Meadow Park, Lancashire

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What Features Does Meadow Park Have?

For retired/semi-retired
Secluded, semi-rural location
Views of countryside


Meadow Park is a stunning, peaceful park designed for mature residents. The park is situated in a secluded, semi-rural location in the village and civil parish of Tarleton- eight miles from Leyland and within easy access of Preston and Southport.
The park has stunning landscaped gardens and lush greenery with trees that enclose and nestle the park. The park is surrounded by picturesque views of the natural Lancashire countryside scenery which adds to the rural and pastoral feel and well-maintained park homes create a stylish park aesthetic. The park is in a superb location in the heart of the Lancashire countryside in a tranquil village and a convenient close-walking distance from bus links.


Tarleton is a small village with a lively and friendly village community. The heart of the village is a mere half-mile from the park and takes less than ten minutes to walk to. This means residents are close to all the village has to offer which includes the delicious Chocolate Rooms café and local friendly pub Cock and Bottle. Within the village there is also a medical centre, library and convenience store as well as local shops and eateries. Tarleton is a peaceful countryside village with scenic green views and the picturesque River Douglas backdrop which also makes it ideal for a tranquil walk or picnic destination. There is also a hairdressers and beauty salon within the village.
Leyland takes less than twenty minutes to access from the park when driving and offers a good choice of shopping, eating out, local events and many attractions. Residents will enjoy Leyland market which is open three days a week and sells a range of locally-sourced, delicious foodstuffs as well as clothing, household products and other various items. On the town's outskirts is the hidden gem of Worden Park. The stunning historical natural landscape has a beautiful mature woodland, open meadows and is home to a walled-garden, crazy golf, coffee shop and craft centre workshops.
The city of


is approximately a half-an-hour drive away from Meadow Park. Preston is an ideal day-out for residents with grandchildren due to the many family-fun activities the city offers. This includes The Harris Art Gallery which is suited for all ages. You can participate in family-friendly events such as creating your own contemporary craft as well as explore the wide range of exhibitions which ranges from artefacts from Lancashire's own history to contemporary and modern art. The city is also home to the Guild-Hall and Charter Theatre which makes a day-trip to Preston well-worth it with the opportunity to watch entertainment including stand-up comedy, live music, amateur dramatics and more in an architecturally-stunning building.
Residents of the park also benefit from being half-an-hour away from Southport. Southport has twenty-two miles of stunning golden coastline and is a lively-town with a good collection of local and high-street retailers and well as an extensive range of eateries. Residents who enjoy golf will be delighted to know Southport is home to The Royal Birkdale Golf Club which is listed as one of the top-five best golf clubs in the UK!
For luxury park home living and a new tranquil way of life in the heart of Lancashire and close to the county's great towns and cities- be sure to visit Meadow Park.


Meadow Park

SITE RULES (August 2014)

1. Preamble.
The following rules of occupation are for the good management of the park and for the benefit of all who live and use the park. These rules form part of the agreement by which the pitches are occupied in accordance with the Mobile Homes Act 1983. The rules have not been made to place unnecessary restrictions on residents but to ensure that residents live peacefully in unspoilt surroundings. We are sure that, provided the rules are accepted in the right spirit, the park will continue as a happy community.

The Park Owner is Meadow Park Limited.

The name of the site is Meadow Park.

2. The Pitch.
The pitch is the area under the home plus the area surrounding the home and identified on the agreement

Pitch gardens, where permitted, must be kept neat and tidy

3. The Home.
Only park homes of proprietary manufacture, approved by the Park Owner and conforming to the relevant statutory definitions will be allowed.

Disconnection, moving and removal of homes must be carried out by the Park Owner at the occupier's expense.

The colour of the exterior of the home may be altered to Resitex Park Home paints Gardenia, Buttermilk, Blossom, Muffin, Honeysuckle, Sunway, Pearl Grey for walls and Brick Red and Dark Chocolate for trim or similar paints and colours.

4. The Condition of the Home.
Homes must be kept in a sound and clean condition, the decoration and external colour must be maintained to the satisfaction of the Park Owner.

Wheels must not be removed, nor the home repositioned without prior permission.

External alteration or addition to the home or to the pitch is not permitted

5. Condition of the Pitch.
Home Owners must keep the pitch in a tidy condition.

The underneath of each home must be kept clear and not used as storage space.

The planting of trees is not permitted.

Site trees and hedges must not be trimmed, lopped, damaged or removed.

External fires, including incinerators are not allowed.

6. Condition of The Park.
Communal parts, paths and roads must not be littered.

7. Sheds, Porches, etc.
Garages are not allowed.

Inflammable or explosive substances are not allowed except in quantities reasonable for domestic use. All fuel storage and screening must be removed by the Home Owner on vacating the pitch.

8. Refuse.
Home Owners are responsible for the disposal of all household and garden waste in approved containers through the local authority service. Containers must not be overfilled and must be placed in the approved position for collection.

9. Occupation.
Occupation of homes is for strictly domestic purposes. Business or commercial activities are not allowed.

The minimum age for permanent occupiers is 50 years old except for any permanent occupiers under that age at the first Meadow Park Limited publication of Site Rules on 3rd April 2002. Permanent occupiers must be registered with the Park Owners. Only registered occupiers and bone fide guests are permitted.

Sub letting of the whole or part of any home is not permitted. Lodgers are not permitted.

The Home Owner is responsible for the good conduct of all occupants of, and visitors to, the home and must not permit any act to cause disturbance, damage or annoyance to the Site Owner or others on the site.

No musical instruments, radios, record players, televisions or other sound reproduction or amplifying equipment may be played or used so as to be audible from any other pitch or from any communal area between 2200 hours and 0900 hours.

10. Pets.
Outside kennelling is not permitted. Other than within a pet's enclosure, pets must be on a lead and under control at all times.

Any fouling must be cleared away without delay in a hygienic and appropriate manner.

11. Water, Electricity, Gas and Sewage.
All wastewater must be piped into the drains.

Except in the case of fire, where water is not metered the use of hoses is not permitted.

Home Owners are responsible for all water, waste water, sewage pipes above ground level. All external water and waste water pipes must be lagged by Home Owners against frost. Home Owners are liable for any loss of water or failure and replacement and repair of all pipes and fittings for which they are responsible.

Home Owners are responsible for all gas connections, pipes and fittings from the meter connection.

Home Owners must ensure that all electrical, gas, oil, heating and water services and appliances comply at all times with the appropriate statutory requirements.

Gas, water and electricity must be switched off at the mains when the home is unoccupied.

12. Vacant Pitches.
Access to vacant pitches is not permitted. Building materials and plant must not be disturbed.

13. Vehicles.
Vehicles must be driven with care and consideration and not in excess of 5 mph.

A designated parking space is provided for every home. Parking is permitted in the parking spaces except for utilities, tradesmen, deliveries, medical and care services in the normal course of their business. Occupiers with more than one car and visitors may have to park off the site. Occupiers must not park in visitor spaces.

All vehicles not in running order, currently MOT tested, taxed and insured for the driver as required by law must be removed from the site
The overhaul and repair of vehicles is not allowed, other than for minor repairs to occupiers's own cars. Motor oils, fuels, coolants and other motor liquids must not be discharged onto the ground or into the drains and sewers.

All drivers must hold a current driving licence for the vehicle being driven.

Commercial vehicles are only allowed onto the site in association with work or service required by occupiers and must leave overnight and on completion of the work.

14. Fire Precautions.
Home Owners must ensure their homes are equipped to the satisfaction of the Fire Officer.

Chimney flues and cowls must be kept in good repair. Sparks and objectionable smoke and fumes must not be discharged.

15. Miscellaneous.
Guns, firearms or offensive weapons of any description must not be used on the site.

The site flora and fauna must not be disturbed.

No ball games.

16. Limit of Owner's Liability.
The owner shall not be liable for any injury, death sickness or delay of or to any person entering the Park whether the home owner or occupier of a home or otherwise or for any loss, damage or detention of or to the property of any such person of whatever nature and howsoever, whensoever and wheresoever such injury, death sickness, delay, loss, damage or detention may be caused, save to the extent that it is caused by negligence on the part of the owner or its employees.
The owner shall not be liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience of any nature whatsoever and to whomsoever the same may be caused arising out of the fact that any part of the park or any of is facilities may not be available as a result of circumstances beyond the control of the owner.

17.10.14., 25.11.14. 1181