Oaklands Park, Cornwall

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Oaklands Park is a quality development which accommodates Leisure Lodges and Holiday Caravans providing the ideal location for a getaway retreat.

Oaklands Park situated midway between the seaside resort of Looe and the quaint, pretty fishing village of Polperro on the South Cornish Coast. You can enjoy the outstanding views over the Cornish countryside together with the coast and beaches only 1.5 miles away. Own your own holiday home on this development and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life as often as you like.


Oaklands Park
PL13 2JS

Introduction & summary of the agreement

1. This agreement permits you to station a caravan on a park and to occupy it for holiday and recreational purposes. It complies with the code of practice for selling and sitting holiday caravans issued by the British holiday & home parks association and the national caravan council and is the licence agreement referred to in that code.

2. You will already have been supplied with a copy of the code. A copy of the code is available for inspection at the office of the park owner or may be obtained from the British holiday & home parks association at Chister house, 6 Pullman court, great western road, Gloucester, GL1 3ND or the national caravan council at Catherine house, Victoria road, Aldershot, GU11 1SS.

3. Part 1 contains the particulars of the caravan, the length of time you may station, the season during which you can use it and other information such as the amount of the pitch fee payable to the park owner.

4. Stationing a caravan is a long-term commitment and you will have to comply with the terms and conditions contained in part 3.

5. 5. Part 2 clause 1 sets out in detail the meaning of expressions used in the agreement. Clause 2 gives you permission to station the caravan. Clause 3 contains the obligations you are taking on. Clause 4 sets out standards of behaviour which are expected of you and members of your party using the caravan.

6. Clause 5 sets out the obligations undertaken by the owner of the park.

7. Clause 6 contains the procedure should you decide you want to sell the caravan. Under clause 6b all sales on the park have to be dealt with through the office of the park owner who is entitled to meet and approve the buyer of the caravan to pay the owner of the park of the commission.

8. Clause 7 sets out the basis on which the pitch fee may be reviewed.

9. The caravan may be moved from its pitch to allow redevelopment and/or maintenance and this is dealt with in clause 8.

10. The situations in which the agreement can be brought to an end are described in clause 9. Clause 10 sets out the circumstances in which the park owner is able to bring the agreement to an end and clause 11 allows you to bring the agreement to an end by notice in writing.

11. Clause 12 sets out what has to happen when the agreement is terminated.

12. If the park owner is in breach of his obligations under the agreement he may be liable to pay compensation to you and/ or to permit you to move the caravan away on less notice than is usually required.

13. In addition to the obligations set out in the agreement there will be park rules, which will be individual to each park, and these may have to be changed from time to as permitted by clause 13.

14. If a dispute arise clause 14 allows for this to be resolved by arbitration as an alternative to going to court. Certain disputes have to be referred to an independent surveyor for determination by him.