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Manor Berkeley 45x14 New Park

Bovey Tracey

Manor Berkeley 45x14 New Park

Bovey Tracey



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What Features Does New Park Have?

Retirement park
Pets considered
New Development
Exclusively for over-50s
Mature woodland & lake
Stunning views

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New Park, developed as a beautiful, luxury retirement community with breath-taking views of the Devonshire countryside and hills.  Residents benefit from fantastic surroundings which are unspoilt and gorgeous to look at all year round.  This is a community which is also boosted by its fantastic facilities and friendly staff, with pitches and landscaped gardens waiting for new homeowners to move in whenever possible.  It is a Park which remains popular with local retirees, as well as people who want to make the varied and wonderful Devon their home.

This residential park offers security, safety and warmth to all residents.  Helpful park operators ensure that new owners settle in well and that they have plenty of chance to get to know the local area and all the attractions which lie beyond.  The park itself has proven to be very lucrative, with spaces likely to command viewings as soon as they are available.  It is a park which emulates a simple, close-knit neighbourhood style, with a host of amazing benefits.

About New Park

The neighbourhood is designed to be refreshing and simple, though residents will soon advise that there is more to the community than meets the eye and in a good way!  It is home to exclusive woodland thickets and its own expansive lake.  This means a home is one which will benefit from serene waterside views all year round.  The park has also undergone redevelopment and expansion over the years, with new pitches and properties carrying additional perks for residents.

The properties will vary from pitch to pitch, but all will offer the same level of luxury and comfort.  Much of the running costs for each home will be included in the basic prices you pay to the operators, which means there will likely be less hassle for you to juggle.

What will appeal to prospective homeowners is the standard of service you receive on-site.  Not only is the park developed for an exclusive audience, but many mobile facilities also attend the community at owners' convenience.  For example, the park plays host to a regular mobile library, and there are regular buses just outside the main gates.  The park management goes to great lengths to make sure residents are fully catered to.

What will also appeal to budding park homeowners is the level of privacy.  While New Park is set up to bring like-minded people together, pitches and lodges here are set up with complete discretion and privacy in mind.  This means people will be happy to retire to their homes at the end of the day, happy in the knowledge that there will be no risk of intrusion.

Security and safety here, too, is a big plus point for residents.  As a gated residential park, the community is completely protected against any would-be criminals or intruders.  Residents have their own private security for their pitches, and they can come and go through the main park gates as they please.  However, only park residents and staff will have access to facilities.

This is a hugely desirable community benefiting from the very best in modern residential amenities, as well as a fantastic vantage point in the centre of Devon.  Between the high standards set by the park and the fantastic location, it is clear why properties are so popular here from year to year.

The Location

New Park is based in Bovey Tracey, which is a small town in Devon, just a few minutes from the Exmouth coast.  The town is popular with residents for its laid-back pace as well as its variety of shops and stores.  People living at the park will be able to head here for their daily groceries as well as plenty of popular local staples, sights and sounds

Getting to and from the park itself is easy thanks to its close links to main roads.  However, the park itself never suffers from traffic noise or other kinds of pollution thanks to its design and its precise distance.  Residents can head to the park moving South of Exeter via the A38, choosing to turn right towards Bovey Tracey.  The park is simple to find along here.  Anyone heading to the park should also look for signs for Dartmoor National Park, as it is based at the very Western edge.

The development is nestled deep in the Devonshire countryside and has a unique, towering vantage point into neighbouring Dartmoor.  From low down, you can see high into the trees and woodland across the hills.  It is a truly spectacular sight and one which remains very popular with residents and any visitors to the park.  It's one of the most unique panoramas available from residential communities in the area.

What is also appealing about thelocation is its fine balance between the coast and the countryside.  With Dartmoor to the West and Exmouth to the East, residents benefit from a unique blend of coast and country on their doorstep.  There are few parks which bring such natural wonders together.  This means residents can choose to walk along the sandy shores or the verdant miles as they see fit from day to day.

It is easy for residents to head into nearby towns and villages thanks to the bus stop and service when runs past on a regular basis.  This bus heads to and from Newton Abbot, a coastal town only a few miles away and close to the popular seaside resort of Torquay.  Therefore, residents who are unable to drive or do not have their own vehicle can simply take a bus to see the local sights.

Thes location is neither too far from civilisation nor too close to the hustle and bustle of city living.  Therefore, it is in an ideal zone for convenience and peace.  It can be difficult to get both from a community, which is why New Park is so popular.

The Local Area

Much of the local area surrounding New Park is beautiful countryside but for many people, this really won't be a problem!  As mentioned, the park is right at the edge of Dartmoor, an incredible, imposing pillar of natural beauty.  Residents can also venture a few miles North to take a look at Exmoor, its sister park, which is easy to reach via car and public transport.

Residents will also appreciate being able to get to and from city amenities in Exeter and Plymouth, too.  Neither city is particularly noisy, and both will appeal to those visitors who want to sample some of Devon's wonderful heritage and history.

Seaside enthusiasts will likely make a beeline for the resort of Torquay, which can be reached through Newton Abbot, just a short bus ride away.  A few miles around the corner will bring drivers to the tourist hotspots of Poole and Bournemouth, both of which are immensely popular all year round.

There are many Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the region, making Devon one of the most visually stunning areas to live in.  Residents  can simply leave home and walk through the unspoilt countryside at their leisure.  There really is no better way to explore Devon at its finest than to actually move there.  From the stunning Tamar Valley out West to Blackdown Hills to the North-East, residents are only ever a few minutes away from picturesque, verdant walks and landscapes.  Anyone moving will do best to invest in a camera to capture all the wonderful sights and memories along the way!

Why Choose New Park?

Many people choose to move for the promise of a wonderful, exclusive resort.  Residents aged 50 and over are permitted here, which means the majority of people at the park will be approaching retirement, or will already have decided to leave a life of work behind.  Many will agree that there is no better place to spend your free time than in the Devonshire countryside.  This park gives residents a central location to explore it all from with ease.

The wonderful grounds and superb location, including the incredible views of Dartmoor, will help to encourage visitors to take up a property.  The careful, attentive management and maintenance teams, too, make sure that this is a community which is always safeguarded and protected against any potential intrusion.  Properties here are discreet and private.  Homeowners will benefit from travelling services as well as unique, landscaped gardens.  There is no need to lift a finger.

New Park continues to grow and develop with new features and facilities for prospective homeowners.  With that in mind, it is likely many people will be keeping a close eye on the resort in many years to come.  It is recommended that you contact park operators with any questions, and to find out more about facilities.


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