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Mount Park

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Mount Park is a wonderful park home retreat which is based in the South Downs, near the town of Steyning in West Sussex.  This part of the UK is much-loved for its fascinating history, its heritage trails and its gorgeous countryside.  As such, it makes perfect sense for a fantastic park home community to be set up here.  Much-loved by retirees looking for a peaceful spot to retreat to, Mount Park is nestled deep within its own little community.  It's not far from public transport links and main roads. 

West Sussex may be one of England's most under-rated counties, both in terms of Oz holiday retreat and as a place to live.  Its wonderful towns and peaceful greenery make for some of the finest unspoilt experiences available in the wider country.  Anyone keen to retire somewhere serene, uncluttered by the hustle and bustle of everyday living, will want to make a beeline for Mount Park.  It remains one of the county's most popular communities of its kind.  As always, we are happy and proud to be able to list homes available here. 

Mount Park is part of the wider McAlister Estates group, who are responsible for developing some truly magnificent estates.  It's safe to say that homes available at their parks don't stay available for long, meaning we encourage you to book a viewing and to take a closer look as soon as you possibly can. 

About Mount Park

Mount Park is a fantastic little community which is neither too far away from attractions and towns, while still feeling like its own private locale.  It is a close-knit neighbourhood which can be easily found from the main road.  Whether you have explored West Sussex before, or are a local looking to find somewhere to settle down in retirement, Mount Park presents a perfectly-maintained, superbly-positioned estate which we feel competes fantastically with other local amenities of its kind.  It truly must be seen to be believed. 

Residents at Mount Park can enjoy extensive access to private living, as well as a close-knit neighbourhood where it is always easy to make friends with likeminded people.  This is a community which is developed with tranquillity in mind.  It makes the most of the Steyning countryside while only being a stone's throw from the coast.  Therefore, moving here really does grant you the best that England has to offer.

This community is carefully curated and wonderfully maintained by the friendly and professional parks team.  They work tirelessly to make sure that all their residents can settle down into their own private lodgings with all mod cons and amenities.  It is almost as if you are moving into your own private neighbourhood, away from the stresses, strains and noise of residential living elsewhere.  It is many people's idea of paradise! 

That's what has clearly driven the design, the build and the positioning of Mount Park.  It is developed like a small community which is keen to keep things quiet and unspoilt.  It is also incredibly secure, meaning that you will have no worries or concerns moving out to the park from afar. 

Mount Park represents a wonderful community with spaces which are quickly getting taken up.  There are many great reasons why Mount Park homes are in demand, and we are really just getting started. 


Mount Park's location is right at the edge of both a wide countryside expanse, as well as close to Castle Lane Park, a nice local retreat with its own canal.  You'll find the park community just on the cusp of Steyning itself, which is a small, pleasant community where you will find all your daily amenities.  It is always easy for you to walk into the village and back, though public transport will regularly be provided. 

Getting to and from Mount Park from elsewhere is straightforward, too.  The A283 is the closest road nearby, which runs through Bramber and past the popular Bramber Castle.  You can get to the park by heading off the roundabout towards Clays Hill, for example, and then by heading straight on onto Bostal Road.  It is here where you will find Mount Park looming up on your left.  However, you can easily navigate your way to and from the park through many different routes.  It is easy to spot on GPS, so don't be too worried about the logistics. 

The fantastic countryside surroundings will likely appeal to many people, though the close village amenities will, too.  Some park home communities across the region are based deep in the countryside or in rural plains.  However, this particular community chooses to place you at the edge of the nearby village.  Don't worry, however, as you will never be interrupted by annoying noises or aggravating light pollution.  The positioning of the park is very clever indeed - and really does give you access to the best of both worlds. 

Mount Park is a fabulous residential location if you'd like to combine countryside with coast as well as heritage.  It is one of few park communities in the region which actively brings all these points together into one package.  Therefore, if retiring into quintessential England sounds appealing, we genuinely encourage you to take a closer look for yourself.  You will rarely find other park homes with such keen connections. 

The Local Area

Want to know more about the local area?  The park home team will always be happy to help you out with a few ideas.  However, it is always a great idea to do some research before you take a good look around.  As mentioned, the local area boasts plenty of green walks and parkland, as well as the historic Bramber Castle on the other side of the A283.  You are right at the edge of glorious rolling countryside as well as plenty of quaint villages and town communities dotted across the way.  You're free to take in as much as you like, whenever you like.  

Mount Park is also very close to the coast.  You aren't positioned at the edge of the water!  However, you are only a few minutes away from the popular seaside town of Worthing, as well as the nearby community of Broadwater.  Worthing is a traditional, peaceful seaside resort, meaning that it is a world away from the bold, brassy promenades of Blackpool and Scarborough up in the north.  Worthing is a wonderful little town, and it is also home to a golf club inland, meaning that if you want to practice your swing or your putting once you've moved to Mount Park, you are always completely free to do so! 

Take a lookout at local Lancing, too, for some West Sussex heritage, as well as the beautiful Shoreham-by-Sea.  You will even find an airport here, but don't worry - the noise will never carry across enough for it to disturb your peaceful park home.  There are further resorts along the coast such as Southwick and Portslade, which are connected by rail, all of which lead down to the popular coastal city of Brighton.  You are only a short drive away from the coast, meaning that if you do wish to pop into the city at any point, you won't have too far to travel. 

However, we certainly recommend that you take a look at some of the countryside walks and views across the edge of Mount Park and beyond.  It is well worth making sure that you take in the glorious greenery before you venture out into any cities.  The surroundings really do have to be seen to be believed!  However, your own retirement adventure is what you make of it - but there are at least scores of wonderful options to choose from when you make a point of moving in. 

Why Move to Mount Park?

Mount Park is a fantastic residential park which is open to new residents all year round.  It offers the perfect opportunity for retirees to break away from the cities and towns they may know elsewhere, and to relax in a genuine countryside retreat.  At the edge of village amenities, too, it is hugely convenient and never feels too far removed.  For these reasons, it remains a spectacular choice for people looking for that peaceful corner of England. 

West Sussex is a county with lots of heritage and wonderful walks to discover.  Beyond this, it is also full of transport links and sites of interest to keep you amused for years to come.  Mount Park puts you right at the centre of the local countryside, never too far from the action and never too close to be harmed by noise. 

For secure, close-knit country living, Mount Park presents a marvellous opportunity.  It is a park home community we are always keen to list for, and for many great reasons.  We encourage you to take a closer look by booking a viewing as soon as you can.  A home at Mount Park will be a fantastic investment for exploring West Sussex and beyond.


Mount Park
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