Oaktree Court, Devon

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What Features Does Oaktree Court Have?

Pet Friendly
Gated Site
Exclusively for over-45s


Oaktree Court is in The south of England, home to some truly magnificent sights. Devon, for example, remains one of the most picturesque regions in the country. This county is home to incredible history, lush countryside, and wonderful walks along the coast. There is little wonder why so many people choose to visit the region year after year! There is even less wonder why people choose to retire here, too.

Devon is a wonderful county to holiday in. Pack up from the town and city and head to the peaceful serenity of coast and country. The park, based near the lovely village of Dolton, is a popular park which hosts luxury bungalows available to buy. It is a secure and welcoming gated development open to residents aged 45 or older. Therefore, you can always be sure of moving next door to like-minded individuals.

About Oaktree Court

The homes are lovingly developed and are presented in the heart of the stunning Devon countryside. It is well-linked to the nearby national parks and is the perfect retreat for anyone interested in taking in some of the area's famous walks. The park itself is based in over two acres of incredible greenery, with landscaped gardens and enough room for you to truly unwind from everyday life.

All homes are completely furnished when you move in. Therefore, there will be no need for you to move any of your household items on your first day! You can also welcome in your pets, too – this is great news considering there are so many fantastic dog walking opportunities nearby.

The park is developed to be luxurious, harmonious, and complete with all the facilities you’d ever need. You will also have access to your own private garden, and there will never be any issue with you parking. There is space here for everyone.

This may be one of several park developments in the heart of Devon, but this particular site is ideally placed for those who would like to explore more of the local area by foot. It may also be worth taking a closer look at some of the local amenities and attractions before you move in! 

Exploring the Local Area

Oaktree Court itself is worth exploring and getting to know before you make a purchase. However, do familiarise yourself with some of the region's best-loved attractions. Whether you choose to keep things local or to explore wider Devon instead, is entirely up to you. Make your stay a memorable one. Take advantage of the close road and public transport links to really see this beautiful county up close and personal.

Dolton Village

The park is based on the doorstep of Dolton, a delightful little village with a welcoming local community. It is a growing village, with plenty of housing developments; however, it remains quintessentially traditional. Dolton will represent what many people perceive to be a classic idyll – quiet, yet always bustling with local trade, fairs and celebrations.

Dolton itself is closely linked to towns in the wider county via bus route. In particular, you will be able to board a bus here through to Exeter and back through the daily connections. It’s worth taking a closer look at the timetables when you arrive. The village will also appeal to people looking for authentic local food and drink. There are two pubs based here, both with local charm offered guaranteed! There are shops and stores here, but no hints of big businesses or noisy national chains.

The best part is, of course, that you can easily travel to Oakwood Court into Dolton and back. Consider it your closest port of call for local amenities and something of a social life!

Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor offers up one of two local, national parks close to Oakwood Court. Wild and rugged, Dartmoor provides visitors with stunning countryside walks across terrains and landscapes unlike any other.

What’s more, Dartmoor is home to a number of rare and conserved flora and fauna. Not only does the park provide spectacular views across the Devon countryside, it also gives you the unique opportunity to spy some of the UK’s most curious species. There is a lot of conservation work which takes place here, and it is all widely supported by public donation and interest.

There are many events which take place at Dartmoor over the year, welcoming families, school trips and people simply on the lookout for a peaceful walk across the moors. Do make sure you pack your hiking boots before you head here! There is also lots for you to do in the wider area, with visitor centres and guides set up to tell you more about the history of this truly unique slice of parkland.

Exmoor National Park

Much like Dartmoor, Exmoor is a national park which is right on the doorstep of Oaktree Court. It really is a nature walker’s paradise! Exmoor, which is also dependent on the support of visitors and donators, showcases over 260 square miles of pure countryside. Home to farmland and rare wilderness not seen elsewhere in the UK, it’s the proud home of several animals and plant species trekkers love to spot on their walks through.

What's more, there is always something to do at Exmoor. The park regularly hosts special events and celebrations and has visitor centres raring to fill you in on the local history. The ability to move next door to not one, but two national parks will be incredibly enticing to a lot of people!

Exmoor’s incredible landscapes make for some wonderful photo-friendly opportunities. Do make sure to take in the surroundings as much as you can.

RHS Garden Rosemoor

If flowers are of more interest to you than animals and wide-open landscapes, you'll be pleased to hear that there is an RHS Garden, Rosemoor, just a stone's throw from Oaktree Court. Rosemoor’s valley gardens are open across the year, with the facility only ever closing to the public on Christmas Day.

There are a variety of carefully-curated plots and flower gardens for you to uncover and explore here. You'll even find that there is a rainfall-resistant garden, where the flowers will withstand heavy weather for seasons at a time. As it is open all year round, you'll be able to spot seasonal flowers and plants popping up at different times of the year!

It is also a great place to bring the kids, as there are special gardens and outdoor activity zones designed to keep little ones happy. Planning your visit to Rosemoor should be fairly simple, made all the more easy thanks to its proximity to the site.

Finch Foundry

Finch Foundry is a different type of day out, and it’s brought to us by the National Trust. It’s one of the last remaining sites paying homage to industrial England. The foundry is said to be the last fully-working water forge in England. There’s no wonder Dartmoor is so proud of it!

This tool factory once produced over 400 implements each day, and even now, you can take a tour of the inner workings to see how everything is built from scratch. There is also plenty of chance for you to get an insight into life in 1800s England, and to how the foundry first came around.

There are many sites of historical interest dotted across Devon. However, the Finch Foundry offers up one particular glance at English history some visitors won’t want to pass up. What’s more, again, it is only a short trip from the site.

Exmoor Zoo

If the idea of checking out some wild beasts up close is more your cup of tea, do make sure to venture out to Exmoor Zoo. Home to rare species of wild animals such as birds, wild dogs, panthers, snakes, giant snails and more, it’s a great day out for all the family.

Exmoor Zoo is even home to what the park refers to as the fabled ‘Exmoor Beast’, or black leopard. In fact, the Zoo is home to the only pair of leopards in this genus in the whole of the UK. The Zoo is also deeply concerned with conservation and has many exhibits and events lined up to educate people of all ages. Why not step out to take a walk on the wild side?

Why Stay at Oaktree Court?

This is a spectacular park complex developed to offer you peace, luxury and freedom. Devon is a huge county full of surprises, and the Court is well-positioned for you to set out and explore from.

Start by taking in quaint, local Dolton, before taking on the rugged walks at the national parks. Drive easily to and from towns and resorts based nearby, too – or do make a beeline for public transport services, closely linked to Oaktree Court itself.


Oaktree Court
EX19 8QF