Newby Bridge Caravan Park, Cumbria

Static Caravans at Newby Bridge Caravan Park

Two Bed Swift Ardennes Platinum (28x12) 2021

Newby Bridge Caravan Park

Two Bed Swift Ardennes Platinum (28x12) 2021

Canny Hill, Newby Bridge



Two Bed Swift Vendee (40x12) 2022

Newby Bridge Caravan Park

Two Bed Swift Vendee (40x12) 2022

Canny Hill, Newby Bridge



Two Bed Sunseeker Supreme (41x13) 2022

Newby Bridge Caravan Park

Two Bed Sunseeker Supreme (41x13) 2022

Canny Hill, Newby Bridge



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What Features Does Newby Bridge Caravan Park Have?

Children's play area
Woodland walks
Close to shops and transport
Pet friendly park
Wi-fi across the park
Beautiful views

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Newby Bridge Caravan Park is in Cumbria, thousands of people head to the wonderful Lake District each year for a holiday to remember.  It is one of England's most spectacular sites of natural beauty.  Offering unique walks and nature trails, as well as plenty of attractions and sites of interest for all the family, there is little wonder why so many people choose to take a break for Ullswater and Windermere throughout the year.

Newby Bridge Caravan Park is the solution to your holiday home needs. If you are keen to get closer to nature, and to the heart of the English countryside, choosing a holiday home is easier than ever before.  Choose a lodge or static caravan that you can come back to again and again.  For thousands of people, a holiday home in the Lake District is a dream come true - and that's why Newby Bridge Country Park remains so popular.

If you've never owned a holiday home before, but are keen to know more about the benefits, you'll want to read more on Newby Bridge Caravan Park. 

Due to the most recent updates on Covid-19 we are taking every precaution necessary to ensure the safest environment on our park. If you would like to come and have a look around the park you must make an appointment first.

About Newby Bridge Caravan Park

Part of Lake District Estates, Newby Bridge Country Caravan Park is situated deep in the heart of the Lake District.  A spectacular holiday region and a genuine break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a property here will allow you to regularly venture out into the lush greenery and stunning views the area is famous for.  The thought of having the Lake District on your doorstep may be enough to convince you!

However, the quality of the park itself, from its quiet, cosy design to its incredible location, also inspire people to visit each year.  Buying a holiday home at Newby Bridge is a fantastic investment.  Not only will it mean that you save time and money on heading out to new accommodation each time you visit, you can really make a place your own. 

Newby Bridge is nestled deep within incredible woodland enveloping the surrounding area.  It is carefully designed and landscaped, meaning that the inside of the park is just as much a reflection of natural beauty as the Lake District itself.  Properties here are delightfully arranged for maximum privacy and peace, though you will of course also have the opportunity to get to know your neighbours.  The park is designed to offer rare tranquillity, but at the same time, you're never too cut-off from people.  It's a lovely balance which can be difficult to find! 

The Location

Newby Bridge is hugely popular with its residents thanks to its amazing location.  The park is built at the south edge of Windermere, one of the biggest lakes in the district.  It is linked closely to public amenities and main roads, which means that whether you drive or are dependent on public transport, you will always be able to venture out and take a closer look at the wider area.

Newby Bridge's beautiful grounds will provide you with all the modern amenities and countryside tranquillity you'll ever want.  However, the park's designers also know that residents will be keen to get out and explore the wider area, especially the stunning Lake District.  Everything you'll need from a cosy modern holiday property can be found here, but for more of a taste of the English countryside, you'll surely want to head out and explore the wider surroundings for yourself.  And who could blame you?

Newby Bridge Park is nestled deep in nature.  Animal lovers and wildlife spotters will not have to venture too far from the grounds - if at all - to get a closer look at some of the local fauna who call the Lake District their home.  It is also a stunning location for various flora, some of which only grow in the English wilds.

The park is also closely linked to the quaint and pleasant village of Cartmel, where you will be able to find all of your daily amenities as well as a strong, historical flavour.  Cartmel is famous for its food and drink, meaning that you may wish to explore the tastes of the local area while breaking from the wonderful lakeside walks nearby.  You'll also be able to easily access various local inns, pubs, restaurants and more en route.  It is the perfect getaway for anyone who really wants to sample traditional English fare up close. 

Exploring the Local Area

Most people who set up holiday homes at Newby Bridge will take the opportunity to explore the Lake District at the first opportunity.  Settling into your property here for a holiday is nice and easy, and you are of course free to explore the wider region to your heart's content.  If you are a keen walker, a cyclist or a birdwatcher, you may well call the local area a slice of paradise!  It's a wonderful corner of the UK to head back to, and with your own holiday home at Newby Bridge, you can always have access to it.

Let's take a quick look at some of what's waiting for you when you visit Newby Bridge. 

Lake Windermere

As the park is based on the edge of Windermere itself, it makes sense that this is going to be one of the first lakes you might choose to explore.  At over ten miles in length, Windermere is the biggest lake in the district, and as such, some of the walking and cycling trails here really are extensive!  If you're keen to explore the area by foot or by bike, you're going to want to head back again and again to get the full experience.  That's the beauty in owning a stunning holiday property nearby.

Take a lookout for local nature as well as various trails set up to show you the true beauty of the lakeside.  You may also wish to check into one of the many villages nestled alongside, such as Waterhead, Windermere Village itself, and Bowness.  Lake Windermere is so extensive that you'll be able to pick up a map of the region when you first visit!  It's more than just a simple body of water - it is a whole resort in and of itself.

It is also well-linked to public transport, meaning that you can hop on a train along the way to visit nearby towns of interest such as Kendal.  Buying a holiday home nearby means you will have all the time you need to take in the lake - there is absolutely no need to rush things! 


Ullswater is another one of the district's most popular lakes, meaning that while it gets busy during the warmer months, you'll still be able to find plenty of space for peace and reflection.  Ullswater is famous for its boating excursions, as well as for its hiking trails and routes.  In fact, if it's your first time walking around the Lake District, you may wish to book on a guided tour of the area.  Just make sure to wear comfortable boots and to take plenty of water with you!  Once you've seen the sights on a guided tour or two, you might then feel confident enough to explore the area in wider detail on your own.  It's entirely your choice!

Boasting yacht club and a canoe trail for anyone who wants to head onto the water in style, you can also take an adventure up the rolling hills and valleys to spy the fantastic views beyond.  Take a deep breath and take in the stunning natural panoramas for miles around.  One of the best reasons for visiting Ullswater, and the Lake District in general, is the views.  Make sure to take a camera! 

The Tarns

Before leaving the lakes, or returning to your holiday property, make sure to take in the rugged tarns.  These unspoilt, natural lakes are scattered across the district and are very popular with people looking to set up camp.  Do be aware that they can be a little off the beaten path, so you may wish to get to know the area a little better before you head off exploring on your own.  Sprinkling Tarn, Easedale Tarn and Angle Tarn are just a handful of the more popular rugged waters explored by locals and daring tourists alike. 

Why Buy a Holiday Home at Newby Bridge?

Newby Bridge is the perfect holiday home location for anyone needing close access to the Lake District, and for anyone who wants to explore the wider region at their leisure.  There are few holiday parks offering quite the same location and quality of residence - meaning that places here are often very popular indeed.  Whether you have already holidayed at the lakes, or if you'd like to take a closer look with the help of a nearby home base, it's time for you to consider setting up in the local area.

Make sure to book a viewing of Newby Bridge Country and Caravan Park as soon as possible.  Find yourself a holiday property you can come back to for years to come!


Newby Bridge Caravan Park
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