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Two Bed Prestige Accolade (40x14)

Oakwood Court

Two Bed Prestige Accolade (40x14)




Two Bed Omar Middleton (42x20)

Oakwood Court

Two Bed Omar Middleton (42x20)





Looking for a Park Home at Oakwood Court, Hampshire? The busy town of Bordon is just one of many stunning places to visit in beautiful Hampshire. Nestled in the heart of southern England, Hampshire is a county with plenty of history, heritage and marvellous nature trails waiting for you to uncover, discover and explore. One of the best ways to explore Hampshire, of course, is to set up your own property or home here. What better way to do this than with a fantastic park home? Oakwood Court is a wonderful park home estate which is bolstered by a gated community in the middle of the Hampshire countryside. Based in the east of the wider county area, Bordon is a handy little town metropolis which is easy to reach from Oakwood Court either by car or by public transport. Therefore, if you ever need to head afield for amenities, you know where to go! Oakwood Court itself is a lovely community open and available to owners over the age of 45.

Oakwood Court is a welcoming park home estate with luxury homes, gardens and full landscaping. Each of the park homes available here are detached, too, which means you will have complete access to privacy, peace and quiet as and when you need it. We think the best way to explore and enjoy local Hampshire and nearby Surrey is to be able to head out and enjoy the county area with a home base of sorts. You can do so with ease thanks to Oakwood Court, which is right on the doorstep of major links to some of the bigger attractions and most famous sites of interest for miles around.

Exploring Bordon

Bordon is the area that Oakwood Court is officially listed as being registered in; however, the main town is just a five-minute drive away. Bordon itself is a town area with plenty of different amenities and sites of interest, meaning that if you ever need to pop out to do some shopping, or if you want to go out to restaurants or bars, you are always free to do so with minimal effort and time taken. Bordon high street is home to the Forest Shopping Centre, which may well become your one-stop-shop for everything you need. Why go further afield when everything you need is right here? Of course, there are plenty of reasons to explore wider Hampshire - and we will cover them in more detail for you a little further down! There are plenty of smaller stores, pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants and local businesses which you will find easily on each trip to the centre. Bordon is best explored on foot, though it is well-linked to many of the more popular sites and attractions East Hampshire has to offer. Bordon itself has plenty of historical significance, too. The town is actually designated part of a Site of Special Scientific Interest, mainly as it resides in an area of ecological importance. The nearby Deadwater Valley Park should be of particular interest to anyone wishing to sample local nature trails. This extensive woodland and heath walk stretches over 50 impressive acres and is well-known for being home to many species of wildlife. In fact, Bordon and nearby Whitehill earned their place as a Site of Interest for the fact that there is so much wildlife keenly preserved here! As always, there will be plenty of reasons why you may wish to explore a bit further afield, and luckily enough, the east of Hampshire is absolutely brimming with fascinating things to do. Let's take a look at some of the most appealing nearby attractions to Oakwood Court.

Lymington Sea Water Baths

Only a short drive from Oakwood Court and Bordon itself, Lymington Sea Water Baths is a fantastic outdoor family fun attraction where people of all ages can jump in and enjoy some aquatic fun. With flumes, slides, and plenty of events and occasions popping up from season to season, it is one of Hampshire's most popular family resorts. It's well worth diving in for a quick visit whether you have the kids or grandkids with you, or even if you just like making a splash on your own!

Gunwharf Keys

As one of the biggest and nearest cities to Bordon, Portsmouth is, of course, likely to be one of the main ports of call you head for when on a day out from Oakwood Court. Gunwharf Keys is Portsmouth's landmark shopping outlet. There are more than 90 different shops, stores and outlets available to explore here, with a massive array of restaurants, retail brands and bars waiting for you to sample and enjoy at your leisure. It's easily one of the main reasons why people travel to Portsmouth - and if you fancy trying something a little bigger on for size when it comes to shopping, Gunwharf Keys is going to be one of the major points on the map you'll need to head to first.

Southampton SeaCity

Southampton is the other major city within reach of Oakwood Court and Bordon, and after just a short drive, you will be able to head into the fantastic SeaCity museum. This expansive collection of historical artefacts and pieces of local intrigue will be of interest to anyone wanting to learn a little bit more about Southampton and this side of the coast. It's open seven days a week, and you can come and explore the exhibits between 10am and 5pm each day. It's easily spotted thanks to its famous clock tower!


Hollycombe, based in Liphook, is a real treat for any families looking to explore the finer points of Hampshire. Only a few miles from Bordon, Hollycombe is host to what is touted as the biggest collection of traditional fairground rides and attractions in the UK. Boasting classic fairground pieces and rides from a bygone age, and with many of them steam-powered, you can take the whole family on a fascinating trip back in time while having some exhilarating fun at the same time. The site has a big wheel, galloping horses and even the oldest ride in the world, Mr Field's Steam Circus. This particular piece is said to date all the way back to 1870!

The Mayflower Theatre

Heading back to Southampton, if you are likely to want to take in a show or two, you should undoubtedly think about heading out to the city's famous Mayflower Theatre. The extensive and traditional playhouse puts on musicals, international and local shows alike from season to season. Whether you like comedy, opera, classic musicals or something a little more contemporary, there will always be something on the bill to appeal to you. Why not take a look and book your tickets?

Frensham Great Pond

For something a little bit more outdoorsy, you should undoubtedly consider heading out to Frensham Great Pond, which is a man-made beach zone situated between the towns of Hindhead and Farnham. It can easily be reached from Bordon and Oakwood Court via the A287. This fascinating little body of water is safe to swim in and is a beautiful sight to take in on a warm summer's day. There are also plenty of different nature and woodland walks which run alongside the pond, which means if taking in the great outdoors is high on your list of priorities, you're going to want to make a beeline for the A287. The Great Pond is technically in Surrey, but there's no harm in travelling a little further afield occasionally!


Let's stick with Farnham in Surrey for a little while - mainly as it is only a short trip from Oakwood Court. Fascinated by nature and the wildlife around us? We can't blame you! Over two thousand different critters make Birdworld at Farnham their home. However, you'll likely be most interested in taking in the star attractions, who are of course the resident avians. There are penguins, owls, parrots and more, and there are lots of different exhibitions and trails for you to get involved with if you're keen to learn more about our favourite feathered friends.

Champneys Liphook

Fancy taking in a bit of a spa day? Relax and unwind at the nearby Champneys resort based just a few miles down the road in Liphook. If Oakwood Court itself isn't offering enough rest and relaxation, Champneys will make sure to settle you down with spa treatments and more besides. There's nothing quite like taking a nice soak and pampering every so often, and now might be your best chance to unwind! With Champneys on your doorstep, you'll be able to take a spa day any time you like. Another fantastic reason to come stay at Oakwood Court!

Alice Holt Forest

Alice Holt Forest is a beautiful royal forest which is nestled deep within Hampshire, offering stunning natural views, cycling trails and plenty of chances for kids to try out some new activities. With or without kids, it's also a beautiful picnic zone - and you can even hire BBQ sets if you fancy grilling something special up during the warmer months! While Oakwood Court is plenty peaceful enough for you to unwind and to enjoy the sunshine, Alice Holt Forest is something extra special. What's more, it is again just a stone's throw from Bordon, meaning you can head out from Oakwood Court and take a trip into the woods within just a few minutes of driving out.

The Sculpture Park

Churt's enormous Sculpture Park really is a sight to see, even if you're not particularly invested in your art or expression! There are up to 10 acres of land here in Churt, which is just a short trip down the road away. There are animal sculptures, abstract exhibits and even beautiful gardens for you to explore. Whether you enjoy taking a look at the artwork and sculptures or simply prefer taking a wander through the lush surroundings, there are plenty of great reasons to come and take a closer look.

Hindhead Commons and the Devil's Punch Bowl

If you're keen to see nearby Surrey in all its natural and peaceful glory, then you really need look no further than the wonderful walks available to you at Hindhead Commons and the Devil's Punch Bowl. This National Trust site is open all year round, offering incredible panoramas of natural beauty from all angles. It is a beautiful place to visit during the warmer months, particularly when sprung blossom can be spotted throughout the woodland. The area in general has been granted the status of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is home to an incredible palette of colours, flowers and plant life which you simply won't find elsewhere. It's safe to say that no trip to Surrey is quite complete without exploring Hindhead Commons.

Why Live at Oakwood Court?

We've only really started scratching the surface when it comes to some of the wonderful attractions and points of interest you'll be able to get to from Oakwood Court. This park home development is exceptionally well-positioned in the south of England, meaning that you can pick and choose between natural walks and wanders and a city break or two all with being able to head home again afterwards. It's a wonderful way to spend your retirement. What's more, Oakwood Court is a safe, secure community with plenty of privacy and all the amenities you'll need. Hampshire and Surrey are two of our most beautiful counties and are home to some genuinely fascinating heritage trails and natural wonders. While many people choose to head further afield when it comes to exploring the natural world and our distant past, many stay home - especially when they live so close to so many different attractions. Oakwood Court homes are some of our most popular, and it's not hard to understand why. Why not take a look at some of the appealing homes we have available for sale now? Choose a beautiful park home and gain access to some of England's hidden delights on your doorstep. 


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