Park Lane Meadows, Cambridgeshire

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Park Lane Meadows in Cambridgeshire is an exclusive, pet-friendly residential park boasting full security gates and a close-knit neighbourhood, in a great position for residents to enjoy and explore wildlife trails the area is so famous for.  This park operates to a high standard and offers an ideal home environment for retirees as well as the semi-retired.

Park Lane Meadows is close to Godmanchester and Huntingdon, two popular historic towns which may present new residents with ideas and opportunities for days out and occasional explorations.  The park is also close to a variety of local shops and amenities.  The park is within reach of the local riverside, making it a potential investment for anyone keen to get closer to the Cambridgeshire countryside. 

Why Choose Park Lane Meadows?

Park Lane Meadows is a modern residential park with a licence likewise.  It is large and accessible and offers parking as well as clear access to local public transport.  Residents will be able to take advantage of private parking, and to bring up to two cats or two dogs as desired.  It is a park which is designed and arranged with retirement living standards in mind.  Therefore, it may be a good investment for anyone keen to downsize as they approach retirement age.

The park has a minimum resident age of 45 years old.  Therefore, it may appeal to anyone looking to move into a community with likeminded people, and a slower pace of living.  Park Lane Meadows offers a carefully-kept community which benefits from a full oak security gating system.  Therefore, residents can always feel safe in the knowledge that their neighbourhood is free from external attention and intrusion.

Close to Huntingdon Castle Hills and the Cooks Backwater, the views from the park should offer residents plenty to inspire them when it comes to exploring local history and heritage.  The park also backs near a nature reserve, making it a possible investment for those looking to move closer to local wildlife. 

About Park Lane Meadows’ Location

Park Lane Meadows is based just off the A1307, heading South East from Huntingdon and just adjacent to Godmanchester.  The ancient town of Godmanchester dates back to the Roman era, making it a popular attraction for people looking to learn more about the building of modern Britain.  However, many residents will likely find the local waterways and Lakeland to be most appealing.  Park Lane Meadows is a community which bases itself close enough between local greenery and town conveniences to appeal to most prospective residents.

The location of the park is laid-back and tranquil, though it is easy to reach through main roads and public transport.  Residents will be able to head to and from the park through GPS and satellite navigation.  The park is well signposted around Godmanchester and Huntingdon, and it is likely residents will be able to find their way to the area by following the links for Monks Pit and the Godmanchester Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve.

Closeness to the A1307 will be convenient for those driving to and from the park.  However, the park is based far enough away from the main roads, meaning the tranquillity of the community is never under threat.  Residents will likely enjoy the variety of wildlife available to spot in the local area, which movers will be able to explore through the local nature reserve.

A local bus stop will help residents make quick links into local towns such as Godmanchester and Huntingdon.  Huntingdon will likely be the main source of local shopping and entertainment.  However, the small community in Godmanchester may appeal to anyone looking for local fare and heritage.  In the local area, residents at the park will also find a railway station in Huntingdon, meaning that it will be easy to explore the wider county.  There are local amenities nearby, too, such as in Hinchingbrooke Hospital, only a few minutes up the A1307. 

Things to Do Near Park Lane Meadows

Cambridgeshire is a historic and popular county, with plenty to offer residents at Park Lane Meadows.  As well as the local nature reserve for wildlife spotting, there is the Monks Pit and the Great River Ouse.  These spots may be of interest to residents looking for waterside walks in the local area.  Up towards the North West of the park there is also Hinchingbrooke Country Park, which is again a popular resort for walks and strolls.

The full golf course out in Brampton and the racecourse over in Huntingdon are also likely to be popular with residents keen to engage in sport and leisure.  For those residents keen to explore the city of Cambridge, the community is only a short drive away down the A14 from the park.  Peterborough lies North, and Bedford is well-linked to the South West.


Park Lane Meadows
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