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Willerby Kingswood 40x20 Manor Court


Willerby Kingswood 40x20 Manor Court




Residential Park (find out more here)

What Features Does Manor Court Park Have?

Small, Exclusive development
Public transport links
Rural location
Designed for retired residents
Close to local amenities
Community atmosphere

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Manor Court Park is situated in the heart of the countryside. Just 11 miles south east of Bedford, this park is a wonderful place to experience the peace of the country but without feeling left at a loss for things to do.

Biggleswade itself is a quaint little market town, not far from the A1 - so perfect for easy transport links. The name, while odd, has a history just as charming as the village itself. In Saxon times it meant 'Biceil's Ford' and was named for the ford across the River Ivel upon which the town sits. Much of the charm of Biggleswade comes from the fact that many of the small country cottages have remained largely unchanged in the hundreds of years they have been here.

And the history of the town doesn't stop there. Once upon a time, a medieval castle sat in the town, although now all that remains are a few earthworks denoting the location of the original castle. First discovered by aerial photographs in 1954 - it showed a motte and bailey castle. Excavation around the area discovered further structures and pottery which led archaeologists to time stamp the remains of this castle.  However, just because there isn't much left doesn't mean it's not a great place to go and explore. Open to the public year round, take a walk around the remnants of this historical monument and imagine what it would have been like to live in this time.

During the early 19th century the town itself became a bustling inland port connected to the sea by the canal - Ivel Navigation. Today the canal is no longer accessible as a dam was built across it in 1876. But if you're still in the mood for some water then you're in luck as the countryside surrounding Manor Court Park is home to several breath taking lakes. These lakes are perfect for fishing or even just to have a walk around and enjoy the tranquillity that this part of the country is famous for.

For a short while in the mid 1800's, Biggleswade was the first and only town in Bedfordshire to have a mainline station. This is what put Biggleswade on the map and it's remained there ever since. But don't worry about the town being a tourist trap - it has managed to keep its small world charm despite having so much to offer and you'll never find yourself caught in tourist traffic.

There are so many things to do in and around Manor Court Park that you'll never find yourself bored or at a loss for something to do. There is Jordan's Mill, a historical Victorian mill where you can take a tour of the ingenious machinery and go back in time to how things used to be. There is also a lovely cafe situated right on the river and the mill plays host to a variety of events from music festivals to arts and crafts fairs.

There is also the RSPB Lodge Nature Reserve and the Willington Dovecote and Stables where you can watch nesting barn owls and kestrels among others. A perfect spot for bird watching. You can also visit the Corn Exchange to watch live shows, or the latest movies. There are a whole host of museums and galleries within a short drive from Manor Court Park, so even if it's raining you'll find something to do. Each Saturday, Biggleswade plays host to the general market - so no matter the day of the week, you'll never run short on things to do or places to visit.  

Manor Court Park itself is an exclusive residential park, with only sixteen homes. This gives it a very personal feel and makes it feel cosy and exclusive. Known for the beauty of the surrounding countryside and friendly atmosphere of the park itself. All the current residents of Manor Court Park take great pride in their homes and gardens and as such the residential park feels luxurious and hugely cared for - whatever time of year.

The park is situated just over a mile from the town centre and within easy walking distance from the nearest bus stop. This means that you won't feel isolated, even though you'll feel like you're living in the middle of nowhere. The transport links don't stop there, as Biggleswade is only a short drive from the A1 - meaning you have access to the rest of the country, only after a five minute drive. This also makes it perfect for visiting friends and family. There is also a local convenience store nearby which means you can pop out to the shop for a pint of milk or loaf of bread just as easily as you could if you lived in a town proper. This park was designed with the residents' comfort and ease in mind - including the location.

The park is small and cosy, but you won't feel like you're living on top of your neighbours. Each home is designed to be secure and private, without leaving you feeling like your living completely on your own. You'll have the best of both worlds at Manor Court Park - neighbours close enough for you to invite round for dinner, but without having to worry about them seeing you through the living room window.

By moving to Manor Court Park you'll be joining a wonderful community of likeminded people, all of whom have moved here to experience the same thing - peace and quiet. So you won't have to worry about being kept up all night by barking dogs or loud music. Everyone here takes pride in their homes and everything is kept beautiful and tidy all year round. This contributes to the overall feeling of tranquillity at Manor Court Park as whenever you go out you will return home not only to peaceful surroundings, but surroundings that feel cared for and loved.

The fact that there are only sixteen homes on the park give it a very personal feel, and gives you the chance to get to know each and every one of your neighbours. Sometimes we can feel a little overwhelmed by having hundreds of people living all around us, how on earth are we supposed to keep up with everyone?! At Manor Court Park you will only have to worry about fifteen other homes, which will leave you feeling relaxed and not overwhelmed by the sheer size of your neighbourhood.

If you're looking for a peaceful way of life, but don't want to become isolated then look no further than Manor Court Park. With each house having been designed to bring you comfort and style, you'll soon feel right at home. At the idyllic location of the park means you'll never find yourself bored. In fact, you might just find yourself tired out from all the possibilities available to you!



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