Millglen Lodges, North Ayrshire

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Millglen Lodges is situated on the outskirts of Ardrossan, Millglen is a delightful select Residential Park for the mature, discerning owners who wish a quiet and peaceful lifestyle with good access to surrounding amenities.

In a rural setting, with views over the Ayrshire countryside, the park is within a very short distance of the A78 giving easy access to all the major towns in the area. A frequent ferry service sails to Brodick on the Isle of Arran. Millglen Lodges park layout The local station, just a couple of miles from the Park, provides an excellent service to both Ayr (half an hour) and Glasgow (one hour). There are two large supermarkets within five and fifteen minutes, the latter open 24 hours. The picturesque seaside town of Largs is only a few miles up the coast and is popular for promenade walks and ice cream teas. Boat trips leave from Largs Pier as do regular ferries to Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae. There are many excellent restaurants in the area, ranging from 'cheap and Cheerful' to the complete Gourmet Experience.

Local Amenities near Millglen Lodges

Walking, Fishing (freshwater and sea), Sailing, Ten Pin and Indoor Bowling, Cinemas, Leisure Centres, Golf, Bird Watching and of course, Shopping to name a few. Millglen Lodges will be home to retired and semi-retired residents with each Park Home having an easily manageable garden and adjacent individual car parking. LPG Gas and Electricity are supplied underground and metered to each home. Millglen Lodges can have your Park Home designed to suit your particular specification and all Homes are supplied complete with Tiled Roof, Double Glazing, LPG Central Heating, Fitted Kitchens, Carpets, Furniture and Beds. Each home has the benefit of a Ten Year Structural Warranty. 


Millglen Lodges
North Ayrshire
KA22 8PN

MILLGLEN LODGES PARK RULES The following rules of Occupation are for the good management of the Park Home Development and the benefit of all who use the Park. These rules have not been compiled to place unnecessary restrictions on residents, but rather to ensure that they may live peacefully in attractive and unspoilt surroundings. Where Agreements for the occupation of Park Home pitches are entered into, these rules form part of the Agreement:

1 The park is designated as retired or semi-retired. There will be no dependent children residing on the Park. The minimum age for any resident is 50 years

2 Written consent must be obtained if you require to alter your pitch or home 3 (i) Only homes of proprietary manufacture which conform to the definitions contained in Mobile Homes Act 1983 Act are accepted. ii) The Home must be kept in sound and clean condition; decoration and external colour must be maintained to satisfaction of the owner. Wheels must not be removed, nor the Home re-positioned without permission. No external alteration of or addition to a Home or pitch is permitted without prior written approval of the Owner. No alteration of external colour is permitted without permission.

4 The Occupier is responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of the pitch. This includes regular grass cutting if applicable.

5 The Home may be used by the Occupier and members of his permanent household and bonafide guests only (and any event for the occupation of such number of persons as shall not exceed the manufacturer's specified number of berths). No subletting or lodgers.

6 Occupiers are responsible for ensuring that, inside the home, both electric and gas installations and appliances comply at all times with the requirements of the Institution of Electrical Engineers and/or other appropriate authorities.

7 The Occupier must not permit waste water to be discharged onto the ground. Sanitary towels and disposable nappies must not be flushed down the WC.

8 The Owner must ensure that all household refuse is deposited in approved containers which must not be overfilled. Under no circumstances are OPEN fires to be lit. Bar-b-ques are permissible under strict supervision 9 Musical instruments, record players, radios, or any other appliances must not be used to cause a nuisance to others, especially between the hours of 10.30 pm and 8.00 am.

10 All vehicles must be driven carefully on the park not exceeding the speed of 10mph. Vehicles must keep to authorized parking spaces and to the roads, which must not be obstructed at any time. Vehicles must be taxed and insured as required by law and drivers must hold a current driving license and insurance. Disused vehicles must be removed from the park. The prior written approval of the Owner must be obtained before parking commercial vehicles. Only two vehicles per home are allowed.

11 Private gardens, where permitted, must be kept neat and tidy. The planting of trees and shrubs is subject to the Owner's prior approval of types and position. VEGETABLES MAY NOT BE GROWN unless in a glasshouse . TREES AND SHRUBS MAY NOT BE CUT DOWN, REMOVED OR DAMAGED and gardens will be left intact when the Occupier vacates the pitch. An Open plan effect must be maintained. No fences over 1 meter in height (this includes trellis, wire or otherwise) between homes and road - grass only, open plan UNLESS AT THE DISCRETION OF THE OWNER. Existing hedgerows must not be cut or removed.

12 Pets, where permitted at the Owner's discretion, must be kept under proper control and not allowed to despoil the Park. Owners are restricted to a maximum of two pets.

13 The Occupier is wholly responsible for the conduct of children in their custody and of visitors.

14 It is forbidden to carry offensive weapons, or other objects likely to give offence on the Park, or to interfere with or disturb any flora or fauna on the park

15 Everyone using the Park is required to comply with the regulations of the Site License, Water Authority or any other Statutory Authority.

16 Access is not permitted to vacant pitches. Building materials or other plant must not be disturbed.

17 No commercial enterprise or business activities may take place on the park.

18 Occupiers are responsible for the condition of (a) water pipes up to and including stop cocks to their Mobile Homes;(b) all electrical cable and trips up to electricity meter; (c) all wastewater and sewerage pipes to ground level.

19 Vehicles, mobile homes and people are admitted to the park on the condition that the Company shall not be liable to loss or damage to any person or property of any descriptions whatsoever. The occupier must insure the Park home with a reputable Insurer particularly in respect of Public Liability which is normally incorporated in the general insurance cover. Details of Insurance will be recorded on the Written Statement.

20 No dependent children under the age of 50 can live on the park permanently.

21 All visitors must use the Visitor's Car Park. If these are full then the cars must be parked so as not to cause obstruction. No parking on the road in the park.

22 The storage of boats, touring caravans etc is not permitted on the park. 23 No signs, notices or placards may be placed on, in or fixed to the Home, pitch or the Park without the Owner's prior written consent.

24 The Company reserves the right to give notice to a resident in any of the following events: i) If the standard of the residents mobile home does not comply with a) The relevant British Standards for construction b) The standards set by the Company for appearance. ii) Any breach of non-compliance on the part of the resident of these rules In the case of a residents vacating their mobile Homes, a disconnection charge will be made in the sum of £200 plus Vat, as at 1/January/07. This may be raised without prior notice. This fee will cover the cost of disconnection and sealing of services, but will not cover the cost of removing brick skirting or steps. It will not cover any costs of splitting the home or preparing it for removal from the pitch. This charge will not be made if the Mobile Home is removed at the request of the Company.