Orchard Park, Gloucestershire

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Plot 16 Prestige Sofia (44x20)

The Ribstons

Plot 16 Prestige Sofia (44x20)




Residential Park (find out more here)

What Features Does Orchard Park Have?

Block-paved driveways
Adjacent garages
Bus stop outside park entrance
Exclusively for the over 50s
Landscaped gardens
Residents social club

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Are you looking for a Park home at Orchard Park, Gloucestershire? This is a residential park designed for the over the fifties in a peaceful, scenic setting of the village Twigworth between the historic, lively city of Gloucester and towns of Tewkesbury and Cheltenham.

Park Home Life started redeveloping the park in 2015, with the first phase of new homes on Ashmead Crescent, and all 21 plots are now sold. The second phase was Kings Acre, with 24 plots quickly being sold. Next up was The Bramleys with 17 plots, all of which are now sold.

The Ribstons will be developed in two phases. The first phase of 11 plots, the second phase of ten plots.

Orchard Park is surrounded by scenic natural views and homes on the site benefit from landscaped gardens, block-paved driveways and adjacent garages. There are also plots available for new homes of choice that can be tailored to a personalised specification. Furthermore, there is a bus stop directly outside the park meaning residents can easily access Gloucester and surrounding towns. A new development on the park with new luxury homes brings it to a new phase and will be soon called The Bramleys.

In close walking distance of the park, Twigworth is home to local shops and eateries as well as a The Brickhampton Court Golf Course and the Nature in Art Gallery and Museum - a fine Georgian Mansion displaying a collection of art dedicated to nature as well as hosting both events and courses.

Cheltenham is the cultural capital of the Cotswolds and is a fifteen-minute car journey away from the park. Cheltenham offers a good range of high-street and local shops, cafes and restaurants. The Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham is a historic establishment and display a wide collection of entertainment from ballet to opera, drama and more. As well as the famous racecourses, Cheltenham also has a brilliant range of year-round events and festivals including the Cheltenham Poetry and Jazz Festival.

Residents will also benefit being close to the city of Gloucester and all its attractions including the stunning Gloucester Cathedral landmark and the picturesque Gloucester Park. There is also much to do with visiting family in the city including exploring the museums and taking a stroll along the Gloucester Docks. In close walking distance of the park, Twigworth is home to local shops and eateries as well as a The Brickhampton Court Golf Couse and the Nature in Art Gallery and Museum- a fine Georgian Mansion displaying a collection of art dedicated to nature as well as hosting both events and courses. 



Orchard Park

The following rules of occupation are for the good management of Park Home Establishments and the benefit of all who use them.

The park rules form part of, and should be read with, the Agreement by which homeowners occupy the pitch in accordance with the Mobile Homes Act 1983, as amended.

In these rules:

“Owner Occupiers” means anyone who occupies a park home, whether under an Agreement to which the Mobile Homes Act 1983 applies or under a lease for life agreement;

“Plot/Pitch” means the individual plot on which a park home is situated or may be situated in the future.


No person under the age of 50 may reside in a park home with the exception of the Park Owner and their family or any employee of the Park Owner and their family.

Communal areas should not be littered in any way.

The park home may be used by the Owner Occupier and members of his permanent household and bona fide guests only (and in any event for the occupation of such number of persons as shall not exceed the specified number of berths).

Park home units shall not be sublet.

Guns, explosives, firearms or offensive weapons of any description shall not be used on the park.  Guns may only be kept with a valid license from the Police and/or relevant authority and stored in accordance with UK Law.

Everyone using the park is required to comply with the regulations of the Site License.

Access is not permitted to vacant pitches.

Building materials or other plant must be left undisturbed.

Owner Occupiers are at liberty to work individually from home by carrying out office work, but not so as to involve other staff or workers using the park home.  Other business activities or commercial enterprises may not be carried out on the park, plot/pitch or home.

Owner Occupiers must not use fire points provided for other than the emergency use intended.

Plot/Pitch Alteration, Condition and Maintenance

Park homes must be kept in sound and clean condition; external decoration, appearance and colour must be approved by the Park Owner which will not be unreasonably withheld. No external alteration of, or addition to the park home or plot/pitch is permitted without the prior written approval of the Park Owner, which will not be unreasonably withheld.

The Owner Occupier is responsible for the cleanliness of the plot/pitch.  He/she must also keep the area underneath the park home clear and free from combustible items.

Owner Occupiers are responsible for ensuring that electrical, water and gas installations and appliances comply at all times with the requirements of the relevant Regulative body or other appropriate Authorities.

The Owner Occupier must not permit waste water to be discharged onto the ground.

Hoses are forbidden where water is not separately metered, except in the case of fire.

The Owner Occupier is responsible for ensuring that all household refuse is deposited in approved Local Authority containers which must not be over filled and must be placed in the approved position for regular collection on the Local Authority collection days.  At all other times, refuse bins must be kept on the Owner Occupiers plot/pitch and out of sight from the road.

Porches, green houses, storage sheds, fuel bunkers or other structures are only permitted with the approval of the Park Owner, which will not be unreasonably withheld, and where permitted must be of a design, size and standard approved by the Park Owner and Local Authority.

Private gardens must be kept neat and tidy and no fences or other means of enclosure shall be allowed without the approval of the Park Owner, which will not be unreasonably withheld.

Trees on the plot/pitch are the responsibility of the Owner Occupier to maintain unless a specific agreement is in place, in writing with the Park Owner.

Hedges and fences can only be allowed to a maximum height of 1.8 meters.

Hedges, fences, shrubs and bushes on the plot/pitch are the responsibility of the Owner Occupier to maintain and keep in good order.

To ensure there is no damage to underground services, approval in writing for the planting of trees, hedges and fences must be sought from the Park Owner, which will not be unreasonably withheld.

Washing lines are to be screened from public view.

TV aerials or satellite dishes should be erected in a position which will give the Owner Occupier a good signal, having due regard to the surrounding trees, preferably to the rear of the home or garage so as to maintain the street scene of the park.

No outside contractors, or Owner Occupiers to carry out external work on the plot/pitch or home without prior written approval from the Park Owner.  This is to ensure that the appropriate public liability insurance is in place, underground infrastructure is not damaged and Site Licence conditions are adhered to.  Such approval will not be unreasonably withheld.

The area between the park road and the park home must be kept as turf.  Shingle is not allowed.  This rule is to maintain the character and street scene of the park and its surroundings.


The Owner Occupier is responsible for the behaviour and actions of his/her visitors and/or bona fide guests, including children.

Children using communal areas must be supervised at all times.

Children are not allowed to play any games on any communal area, roadways or vacant plots/pitches.

Motor vehicles, musical instruments, CD players, radios and other appliances must not be used to cause nuisance to others, especially between the hours of 1030 pm and 0800 am.

Vehicles and Parking

A maximum of two cars may be kept by the Owner Occupier providing that there is enough allocated parking on the park or on the Owner Occupiers plot/pitch to accommodate the vehicles.

Cars are not allowed to be parked on the road, unless in an approved allocated parking area.

All vehicles must be taxed, MOT’d and insured, in accordance with the DVLA and UK Law.

All drivers must hold a current driving license and insurance.

Visitors must park in the Visitors Parking area at all times, unless a driveway or allocated parking space for the home they are visiting is available.

No boats, touring caravans or motor homes are allowed to be kept on the park unless kept in an authorised area and approved by the Park Owner.

All vehicles must be driven carefully on the park not exceeding the speed limit of 10 mph.

Abandoned vehicles will be removed from the park by the Park Owner and the cost of removal will be re-charged to the Owner Occupier.

You must not park or allow parking of commercial vehicles of any sort, on the park (other than for the delivery of goods and services, and daytime visitors), including:

Light commercial or light goods vehicles as described in the vehicle taxation legislation;

Vehicles intended for domestic use but derived from or adapted from a commercial vehicle;

Any vehicles with ‘blanked-out,’ steel panel or similar side or rear windows;

Any sign-written vehicles.

Pets and Livestock

A maximum of two domestic pets can be kept at the park home.

Dogs must not before a breed subject to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times in the communal areas of the park, and dogs must not be allowed to foul the communal areas.

Owner Occupiers will be held responsible for the actions of their pets

No livestock is allowed to be kept on the park.

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