and cities surrounding.
The Abbey has been lovingly preserved in the spirit Lord Fairhaven would have been proud of. The National Trust has worked hard to retain relics and pieces inside the property for you to look upon, as well as some truly eye-catching garden displays. If you enjoy touring stately homes and country retreats, Anglesey Abbey is likely to be a trip out you will want to make regularly. It’s an opulent, luxurious day out, and one you can make throughout the year.

Wimpole Hall

Do also make a point of visiting the extensive Wimpole Estate, which is another National Trust site and luxury home based in the local area. Nestled deep within incredible, verdant lands for miles around, this spectacular country lodge is still working as an estate to this day. The huge mansion at the centre of the estate is just the beginning, with gorgeous gardens and even a home farm for you to explore at your leisure. There is even a fully landscaped park to take in on-site, too, which really is a unique wander.
You may also want to take a stroll through the nearby woodland and across the breath-taking plains in the surrounding area. It’s incredible that so much natural beauty can be so close to home! If you move to Mandalay, experiences like this will be right on your doorstep.

Why Move to Mandalay?

Mandalay is a wonderful park home community with an abundance to offer its residents and guests. If you are keen to move out to the heart of Cambridgeshire, or are simply keen to explore the East as much as possible, it is a superb starting point and home base. It is well-linked to public roads and facilities, and as you can see, there are endless options for walks, retreats and days out.
Mandalay is a hugely popular community, and you may do well to enquire about a viewing sooner rather than later! Make a break for the East.


Mandalay Park

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