New Walk, North Yorkshire

Residential Park (find out more here)

What Features Does New Walk Have?

Private brickweave driveway
Bespoke landscaping
Onsite CCTV
Park warden
Electric security gates
Central location
Great transport links
10-year gold shield warranty
1.4 miles to York city centre


New Walk is tucked away in a private estate just ten minutes' walk from the city centre, offers spectacular views across the North Yorkshire hills.  It is also developed and maintained to provide perfect peace and quiet for all residents.  Despite only being a stone's throw from York itself, you will never experience noise pollution here.

This is one of many park communities and developments of Royalelifes in the North.  The north of England has lots of adventures and experiences waiting to be unlocked!  Whether you stick to the cities and towns or choose to explore the countryside instead, you'll find making memories here a breeze. 

About New Walk Park

This is a stunning park community-based in a lucrative area of York's residential cache, technically situated in Fulford.  The park has been carefully curated to offer residents access to all the modern amenities they demand, against a gorgeous North Yorkshire backdrop.  Not only are there verdant plains to see for miles around, but you'll also enjoy landscaped gardens designed specifically for the park.  You'll benefit from ample parking and easy access to nearby towns, cities and sites of interest.

The park is situated in a popular residential area of York, with a thriving community and plenty of links to local amenities.  St Oswalds Road is an area of York which is always popular, whether with people moving from afar, or from close by.  New Walk is perfectly placed for city explorers and countryside walkers alike, making it a prime spot to set up home in.  This also makes it a very popular community - meaning that spaces available aren't always guaranteed to last! 

Exploring New Walk Local Area

York itself is a stunning city which thrives on its incredible history and its unique buildings.  Unlike many other cities in the UK, York is a metropolis which has worked hard to balance the old and the new.  While you'll get all the city amenities and trappings here, you'll be able to wander down historic side streets and visit popular attractions which date back centuries.

Beyond York itself, however, there are scores of wonderful sights to take in across the region.  While York city itself is only a short trip from New Walk Orchard itself, you will also be ideally positioned to connect to public transport and a variety of main roads.  Therefore, if you do wish to get out and sample the wider county, you can always feel free to do so.  Wide parking available at the park resort also means you can park up and head out again as you see fit.

If you're curious to see what the local York area has to offer new residents, we've arranged details on some of the most intriguing and popular attractions.  For a peaceful countryside walk, or a trip back in time, York and its wider area have a variety of days out waiting for you to sample at your leisure.  Let's take a closer look at what's in store for you. 

Shambles Market

First of all, let's stick to historic York.  One of the central attractions in the city itself is the hugely popular Shambles Market.  Set up as a traditional marketplace, you will find more than just local produce and crafts to sample here!  There are more than 85 permanent stalls which set up and trade here seven days a week.  Head down from 7am each day to take your pick of fresh fruit and vegetables, rare artwork, handicrafts, gift ideas and more besides.

Shambles Market is a famous tourist resort, meaning it may get a little busy during the summer holidays.  However, throughout the year, there is no reason why you can't make it a favourite haunt for local produce.  It's based in the heart of the city, and there's refreshment facilities and free Wi-Fi to boot.  Why not take a look at market stalls and produce on your next visit to the city? 

York Minster

York Minister is inarguably one of the city's most spectacular buildings.  In a city which is full to the brim with wonderful, historic architecture, that is a fantastic accolade!  As the central cathedral in the city, it is a world-famous landmark and is widely regarded by many as one of the most iconic fixtures in the north of England.  It's an operating church, which opens each day for worship.  However, many people travel to the Minster to marvel at the stained glass, the astounding architecture, and all of its handcrafted touches.

York Minster has, reportedly, been welcoming worshippers for over a millennium, and since then, it has become a popular venue for large carol concerts and for famous weddings.  Its ancient beauty goes largely unrivalled in York, let alone elsewhere in the county.  Any trip to the city is hardly complete without a tour around the Minster.  Even if you're non-practising, it really is a feast for the eyes. 

The York Dungeon

For an altogether different day out, The York Dungeon promises a grisly trip back in time.  Perhaps not for the faint of stomach, this museum offers in-depth, close-up exhibits showing how ancient dungeons operated in the centuries past.  We live in more enlightened times now; however, those with a morbid curiosity can get involved in interactive exhibits and can take in live shows. 

Visitors to the dungeon will be able to take in centuries of history and twisted facts and figures, exploring the darker side of York and its ancient patrons.  It's a medieval treat for anyone interested in the deeper history of the city and the area.  It's also keenly developed and curated, with nearly all the senses catered to as you wander the ghastly exhibits.  It's not everyone's ideal day out, but it is still fascinating to tour if you find this side of history interesting! 

The Moorlands Nature Reserve

For a little more in the way of fresh air, do make sure to take a look at the Moorlands Nature Reserve.  This site, established as part of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, may not be the largest reserve or parkland to explore in Yorkshire.  However, we feel it is notable as a local, peaceful retreat for New Walk Orchard residents.

It's a quaint little woodland garden which is a real treat to explore in spring.  It's perfect for birdwatchers looking to spy local species and rare breeds, while fans of flora will also love the gorgeous primroses, bluebells, rhododendrons and more.  There are several trails, too, which means walkers will be able to take in the natural sights and sounds as well as a series of wooden sculptures installed along the way.

However, do be aware that this reserve is carefully protected, which means dog walking is not permitted through the area at this time.  However, it is fully accessible for wheelchairs. 

York Maze

York Maze is one of the most popular days out that the region has to offer.  Not only is it home to a series of family rides and attractions, but you'll also be able to take in fun shows and demonstrations throughout the year.  The main attraction, of course, is the maze itself - which is said to be home to more than a million maize plants.

York Maze isn't too far off the beaten track.  As one of the biggest maze installations on the continent, you may well find it a challenge to find the end on your first visit.  It is a unique trip out for visitors of all ages, and it's just one of many family attractions based just outside the park.  Fancy a different kind of walk?  Challenge yourself at York Maze. 

Allerton Castle

Allerton Castle is a spectacular gothic retreat which has been revived over the years, and which may seem familiar to TV and movie fans.  This aristocratic retreat dates back to the 18th century and is widely used as a stunning location for weddings and other celebrations.  The grandiose setting and gardens are also popularly used for private gatherings and parties, though you can also visit the castle and take guided tours throughout the year.  York is home to some truly magnificent buildings - and this historical monument is amongst the pick of the crop. 

Why Move to New Walk?

New Walk Orchard is a popular park community which is hugely convenient for access to York and beyond.  Based in a popular residential area, visitors and homeowners will benefit from wonderful views, carefully-curated gardens and more besides.


New Walk
North Yorkshire
YO10 4PF